Making the M-4 Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

Making the M-4 Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

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Tim here again. In today’s video we’re learning
how to make the M-4 knot
paracord bracelet. This is a designed by, I will link their Instagram
profile down below so you can
check them out. So awesome bracelet it looks
great and is actually quite
simple make and it’s really
comfortable on the wrist as
well. Hope you guys will like this
one. Let’s get into the tutorial. So we’re gonna start this
bracelet with a six strand
core. If you don’t know how to do the
setup I’ve got the link down
in the description box below and
all we gonna do is get this six
strand core set up on our jig and I’ve got the
two working strands coming out the
top and we’re actually going
to clip them off and melt them
because we want this to be a
contained six strand core. So just do the setup as I do in
my original tutorial but when you have the cords
going upwards. Just clip them off and melt
them. Be very careful not to
accidentally melt your buckle as well so just take care when
using that lighter and you just want to get those
cords nice and secure. And we have ourselves a
contained six trained core. So now with our main weaving
strand we’re gonna find the
midpoint. Put it behind our 6 core. And we’re going to start
weaving our pattern onto this
core. So with the right strand I’m
going to go through the second and third chords
from the left to bring that behind and you’re going to open up
that loop on the right side. And now you’re gonna take that
lead strand and put it through the fifth and sixth gap in that six strand core case you’re gonna come in from
behind like so back to the front and bring that
out to the right side you’ll pull that up to the
top. Now with that still that same
working end you’re going to bring it down
back through that same gap between the fifth and six. You know bring it behind like
so so that is the first not firm that up nice key with
this bracelet is do not over tighten the knots. Otherwise it will kind of
deformed the core. So now with the other side we
do the same thing but mirrored so from the left chord we’re
going to bring it in front in through that fourth and fifth gap from the right side and then
from there we’re going to go back
the direction you came and go through that first and
second gap. So again from the back to the
front bring that through. And pull up on that knot and again do not pull too
tight. You want it just tight enough
so that it’s firm but it doesn’t start to cause the
16 core to start to bunch up
together. So get that first not firmed up now getting into do the same
thing breaking that chord lead chord down in through the first and second gap. OK pull that downwards and again firm everything up
and push up on those knots each time. So that is the pattern now
we’re going to repeat so again back to the right
side. Going through the second and
third gap bring that behind it out the last gap there between
the fifth and sixth strand. Back to the front and notice
this time I’m just bending the
cord through. You don’t need to work all the
way with the very end there. Again now pull up firm up the
knot again not too tight just enough to get the knot to
sit in place and then again that same
working strand bring it down to the fifth and six back out
the back. And lastly I’m going to repeat
the same not again on the left side through the fourth and fifth
gap. So that’s kind of like four
chords on the left and bring it back out to the
first and second or one chord on the left pull that
all the way through. Again I’m just bending the cord
through. You don’t have to work with the
very end of the chord. Firm that up. Push up on that. Not a little bit firm it up and again bring that working
strand down down through the first and
second gap. All right. So that is the pattern. And now you’re going to
continue this very same
pattern working all the way down your
six strand core. And again after every few knots
I like to push up on
everything make sure it’s nice and neat so I’m
just gonna continue this pattern as
you can see and work your way all the way down
or almost all the way down to the very end of your bracelet. So now we’ve come down to the
end and I did put my fids on it does make it a lot
easier getting to the very
bottom and just having those fids
because you’re working with a tighter space does make
it a lot easier. You can use fids from the
beginning if you want or if
you don’t have fits you can always melt the
ends of your paracord to make
them into fids. I do have a tutorial on that as
well. Now we’ve come down to the very
bottom and to finish this one
off. We’re just going to keep going
as far as we can until we don’t have any more
space. Nothing super special in terms
of terminating this bracelet but we’re just
going to continue weaving all the way down and I
ended up finishing on the right side and maybe a little
bit different for you
depending on your bracelet length but yet just continue going and
this is where the fids definitely do come in handy again if you don’t have the
fids you can just melt the
ends of your paracord to make them
nice and stiff or sometimes
even a pair of hemostats. Works great if you don’t have
some fids. So I’ve come down to the end of
my bracelet. And now we’re just going to get
it off the jig and snip and melt those excess
cords snip them off and I’m going to
take them my jet lighter again
as always. I like to bend the buckle back
just in case because I the jet lighter’s pretty hot
and I don’t want to melt
anything and I don’t want to melt get
those ends melted and I press down on them with
my daughter’s tool and there
we have it. This has been the M-4 knot by you guys can check out their
Instagram profile down below
definitely we’ll be doing a weaver’s
spotlight on them great paracordist sharing a
lot of great content for the
community and remember guys if you’re
looking for to get paracord
and all the tools I’m using in this video feel free
to check out those affiliate
links down below and also guys if you want
access to exclusive tutorials feel free to check out my
patron page for those that
aren’t aware I do run a Patreon Page
to help support this channel a huge thank you to all my
patreon supporters and you guys want access to
that you can check out the links in the video as well
as down below. Thank you so much for watching. See you on the next video by.


  1. A couple questions: what lighter are you using to melt your ends and where did you get it? I've been using a butane lighter but it's so bulky that it doesn't work well. I like the focused flame of the one you use. Also, where did you get that melted end roller you use to press down the ends? Thanks!


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  3. Es un trabajo muy bueno amigo mio, claras indicaciones y faciles de seguir y el resultado queda espectacular el tejido del M-4 esta genial.

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