Man proposes to woman with fake engagement ring | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Man proposes to woman with fake engagement ring  | What Would You Do? | WWYD

I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me? Yes The engagement honey, oh my god, it’s so beautiful The ring I love it. There’s no piece of jewelry more meaningful than that diamond rings. I’m just gonna call my mom Okay, I gotta tell her the news I’ll be Rebecca. Right? But what if the real surprise was not the proposal? Hey, what if that bling? Yeah, she has no clue was bogus Well the diamond looks so real if you saw this deception, what would you do? We’re at the candlewick diner an East Rutherford, New Jersey where Tyler is putting its plan into action, but oh Today’s the day right? You’re gonna do it. I’m gonna do it these women are so Captivated they can’t turn away. He must have spent a lot of money on that didn’t hear No be serious. They’re listening. Yes Tyler admits the diamond in this ring is fake It doesn’t mean you can’t tell Wow. Good luck to you man Hi and now they’ve got front-row seats for This rocky proposal. All right. He’s proposing Lauren Baby I Love you so much. I can’t think of life without you and wait I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? To the proposal I Was worried she’s gonna say no for a second But when her new fiance steps away will they tell her the ring is it’s really big to know go I know it’s really exciting They tried to glue her in but they never tell her the ring is a fake it’s a circulating why not. Hello there I don’t want to break somebody’s heart me personally. I wouldn’t feel comfortable down that even as a woman I should have but It’s a marriage proposal and I just don’t wanna break somebody’s heart. I know how that is. So been there done that We’re back in and Tyler is back down on one knee I love you so much And I saved forever from this for you this mother and son are kind enough to capture the moment I Had them record Thank you. When Lauren is left alone. Will they blow the whistle? Thank you so much for He’s the best Oh That’s pretty it’s gorgeous it just looks a little different to me nice to show you yeah We try it on stuff like a few months ago, but it doesn’t look exactly the same so Let’s find out why they kept his secret he told me the ring was fake I know I ruined the moment doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. It’s the meaning behind it, but was he lying to her? That’s what he said I don’t think I felt uncomfortable because I knew that he was lying to her because you can’t start a relationship and an engagement Why what else has even lying about? today people with strong views on relationships and rings it’s better to have a fake ring and a real man that a Real ring at a big man. Some think fake is fine I don’t know how much money he can afford but if they’re loving or whatever, that’s fine But the bottom line is Trust is key if he’s not gonna be upfront honest with her That relationship will find itself at ahead attending very quickly But will anyone give that message directly to our future fiance isn’t gonna propose with a fake ring? Yeah, but I’m like I tell her it’s a thing I’m wearing the box and I didn’t ring Tyler gets out that bogus bling one last time She said yes, she said yes when Tyler steps away they step in with some advice How long did you guys wait Now that Tyler is back I’m just gonna call it really quick I just want to tell ya They tell them what they really think all rights the same thing, right? I mean, I just feel like you’re not gonna know how much you spent on it looks the same. Why not spend it somewhere else Talked about it with my friends. Hi guys. How are you? What was your message to that young man You build a relationship based on trust and integrity and that really bother me any relationship Especially when you’re starting a relationship you need trust Right without that bond. You’re not that much of a relationship in other words in love and marriage It’s truth and honesty That’s truly priceless


  1. I've watched a lot of these WWYD videos and this one is the least interesting. If it hadn't been over when it was, I'd have quit watching it.

  2. ok so why the fuck the ring needs to be real ? And why the fuck the man has to pay for it ? Where are the feminist about men/women equality , can't the girl pay for the man ring ? People are getting married, don't need to spend a year salary on a fucking ring !

  3. diamond rings for marriage proposals were popularized by jewelry stores, they were not the norm until super recently. Honestly, just buy a fake ring to say fuck capitalism and save some coin.

  4. My boyfriend could have proposed with a plastic ring from a gumball machine and I would have still sobbed like a baby 💙

  5. I personally wouldn’t care. Sure it would be nice to have an expensive ring but if it’s not lol no sweat. More money for other things!!!!

  6. I mean I don't think anyone should care if the diamond was real or fake, if it's someone I really love they can propose to me with no ring at all and I'd be happy

  7. My engagement ring had cubic zirconia and cost like £75 (don't know how many $$ that is) – it looks like a flower and is beautiful! I got engaged 28 years ago and married 27 years ago – I'm still married and I still love my engagement ring!

  8. Eh a ring is a ring. It doesn’t actually mean that he doesn’t love her. Possibly someone couldn’t have enough money, it’s the thought that counts

  9. 3:31 hold the fuck up thats the guy that made the meme where he’s like im tired of being the nice guy😭😭 thats has to be him

  10. Am I supposed to give a shit lmao
    What would I do? I wouldn't say anything. It's a fake ring? Who cares? It carries the same sentiment behind it.

  11. I always said diamonds r overrated..people die for them,thousands of people tortured to dig them up..find a really nice stone or gem

  12. What does it matter if it's a real diamond?! My mom and dads rings arnt diamonds. If you don't have much money to spear it doesn't matter if it's diamond or a fucking onion ring

  13. Why would anyone think the ring is real anyways in that shit hole diner lmao

    But either way ppl put too much into a "real diamond". Who gives a shit. It is not ok to tell anyone that at all. That's ridiculous. My daughter's dad proposed to me w a 300$ ring. It's all he could afford. It meant the world to me.
    Not a dollar amount it's the thought. If the dollar amount is the most important good luck w that marriage..

