Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining – Just the Facts | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining – Just the Facts | PS4

Welcome to Just The Facts with
your personal guide of clarity through this clouded
miasma we call life, J. Jonah Jameson. Folks, for all of you who’ve
called in praising the work of Spider-Man, let me point
something out: For all the so-called
“good” he does, the only thing he never seems to
be able to do is finish the job. I know you’ve heard the rumors. The Black Cat and some sort of
mechanized version of Hammerhead are both still rampaging
through the streets because the masked vigilante you
call a hero failed to stop them. And if you haven’t had enough
mayhem on your daily commute, in comes the international
mercenary known as Silver Sable riding along
on a giant hovercraft as if traffic isn’t
bad enough already. “Wait,” you might be wondering. If Spider-Man couldn’t
stop one of these freaks, how’s he gonna take down
all three at the same time? Great question. Probably the same
way he always does: Swinging around wildly, webbing people in the face, and dressing up
in different costumes because that’s literally
all he knows how to do! Spider-Man, listen up. If you cant put away your toys, let the adults
step in and handle it because this city can’t take
any more of your theatrics. Either stop the crime
your indirectly causing, or crawl back to
your fly-invested web! And that’s the
final word with me, the only voice of
reason in a world gone mad, J. Jonah Jameson.


  1. facts again. lol. more's fake press, brainwashed propaganda and achrnaphobia or spider's phobia again. or demonized again too.

  2. silver sable, aka firings squad ladies and obliterated her own fake cities instead.. or terrorize the city's instead.. via chaos, obliterated, havoc and destruction itself again too. lol.

  3. Spider-Man 2/3 , PS5 confirmed. either launch title's or PS5 PRO OR ULTRA Cycles Versions Again TOO. PLUS Release DATES TOO.

  4. skins pls they are bad put movie references and dances and most importantly dlcs cmon PlayStation you can do better and insomniac the people on the other side of the map have faces dat look like a person that drew a paper bag on his face and like Gwen daisy umm spider ham and spider noir and miles morales or put them As a skin and also put stan lee rip Stan lee just pls we wasted 80 and $60 dollars on the game and we want more and put more enemies put more stuff like the symbiote Spider-Man and pls put venom and more powers just please think about it and also make the people companions like Spider-Man web of shadows and people like thicc black cat idk why but please stick with it and please read this comment I really took time on doing this comment so please read it insomniac and PlayStation and ps4 for life and didn’t have time to put the periods sorry cmon guys talk to me

  5. If in The next generation there is no native and full backward compatibility with PS3 and PS4 i'm going to buy an Xbox "Scarlett".

  6. Can anyone help me? I installed a new hard drive on my ps4, and for some reason I can't download Spiderman anymore, I'm able to add all the DLC to my downloads list, but it doesn't start downloading without the main game starting to install, and Spiderman won't start downloading at all

  7. "How is he gonna take down all 3 at a time!?"

    Well, Silver Sable just kinda befriends him

    Black Cat helps him out then runs off never to be seen until probably the sequel.

    And Hammerhead gets run over by a jet.

  8. Gotta say, with the Raimi suit, this game is amazing. Without it it was just another video game but this ONE cosmetic suit really made the difference. Playing without it on, this world seems so bland, so generic, so 2002. Thank you insomniac, you turned a 0/10 into a 10/10 over night.

    Sarcasm to the extreme, It's just a suit and it did nothing to improve the game. It does look nice though.

  9. It's actually funny to see, how they still had that special shot for "Spider-Verse" suit but didn't even show the MAIN star of this game- RAIMI'S SUIT!

  10. Can we agree that JJ is the absolute worst part of this game? The whole Alex Jones parody loses its luster in about an hour, then this dude is still screaming at you the rest of the game.

  11. I’m gonna miss seeing new trailers for this game it’s sad to see it end but at least we can look forward to the new comics their making specifically from the game

  12. I cant get any help from Playstation website its so retarded. whenever i go into forum and start a conversation and hit submit it tells my i have already submitted i need to wait or something. so i would like to ask here.

    The last time i saw Journey on PS Store was that it was labelled PS3 and the price was discounted to $4.99 .. i added it on my cart to purchase it later when i have the means but now when i check on it it says PS4 … so im areally confused. am i going to be able to buy and play this on my PS3 ?

  13. я думал появится черная смерть, или мистерио, или еще какой то босс, а то все 3 главы говно

  14. Play station5 es verdad mandenmen una notificacion si los admiro mocho los mejores graficos que e visto😀😊que salga la play station5 por favor a darle la guerra a microsoft

  15. Where's The Human Spider Suit, Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Suit & the Damaged Suit, & The black suit.
    Also The Mark Of Kaine Suit, & The Spider-Man Unlimited Suit.

  16. The detail on the 2002 'Webbed Suit' is incredible close up. Thanks Insomniac. A strong finish to the DLC too. Much more enjoyable than Turf Wars. 👍

  17. More dlcs skins like the spider verse and more. and movie references, skins ,powers movie enemies and the bosses Stan Lee venom spider noir Gwen daisy miles morales power character web of shadows take of t pose paper bag people theme songs symbiote Spider-Man lizard and more iron man marvel characters and more people and fix stuff and black cat missions not a missions and more stuff pls I spent 80 dollars on it and I want you to see the other comment I sent


  19. ……………how does this dude know how to open his eyes in the morning? MY toys? uh…….those belong to sable. I failed? no! it's because others failed to secure them! idiot.

  20. Hey PlayStation! There is someone putting bots on the messaging. They ask how old you r and are being sexual. I don’t like saying rude words on comments but you need to find who is doing it! There has been thousands off reports of bots asking how old you are and being sexual. They even send pictures of themselves naked to you. I had it once but it wasn’t as bad as others but there were sexual comments. I’m only a kid and I got this kind of stuff. Pls contact me my username for the PS4 is Hogie-pozieresac

  21. Please ps4 can't with play Marvel spider man on xbox one. Ps4 you have to because xbox one give pubg and now you give them Marvel spider man or last of us

  22. Playstation please get it on the pc and xbox it's not fair i really want this and i have xbox please get it on xbox and PC That's what Stan Lee would have liked

  23. Marvel Spider-Man multi player more power ups symbiote suit with power oh and put allies and venom in a dlcs and put more dances and please put more things on the map and more movie references and people from movies more places in the maps more dimensions like Spider-Man spider-verse and characters more enemies and more more missions and enemies

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