Making Coin Bezel Jewelry Introduction From

Making Coin Bezel Jewelry Introduction From

Don’t let your valuable and rare coins get
buried and forgotten. Instead, Esslinger has a solution to proudly show off your coin collection
by turning them into beautiful coin jewelry. Coin bezel pendants are easy enough to assemble
that anyone can make one in a few simple steps and in the comfort of their own home. A coin bezel allows you to fashion your coin
onto a pendant chain and wear securely around your neck. The screw top closure of the bezel
ensures the safe keeping of your coin. Another great advantage of the screw top closure is
that it allows the coin to be securely kept without the risk of damaging the coin; Where
as the cheaper prong style bezels often scratch the coins surface, ruining the condition of
the coin and decreasing its value. Can’t make up your mind on which side of the coin
you like best and would like to show off, our coin bezels are versatile and allow for
both sides of the coin to be seen by simply flipping the bezel and switching around the
pendant bail used to attach the bezel onto the neck chain. Esslinger offers coin bezels in a multitude
of metal types in order to not only compliment the coins beauty and color but also to fit
within your budget. 14K Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, and Yellow Gold Filled are all options
you’ll find when visiting our coin bezel collection at Coin edging refers
to the more simplistic riveted edging that goes around the bezels outer surface, similar
to the edging found on most American currency. Some prefer the coin edging because it doesn’t
take away from the focal point of the coin. The rope edging allows your coin to be accented
with a rope chain appearance wrapped around the bezel, creating a more luxurious look
which may be needed depending on the type of coin going into the bezel. Imagine the compliments you’ll get when
wearing your unique coin around your neck, it’s a sure way to open up a great conversation
about your travels and the ways you have added to your collection over the years. Coin jewelry is not just for collectors, it
is a great way to give a thoughtful gift that will continue to grow in value year after
year. So skip on the traditional wedding and birthday gifts that so often get tossed to
the side, and instead give the gift of coin jewelry for them to appreciate now and years
later. – A great way to display your collection versus
a dusty shelf or old box kept under your bed. -Back up for funds needed in an emergency
situation. -A great reminder of your travels and adventures.
-Holds sentimental value of coins that have been passed down and coins with personal value
such as birth years and countries of origin. -Great conversation starter. Visit to see our full selection
of coin bezels and thanks for watching

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