Mario Kart Tour – Gold Pass Review | Is It Worth Subscribing?! 💳

Mario Kart Tour – Gold Pass Review | Is It Worth Subscribing?!  💳

What’s happening everyone? It’s Abdallah here bringing you guys an informative video on Mario Kart Tour and whether or not you guys should purchase the gold pass subscription service within the game. Welcome to it. If you guys have not already subscribed, it’s absolutely free to play by the way. So make sure you guys hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications. Alright, so by the end of this video you guys are going to find out with what all the information that I got in front of you, is the gold pass worth it. Now the game doesn’t give you all the information. It hides a lot of information right at the start. So if you look at this based off of face value, of course, the gold pass is not worth it. You can see that right over here. It’s five things that you’re going to get. Badges and unlocking 200cc. Why do I need all that stuff, but with the microscope and #HeDidTheMath, You’re gonna find out that there’s actually a lot of good value to this Gold Pass, which would arguably make it worth it. So I’ll leave that to the to the comment section. And of course, I want to hear from every single one of you guys. Do you feel it’s worth it, I won’t, Um I won’t say whether or not it is it’s all up to you guys and how hard you work in order to earn your $4.99 a month. So right over here you get gold gifts by racing in tours, you get badges you get 200 CC. Awesome, cool. Well, Let’s talk about it. This big old fine print is saying that free to play, You can sign up for a two week free trial and you can cancel it before the free trial ends in order to stay free to play it by the way. A lot of You guys seem to be confused on why I say metal Mario is free to play and I have gold pass and they still consider It free to play. You can sign up for this. The only thing that you actually need is a credit card on file. So, super younger kids may be upset that like I don’t have my dad’s credit card or whatever, but like people who actually have a credit card, It’s free to play by the way. So anyway, it cancel at any time. So right off the bat What I want to talk to you guys about is the first thing that comes up comes to mind is going to be this Card of gold challenges now if you complete this, which is arguably really easy to do Provided you have Bowser, you can get a total of five rubies on it. Not bad, not bad at all, and not to mention every time you get a little bingo which is up down left or right in diagonal You’re going to get 50 coins. So that’s a lot of coins on this right over here and, you’re going to get all these grand stars totally towards your final grand star counter. So that’s really good. Grand Stars help you unlock more cups, unlock more gifts that you guys can get. So yeah, what are these? It’s get first place, do ten rocket starts, land five hits of the super horn, do twenty jump boosts, land three hits with bob-bombs in a single race,use a driver with gloves, take out five side-side steppers, use jump boost. These two are locked behind Bowser’s so you have to pull Bowser, but I’m sure that after you play a while, and trust me I did not pull Bowser. I had to resort to buying him for 3,000 coins out of the shop Hey, what do you know just like he is right over there and everyones shop may differ. So anyway, Before my battery runs out.(GO ABDOLLAH GO) Let’s do this tutorial video. Let’s do the breakdown shall we? So let’s go over here and we are going to break it down one by one. You’ll notice over here, that this is split right in half ,there’s two icons, which is the rubies in the Koopa which are the generic awards that you’re going to get if you don’t have the gold pass. Right over here on the next site is going to be What you’re going to get if you have the gold pass. So not gold tour Gold Pass So if you have the Gold Pass, You’re going to get an additional five rubies and 300 coins. Moving on, The next one that you will earn is going to be three rubies and five item tickets. Not bad. Item tickets can be used within the races in order to give yourself another item one per race. Next one is gonna be the exact same thing cool, right? We’ll take em. Alright over here is the gold blooper gold blooper is a great cart. You can see that the great cart over here maxes out at 330 points, It has mini turbo plus as a skill. It has Six , a whopping six levels that it’s number one on and then of course four levels where it’s number two on so not bad, Not bad at all and it’s gold right? So why the heck not? Next up over here is going to be some more rubies and a quick ticket. Quick ticket can be used in order to speed up The process of building the next cups, you guys know that there’s a little bit of stamina involved with brand new tours So keep that in mind. All right over here is going