Marvel’s Spider-Man – Silver Lining: DLC 3 Teaser | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Silver Lining: DLC 3 Teaser | PS4

This is Sable International. We have
authorization for deadly force. Tell me where to
find Hammerhead. SPIDER-MAN: Sable, the
queen of making entrances. SABLE: Stay out of my way
or suffer the consequences. SPIDER-MAN:
I thought you were a good guy! SABLE: You have
allowed this Hammerhead to steal all of my weapons and supplies. HAMMERHEAD:
Let’s see ya dodge this! SABLE: Kill him. SPIDER-MAN: AGGHHHHH!!!!


  1. Leave a like if you want they add the replay mission option in this game! Come on insomniac you should have added it in the new game plus!

  2. Sory not about video but about how I get rid of network restrictions on my ps4 if you sea this comment please give me advise in the comments on this message thank you

  3. Sorry guys, but the dlc was done before the game released. There will be screwball side missions no matter what… but the suits are cool.

  4. "You let Hammerhead steal all my weapons!"

    Jeez, it's like everyone is using Spiderman as the scape goat when he was actually doing EXACTLY what he was asked to do in that mission and then some. I really hope he actually calls that out.

  5. Wait what if it is another visual trick we all expect a Hammerhead robot but what if it is really Silver Maine like how they had a silver agent instead of a hammer goon like for the Turf Wars trailer

  6. Thank you insomniac you just proved that Amazing Spider-Man 2 game have better costumes you guys share 8 costumes with Amazing Spider-Man 2 game and 8 costumes that you guys don't have

  7. Woah such a cool game

    Spidey : aren't you queen of making entrances

    Sable: Get out of my way peeps . You heard it. I'm Queen
    Get me a royal carpet

  8. Am I the only one who noticed that they have been using the same recording for Spider-Man yelling aaahh when he’s in destress throughout the entire game.

  9. Please just add a mode where you can replay individual missions. I don't want to have to replay every mission just to play the last one.

  10. I don’t get the hype behind the raimi suit, but looks like you cry babies are getting it on the update today for free. To me it’s just the classic suit of Spider-Man. Personally I think it’s the ugliest suit ever made. I’d much rather prefer The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit, but would I complain about it if we don’t get it…..nah as it is just the original suit and I would like other suits to be brought to the game rather than the same typical red and blue suit.

  11. i got a Questions i was Thinking if you make a dlc of Venom it would be awesome if you add Human Spider and the Black Sam raimi Suit too it would be Amazing doing it would be Cool if you made that it will be Awesome

  12. I just finished Silver Lining, and Insomniac — guys, you really knocked it out of the park. I loved The Heist, Turf Wars was decent, but Silver Lining lived up to its name. FANTASTIC ending to The City That Never Sleeps. You guys don't get enough appreciation for your hard work, but I just wanted to say: thanks for a great DLC pack to one of my new favorite games <3

  13. Wish they added another villain besides silver sable it’s dumb they should have just added mysterio that would have been awesome

  14. Spoilers!

    I can see why she’s going all out now… Her family probably died, hammerhead stole her equipment and now she’s losing a war for her home country and is being tortured, then hammerhead gets his men to DRILL a hole in her chest… no wonder she ran into him with a literal plane exploding him and killing him once and for all.

  15. This dlc is freaking!!…AWFUL!!!! No new villain no new characters no cameos IS THE SAME SOUP don't waste your money on this…If you agree please let it know.

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