Marrying Millions: Kate’s Diamond Bracelet Is a Fake (Season 1) | Lifetime

Marrying Millions: Kate’s Diamond Bracelet Is a Fake (Season 1) | Lifetime

SHAWN: Even though,
you know, I might not be right to get married
today, I want to show her that I’m committed and all in. So I think looking at rings
is a step in the process. Right? And hey, it buys
me another year. Right? I didn’t know if you
like the princess cuts or the circles or the spheres. [LAUGHS] I’m just
really excited and happy. And we are moving in the right
direction, and not five years. JEWELER: So do you like
round stones or square or– I mean, I like,
like, the princess cut. JEWELER: It’s a round,
but it looks like it’s in a princess cut setting.
KATE: Mm-hmm. That’s really beautiful. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my gosh. [LAUGHS] Uh, trying not to die. JEWELER: This is
not a princess cut. This is a cushion cut. Isn’t that gorgeous? Yeah. I can’t even believe this. JEWELER: Do you want a
one karat, two, three– SHAWN: Maybe more karats,
like six or seven. How much do you
think that would be? Probably about
$130,000 for it. SHAWN: OK. Oh, my god. I’m like, is this real? Is this really happening? I’m just like, blown
away right now. Something like that.
[LAUGHS] See, aren’t you
glad we came today? Yeah. SHAWN: She thought we were
just coming in today– KATE: I love that one.
– –to tighten– JEWELER: Oh, you thought
you were coming in to get– – –a bracelet.
– –your bracelet tightened? Yeah. Your bracelet does look big. KATE: [LAUGHS] Yeah.
It is. Would you like– let
me take a look at it, and I could size it for you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Nice.
– Thank you. – Very pretty.
– Thanks. Yeah. Nice. Well, I don’t– do you
know it’s CZs, right? It’s cubic zirconia. Yeah. Because those are kind
of sometimes a little bit hard to size down. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I think I can spot a fake
diamond at least a mile away. I’ve been doing this
for 40 years now. And if you decide, we can do
that for you later at any time you want. I think you could
pick this bracelet up online probably for 60 bucks. I’ll be right back. I– I’m really not sure
what’s going on right now. SHAWN: She purposely
said, you know this is CZ. Right? Get the [BLEEP]
out of here, bro. Like, I’m done with [BLEEP]. What did she say? She said something about
if it was real or not? Well, is it real
or is it fake? Because you don’t know
if it’s real or not. Do you have it? Did you take it to
get [BLEEP] tested? Well, you said it was real
when you gave it to her. And you said– is it real or is it fake? I’m not feeling super great. I don’t really think he’s
giving me much of an answer. I don’t know. KATE: I’m just
really starting to be unsure about the
whole thing right now. KATE: It makes me sad. I don’t know what
this means for us. I don’t know.


  1. If this guy was a genuine person, he wouldn’t freak out like that and be all defensive. I mean you could get scammed by jewelers. My fiancé had my diamond engagement ring checked.

  2. First and foremost he broke I knew that from jump LOL just based off him saying they just looking. A real one is going to buy it with out you even knowing. We ain't here to window shop! They both out here looking stupid 😂😂

  3. Its embarrassing. He drives the cheapest model Mercedes and he calls the car Benzie like its something cool? That model is a small entry model MB. A chick car, as in girls drive those because its cute. Get an AMG or S class if you got the dough. And Cut the strap on the ball cap.

  4. You know this makes sense if he really is not a millionaire because she claimed in like what the first episode or something that they dont live together because of religious reasons but I'm pretty sure theres deceit written all over that.

  5. How long have they been together? Honestly even if I was a millionaire I might not be out there buying expensive things for women. Either he's a fake or just being intelligent I can't decide. Btw I'm a woman, but just saying.

  6. Production set that up. Definitely that's obvious. A gift is a gift regardless if it's real or fake it might've been a test for her ????? You never know

  7. First of all he’s overreacting because he is a broke boy that got caught. The lady in the jewelry store is a specialist. Also, he allowed her to look at rings and try on rings just to say she needed a bracelet adjustment. He is a NARCISSIST. Run sis, your man is a whole red flag.