to be the red Bullet Bill cart, it’s really not that great because it’s innate skill is rocket start Plus Which only happens at the beginning so you can’t really use it. It has two levels where it’s number one and then six levels where it’s number two. So it’s okay. It’s free I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth of that one Alright over you’re gonna get 300 coins and even more of the item tickets right over on board, you’re going to get more rubies and you can get the This is the experience tickets. So experience tickets for glider, experience tickets for carts, and experience tickets for the different characters. Now, I’ll explain what those are if you take a look at the drivers over here, We got demon toad, and with demon toad Let’s say like I’m leaving luck and superstition and 666, right? So I would use any of these tickets in order to raise his base stat total point. So, driver Experience if, or you whatever you want to call it So yeah, I don’t have any tickets anyway, so you can use that for experience points every single day You’re allowed 150 to 159 experience points every day. So keep that in mind. That’s their equation. You can do the exact same thing for carts and gliders. You can pop that over there. Right over here, Next up is going to be another quick ticket and some rubies you got metal Mario Which is the best thing out of this entire thing? I’m telling you Metal Mario is totally worth it. He’s very good on a lot of different tracks. You can see over here that Rock Rock Mountain are, Shy Guy Bazar, he frenzies on those, and of course, He’s got 7 different levels, so he’s very valuable where he’s second place. So Metal Mario free-to-play by the way, cool, right? Yeah. Next up is going to be even more the item tickets, You can see that the rubies are over here, You’ve got the silver, skill up on Glider. You got silver skill up on cart and you got silver skill up on character. And before I go into that free-to-play thing over there, I’m gonna show you guys what the silver skill up is. If you’re part of the silver tier right over here, Which is like Commons, whatever you want to call it. You can click over here into this way and you can raise their level. Where they’re going to be worth a lot more in battle, as you guys can see over here that baby peach, She’s rocking a level 2. I’ve got a Koopa true, but that’s level 3 right now, which is crazy. So with koopa troopa, I level him up and now he gets a two times point bonus boost. So arguably, he can be better than any ultra rare. He’s probably better than your Pauline that I never pulled. Anyway, Next up is going to be black bee Dasher. Black Bee Dasher is an OK cart. It’s better than the blooper. No No, I don’t know if it’s better in the blooper. It’s ok. Dash panel plus is a good skill, situational. Yoshi circuit, I mean you got 4 different areas where you’re number one and then a whopping 8 where you’re number 2 so pretty good. All right moving up I Already showed you guys the silver tickets now, they start going into gold tickets. The gold tickets for gliders carts and drivers are going to be the exact same thing, but it’s limited to your gold characters. Right over here is going to be toad. for example, you can skill rank him up to level three with the gold tickets. And same thing with the gliders and karts. So that’s exactly what those items are for. So the higher skill level your character is, the more valuable they are in the races as far as points go. And then the last three are going to be ultra rare tickets for gliders karts and drivers. So that means that if you have a metal Mario from this tour, you can technically get a second Metal Mario by going in over here and clicking on and spending on him over here. That’s that’s amazing. You get a level 2 Metal Mario by the end of this Simply by, Spending it and he’s good! He’s got a lot of value to him! And if you get him to level 2 you can see a 4 Percent bonus chance of starting a frenzy ,and of course a 1 times bonus boost, so that’s cool, right? That’s all the items over there. Now, in review, You get a lot of stuff, right? So in review for the Gold Pass, in the the New York Tour, You’re getting a whopping 32 rubies, and this is counting outside of the challenges. Right? So challenges is something you get five rubies plus all those coins. But, in the tour items the tour prizes that you get just by playing the game and beating all the grand stars or whatever, all of these on the Bottom here. In review you get 32 rubies, you get 1500 coins, you get 50 item tickets, gold blooper cart, red bullet bill cart, Metal Mario, 2 quick tickets, you get Experience boost tickets for glider drivers and carts. You get the level up for silver drivers, gliders, and karts AND, you get the level ups for gold drivers, gliders, and karts. And you get the tickets for ultra-rare drivers, gliders, and karts. That’s