  14. shit if I had a woman like that lady I would spend like $1,000 for a ring she's sexy ;P but that wouldn't matter you make a cardboard ring and propose with it for her it don't matter ;P as long as she know you really love her.

  15. A fake ring that is fine as long as he loves her and she loves him it's great. meaning behind the Ring he says he loves her and he proposed to her that's all that matters.

  16. This one is really hard. The most i would have done is tell her go to the the first person said. But should it really matter. I would hve told the guy something like he should really tell her its faoe..the girl i wont tell her…why ruin the moment for her…and tbh…if they love eachother, its shouldnt matter…esp. if he is trying to get a real one for her..

  17. I proposed to my fiancée in her bedroom, with a ring that I bought on Amazon. She helped me pick it out and we discussed sizes and everything. I then went out and bought that ring, proposed to her, and we used the extra money to take a week long vacation together instead. Yes, I started the conversation with honesty that I didn't have the money for a diamond ring. She also stated she didn't want a diamond ring. However, that conversation then made it impossible for the romantic proposal because the surprise was ruined.

    Not everything is about the price tag on a ring and I don't blame this guy for wanting to impress her and make her feel special, even if he couldn't afford the expensive ring.

  18. a) Fake man with a fake ring
    b) Fake man with real ring
    c) Real man with fake ring
    d) Real man with real ring
    What would u choose

  19. I would just ask her ahead of time. Here's $5000 my gift to you. If you want a really special ring then its all yours. And if you want to spend it on something else instead then that's fine too. But I'm pretty sure the girl I'd choose to propose to would want something other than a shiny rock.

  20. They definitely should have done this the opposite way where she knows it's fake and calls him out saying it's not good enough for her. That would have brought out the reactions but no one is going to ruin a moment like this.

  21. I, as a bystander, would hope that she never found out. If he could easily afford it then I'd say something but if he's having a hard time but really loves her then it shouldn't matter.

  22. There are really pretty rings that are under $100. Idc what I get proposed to with as long as I'm with my eternal companion who loves me.

  23. This is dumb he could be the nicest person ever and love her with all his heart but be so poor he can’t afford it but he tried so hard to get enough money

  24. Okay so almost all men watchers are bothered by “not expensive” or fake diamond ring whereas women are willing to look deeper.
    Unexpected results. Nice.

  25. This is one where you mind your business. What's worse….him giving a fake ring…or her taking it to a jeweler for appraisal afterwards?

  26. ofcourse i wouldn't say anything, it'd be rude of me to ruin their moment, she can find out later, but as long as they r happy, it's not my business.

  27. Honestly even as a man i would 100% understand if the girl went crazy when she find out about this cheap move. What an unecessary ticking time bomb :/

  28. I wouldn't say anything either it's a very special moment why ruin it like that? Honestly if my boyfriend gave me a fake ring I wouldn't mind either.

  29. I really don't get it, why should it be a problem? You don't marry somebody because he gave you a diamond ring, you marry him because you love him…Who cares about what the ring is made of ?

  30. “Oh my god hunny it’s not Swarovski gross get it away my eyes”
    Mans-“bro she had no idea.lets go!!”
    What I hoped would happen

  31. Idk why most of the people didn't tell her…. She had to know who she was gonna live with a liar and a cheapskate… If he didn't want to spend money on an ENGAGEMENT RING then she's worthless to him… She has the complete right to know

  32. You should have made her wear it then wait for her finger to turn green them if the ring rolls to the front of her finger she’ll see it and cry?!

  33. honestly, I'd be happy if my boyfriend just bought me one of those $40 rings at Kohl's, it's pricey but not very cheap bc the rings are good condition and so long as you love them with all your heart, price and quality shouldn't matter so long as it's a sign that they want to stay with you, what more can you ask for? (plus if you lose it you don't have to spend as much to get a new one) but I'd say you at least shouldn't cheap out on the wedding ring because if he cheaps out on the offical ring that symobolizes your love, girl he just buttering you up to get you in bed that night

  34. Fact is most people find it difficult to afford a diamond ring. Does that mean they aren't allowed to have these happy moments without complete strangers ruining it for them?

  35. Actors come home after doing this

    Friend — So how was your day?

    Actor — Ahhhh I’ve been getting proposed all day

    Friend — Oh that’s cool.. wait what

  36. i feel like it doesn't matter whether a ring is fake or not as long as you love each other. i don't think you should tell your partner it is real though, lying isn't good especially in a relationship.

  37. My husband proposed to me with beautiful little Dimond from a pawnshop that cost him 50.00 .. 10 year anniversary he bought me little bigger ring from riddles jewelry . . 20 anniversary my first one meant more to me than the expensive one.. I wear both.. But the first one he gave me 22 year's ago was more meaningful out of love ☺

  38. I never know why people so fixated with diamond, its just a stone.. pretty? Glass marbles are more pretty than that, i fully accept the ring as the symbolic means but the purposely expensive bunch of stones? Nah

  39. this is fked up some people cant afford a real diamond, why do you have to ruin it for the bride to be by telling her its a fake

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