  8. I understand the guy maybe he really don't have that's much money and he just want to make her happy if I was that girl and that happened to be Instead of being shock or get upset I will just hug the guy and tell him honey I get it I understand you don't need to pretend I will always here for I love you and let's go home while holding his hand material things is not permanent but genuine love…

  9. “How many Karats would you like? One…two…?”

    Fake millionaire “more like seven…how much would that cost?”
    major facepalm
    Anyone that knows diamonds knows that the lower the karat the better…he said more and seven as if it was better SMH!
    Get that fake millionaire off !!

  10. Hello Everyone here, New commentator Here…How is everyone ? Smile ??
    I'm a first timer here and brand new to take a look at this series of marrying millions and I would like to comment and say that I come from a different Era in History, if you're old enough to know more about the scratch and sniff Era, that's the time where you didn't know the smell of a product until you scratched it and exposed the bad odor or the blissful aroma, and I am in shock, because I see what happened when the Jeweler scratched this guy, can you smell the aroma of what came out of him outside of the store with the Producers. I'm sorry, but this is live T.V. and the anger and obscenities alone, can you smell that ? I feel like Kate is now in the position of a scratch and sniff but she's embarrassed and afraid to sniff because of the fear of it being detestable.

  11. Hello again to everyone here, My 2nd comment is to address with my sort of unique style adopting the Ole scratch and Sniff as it represents my view and society when I was a child and was growing up. So at :08 seconds into this very interesting video the gentleman stated that going into the Jewelry store BUYS HIM ANOTHER YEAR of time and waiting, that to me perhaps means that he is doing it just to keep her believing that he is interested, but he never closed on the transaction due to The Jeweler whom has expertise with diamonds. So what does everyone else here think, if you were to utilize the scratch and sniff technique with the words of a partner of yours saying that they needed to silence any doubts and keep you holding on and buy himself another year by going into the Jewelry store as a part of the process, how would that smell to your nostrils if you scratched and sniffed?

  12. That lady is shadyyyyyy all like “resize” she knew what she was doing 😂 and why does it matter if it’s real or not she making a big deal shows that she’s just in it for the money

  13. Who would you believe? The Jeweler that's been in the game for 20 plus years with no reason to lie or the Indian guy? 🤔 😂

  14. His uncle is the one calling people from india or pakistan and trying to scam them by saying he is from the IRS 🤣🤣🤣

  15. I've never been a jewelry girl, so when it came to picking out rings, I wanted a simple band. This relationship is doomed. They both care about superficial things, and He just threw a temper tantrum about a bracelet he knew was fake.

  16. 30k "millionaire". SMH. He could have just got her a decent piece from Cartier or Van Cleef. She looks like she would have been content with that. Why would somebody get a fake piece that was so obnoxious?

  17. So funny how the Jeweller says that it's fake and been doing her job for 40 years but does not know what CZ is. 😂 She said it's Cubic Kerzonia, fyi ma'am its Cubic Zirconia

  18. How can a millionaire have a CLA car?? Hahahaha i haven’t seen the show but at first I thought she was the millionaire hahaha. That old lady can spot a real diamond 💎 a mile away… I can spot a fake person a mile away too

  19. If he knew it was fake why did he bring her to a jewelry store with the camera crew to get it resized.
    The average person wears fake jewelry ALL THE TIME, what's the big deal.

  20. As someone who has worked in the service industry, do not go to someone who works for only commission broke, because your feelings will get hurt like this right here 😂.

  21. Haaaaaaaa he said it DOESN'T MATTER! ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  22. Well first of all it should be the thought that counts. She stood with him so maybe she is not a 100% gold digger. So maybe she does care about him just a little. I think she is still somewhat a gold digger judging the look on her face when they said those diamonds were fake

  23. He definitely is not worth or has millions. He is driving one of the lowest model Mercedes makes. Literally only a 20k to 35k price tag on that car

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