a lot of value. So what we’re gonna do right now is we’re gonna actually take that a step further, and we’re gonna break it down even more. Yes, #Hedidthemath over here. So taking a look at it. Right? You have the $1.99 for three rubies. I don’t suggest anyone do that, right? That’s a biggest ripoff. But I mean if you need three rubies and you got that money go for it. Anyway, so doing the math on this one each one Ruby will cost you about 67 cents now, I’m not gonna do the equation based off of what currency you live in, No. You guys can do your own math, but for USA, that’s exactly it. So 67 on the high end per Ruby. If you go over here and spend 70 bucks, of course There’s more value involved, where that’s going to equate to about 52 cents per Ruby than you have over there. So having the 67 Ruby or the 52 cents Ruby, Let’s take the average of that which is right around 60 rubies. And of course we’re doing all approximations. So an overall average of rubies is around 60 cents. So keep that in mind. So if this tour gives you 32 rubies Just what the tour gifts alone. That’s about 19 bucks. And of course the Approximations. And if you’re gonna go throw into five extra rubies for the challenge card, which is around like 20 bucks So you’re getting 20 bucks worth of actual rubies in the game for $4.99 a month now What is that valuable to you? Is that worth it? I Think that that’s arguably worth it. Yeah, of course The membership is going to be $4.99 a month and it’s about equates to about $60 a year. And an entire year of playing through Mario Kart Tour with the subscription service, on equates the price of Mario Kart 8 deluxe. Now will you be playing through Mario Kart 8 deluxe every single day? Within a year, I don’t know. It’s arguable. Some of you guys may do that. With Mario Kart tour, you have this subscription service so maybe some people will be like, mentally Thinking. Alright. Well, hey dude, I’m paying for this subscription service. I’d better be playing this everyday. So, if you play this for every single day during the year, you better believe that that is arguably worth it. Worth the $60, but, Again, it’s a subscription service. Some people Compare this to the Nintendo switch online. And I don’t think that that’s a fair Comparison. Yes. It’s a monthly payment, but I don’t know. I don’t know It’s a lot more expensive than the $20 a year on Nintendo such online for sure, But I like to think of it as here’s how much you’re paying for the entire year of, you know, a $60 switch game. That’s what I like the comparison for. Am I gonna be playing this game every day for the next upcoming year? I don’t know, I mean people get busy. I don’t know if you have like 40 minutes or an hour to play the game to grind your 150 experience points and 300 coins. I don’t know if you have time for that or I don’t even know if they’re gonna change those limits and caps. but I want to bring all this information to you guys because I know a lot of you guys are on defence and whether or not, You’re going to buy into the subscription service. Which by the way, make sure you buy into the subscription service at the end of a tour. Because then you’re going to have the ability to Get the the gold challenge thing for the current tour that you’re in and then it’ll overlap into the next tour. So it’s kind of doubling your money, but only on the first time. So, I want to hear from you guys. What do you think? Is it worth it with all this information in front of you guys about how much you specifically get? Provided that you get the Grand Stars and you perform in the maps. Is it worth it? And of course, let me know why I want to see some big block text why you think it’s worth it? I’m not going to quantify how hard you work for your $5.00 a month. So As of right now I’m Honestly leaning towards breaking my free-to-play status and just doing the monthly thing and not spending anything as far as buying any of these rubies. I’m honestly debating that because I feel that it is I feel that all that stuff over there makes your scores a lot higher and It’s just it’s fun. It’s absolutely fun. So anyway, like I said before I’m not knocking anyone who spends money on the game. That’s that’s totally your prerogative. And by spending money on the game, You’re totally helping out the rest of the free-to-play bunch that don’t spend anything. So keep that in mind Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you guys in the comments section below. Let me know. Is it worth it? Is it not let me know why? And of course, if you guys want even more Mario Kart tour tips & tricks videos, let’s plays all that stuff. Make sure you guys are subscribed. It’s free to play it by the way Click that free subscribe button and click that free notification button, and I’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care. (Closed Captions Created By Rutty Kamil.)


