Making A Choker

Making A Choker

Hey guys how are you doing? Today would like to show you how to make a simple choker like what I’m wearing. and sometimes it’s so hard to think of something to give as a gift especially for special occasion and you want it something special. You can make a simple choker and it will not cost you a lot of money. So what you need is the tools. You’re going to need the wire cutter, and I have a couple of pliers they are wire cutters too. And the jewelry plier, see that so you won’t scratch the finish on your thing. and a butter knife! I use a butter knife to open the connector. This is the connector, got a couple of the connectors and we bought them from the ones fabric. And I have the chain extension with the clasp. And the sunflower charm! I’m a gardener so I like the sunflower. And here’s the leather cord. And so we can start making it now. I guess I’m going to use the pliers first. See I’m using the side where the wire cutter just to push it open, not cut it all the way but just open it. I don’t know if you can see by it pulled it apart. And just use your butter knife to separate it more. Can you see it? I already open another one. Here’s the chain extension. I don’t need the chain for this, but the other side so I’m removing it using the wire cutter. And then, it is tight! And then open this! Oh, so pretty! Okay, now I have to attach the chain for this side. Yep! it’s flushed in there so… That’s it! So it’s pretty simple and it’s very inexpensive. And so I hope you enjoy this video and I would like to tell you that I’m going to have my 500 subscriber giveaway. and almost there! I only have less than 50 subscribers to go and then I will have the drawing. So if you’d like to enter, I will have a different video for that for more details on how to enter for the giveaway. And so watch out, watch for that video and make sure you enter and… Make sure you turn on your post notification for me so you will be able to see when I post the details on how to enter on the giveaways. And this is gonna be an international so it doesn’t matter where you from you are eligible for the giveaway. And I’ll see you in my other video! Have a great day! This is Jiex at Jiex DIY!

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