  1. I personally don’t think it is you don’t get much and it’s mostly useless and not fun ohh I get to unlock a mode where I can’t control it not from skill but because they make way to fast the badges are cool along with the tour gifts but I don’t really think it’s something I would pay for

  2. To be honest, the gold pass seems more worth it compared to the overpriced microtransactions. With those, you can end up spending a lot of money trying to get characters, only to end up not getting the ones you want/need.

    The gold pass is £5 a month for some decent bonuses. The gacha system is still unfair and encourages gambling imo, but if you're enjoying Mario Kart Tour it might be worth subscribing.

    I personally don't play enough to justify the price though, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the better game.

  3. Lets keep it real, who plays a game longer than 2-3 months, thats15 usd.
    You can cancel the suscription afterwards. The game is not enjoyable without the gold pass. I do not recommend playing this game without the gold pass.

  4. If we purchased late in the tournament, does the game give you credit for the challenge items that you already completed or do you have to earn the challenge items after you get the subscription? And if most of the gift boxes are open already, can you claim the gold pass items or are the lost because the gift is already open?

  5. I’m very disappointed with this game.
    The controls are just so hard to play with.
    It makes more difficult to get coins.
    I rather play Mario kart DS and 8 deluxe.

  6. Canceling your subscription after the first monthly bill does nothing in terms of being considered “free to play”. Your still paying for those 2 extra weeks. Your still required to pay for a months worth of tours if you want the first tour free. I would hardly consider the first two weeks “free to play”. If anything I would consider it a discount. You get 2 for the price of 1. If you are charged for a month regardless, then it can’t be considered free.

  7. When you cancel the subscription and get your money back can you buy it again with the money you got back or is that even possible?

  8. One thing I don't know is if you keep the characters and carts you unlock from the gold pass when your subscription ends, does anyone know?

  9. I think making the game subscription based is a great idea as long as Nintendo puts out one or two new tours every month. You're basically getting a new Mario Kart game every month with all new content that way. 5 bucks is very cheap for something you use a lot and very expensive for something that you don't use at all. So I will keep my subscription for as long as I'm happy playing the game and when I feel like I want to cancel, I will. It's not like it's a 12 month binding agreement Don't be too cheap to miss out on something new and fun. Just cancel it if you get bored, until then, have fun and race away!

  10. I'm having a real hardtime getting the 5 super hornet hits, they simply don't show up on my item pool
    Does anyone know if they are more common on any specific race position?

  11. pretty much forced to get it if you want to even play the game, you lose out on too much gems without it and the game gives you little to none to begin with

  12. Thanks for this video, Abdallah! Definitely an eye-opener. Still wouldn't say paying every month is quite worth it, but I now realize that the Gold Pass does have more to offer than I first thought.

  13. some people have a problem they did the free test version and they didnt get all the presents its like a glitch you need a new present to get everything before 🤔

  14. I bought it and will keep it cause I support Nintendo, the games I own on the switch only have dlc rather than a ton of micro transactions so I’m not mad at them for Mario kart tour.

  15. Its worth it depending on the prices it gives every month this month was worth it let me see how nexts month prices look if I see that it's worth it I'll get it if not I won't and wait for the next month

  16. Nah with the controls on 200cc that are almost barely unplayable and the controls i'll have to pass. I'll rather play Deluxe that has a lot more content and characters that aren't even in the game and are locked behind paywalls.

  17. I am seeing where all this is going.  I choose not to spend hours a day beating the game, so my advancement is at a snail's pace.  A subscription is not worth it right now, but a DLC of some kind might interest me at some point down the line.  I will eventually spend around $60 on this game to pay them, but not right now.

  18. Once I realized how much you actually get from the pass and how much it makes the game not necessarily more easy but less of a pain while still being very fun I think it will be worth it as long as the game keeps up this level of content twice every month

  19. Okay I know this is off topic lol. so in yw3 I got a black triangle thing out of the crank-a-kai and when I went into my inventory to inspect it there was no black triangle in my inventory… um does anyone know what that was or what I was supposed to do there?

  20. I don't own a switch, but I remember playing Mario Kart Wii and 8 and having a lot of fun, years ago. I don't own a Wii U anymore. But I wish there was a way I could still play some Mario Kart. This game allows me to play Mario Kart with one hand, without buying a 300 dollar Switch. So, I'm happy. This video explained to me that the Gold Pass is actually worth considering to continue the subscription. Thank You

  21. Nope. Not worth it. 😶
    You could save yourself the money and just buy Mario Kart 7 and a 3DS or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a Nintendo Switch and have a much better time instead of potentially investing money into a half assed version of the game where they will inevitably shut down the servers for Mario Kart Tour years down the road and all of your accomplishments and everything you've worked and payed for goes out the window.

  22. Just a tip: TRY the gold pass for the 2 weeks and then cancel it before you get billed. You get all the items PERMANENTLY WITHOUT getting billed. I did this and now I have lots of gems, the gold blooper, black b dasher car, metal mario, and more amazing stuff all free.

  23. Can you make a video on how to use manual drifting like a BAWSE?! love your content brotha. Currently 25.3k on road cup at level 14. I finally understand how to power up drivers, gliders, karts to benefit you on ranked tour.

  24. I have a hard time finding the 4.99 value myself, but then again, I'm not in love with the game. I definitely think it will get better in time, so I could change my mind. I think you're spot on comparing its price relative to the actual in game purchases though – those can be a killer. As for the people comparing it to Switch online – I sort of get where they're coming from, because it's fundamentally a lower price, with arguably more value, taking NES and SNES games into consideration, but it's also an entirely different beast altogether. I just don't think they're directly comparable. Everything said, while I don't think it's worth it for me yet, I can also see how somebody else would find value in it. And ultimately, that money is what's going to keep the game afloat for the fans that do love it. That, in itself, is a valid argument in favor of the Gold Pass, as far as I'm concerned.

  25. Hey, Im from Germany and i started Playing this Game at thuesday Evening….your content helped me so much so i have 30k Points in division 4 After these days of playing …thanks👍🏻
    Hopefully i will destroy my friends in multiplayer soon😂😂

  26. wouldnt it be better to save your free trial of the gold pass towards the end of the tour? so you can carry over your free trial onto the next one and get 2 tours worth of free stuff?

  27. Guys its time to purchase the free trial now if you already havent. If you can complete all the gold challanges from the last two weeks before the new tour begins you basically covered 1 month with only a 2 week free trial

  28. If you compare it to buying gems with the same amount of money every month, yes, it's 100% worth it, no doubt in my mind about that. If someone truly wants to play this game and enjoys it, the gold pass is the best option and the most amount of value you can get in MKT.

  29. Abdallah I’m confused about something if I get the gold pass right now will I get the previous gold rewards for the tour boxes I already completed and opened

    Plz respond love ur channel❤️

  30. If I was to buy the gold pass and instantly cancel get all my rewards. Once the gold pass ends would I still be able to use my characters/karts/gliders or will I need a constant gold pass to use it? Just a question.

  31. to me it depends on whether or not the new tour (Paris i believe) will provide new unlockables for stage clear or not. if they for instance only exchange the tracks but not the additional rewards, then the Gold Pass will drop significantly for me.

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  33. If I cancel my subscription before being charged, do I keep the rewards I earned during the time I had the gold pass?

  34. Very informative but you don’t need a credit card to buy gold pass at least not on IOS you can use a iTunes card or if you have any left over balance on ur apple account.

  35. You guys can just get the 2 week trial and then take your card off and you won’t get charged. Plus you’ll still keep the rewards you got

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  37. Hello,
    I just purchased the Gold Pass and I did not receive any of the gifts. I also got enough stars and opened one more gift but still no gifts. I even checked the gift box and still nothing. I even tried to contact Nintendo. Please help!

  38. Honestly,I don't think it's worth it cuz it's just a mobile game which is good but not perfect, and you can get most of the stuff without the gold pass. And PAYING FOR 200cc? That's nuts. But anyway Abdallah thanks for explaining this and for the odd increase vid

  39. I’m on the free trial and I’m still torn. The gold challenges have helped me a ton in getting extra stars to unlock gifts at the end of the tour. I still have a couple of days to make up my mind. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  40. Mario kart 8 Deluxe is arguably a better game than Mario Kart Tour, if I have 40mins to spend playing a day I would rather spend it playing with console graphics and dedicated physical controls, especially if I already own the console.

    Why would I pay the same per year for a lower graphics mobile spinoff when I can have the actual flagship game for the same price?

  41. The Gold Pass trial is worth it but actually buying it, no. I just got the trial and it's worth the free trial, just make sure to cancel it so you won't be charged. 🙂

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