Massive Inflation in 2018. Buy Gold and Silver. // dollar devaluation collapse hyperinflation

Massive Inflation in 2018. Buy Gold and Silver. // dollar devaluation collapse hyperinflation

Massive Inflation in 2018. Buy Gold and Silver. // dollar devaluation collapse hyperinflation david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell if you are looking for a store of wealth a store of value a safe
haven asset and you’re thinking maybe just keep your money in cash or hold on
to bonds Treasuries that kind of thing I cannot tell you what to buy or what to
sell or what to do with your money but I would urge you to reconsider I would
consider precious metals gold silver that kind of thing as a much better
store of value than the dollar then US bonds that kind of thing all right and
it really comes down to well there a number of reasons but one of the biggest
ones it’s the I word inflation and I’m gonna break it down for you all right
let me explain here’s a fact one hundred thousand dollars kept in cash since 1933
is now worth in an inflation adjusted two thousand dollars that’s right so
imagine if you kept a hundred thousand dollars in cash in 1933 with the ravages
of inflation that would now be worth $2,000
that’s what its value would be now not too good
that same hundred thousand dollars kept in gold all this time would now be worth
almost five million dollars four point nine million dollars so you know you you
pick your choice which would you rather have five million dollars of inflation
adjusted value or two thousand dollars I think the choice is obvious all right
let me break down my thinking here if the government and this is not an if
this is something that’s happening but if the government continues to print
money to pay its debts and we all know that you know the US debt is in the
trillions of course and what is the government what is the US government
doing about it well one of the things that’s
doing is printing money printing it faster and faster and so since the
government continues to print money to pay its debts that leads to rising
inflation when they just keep printing the money and devaluing it so I expect
inflation just to continue another reason inflation is going to continue is
we’ve seen the price of oil going up recently
well the price of oil going up causes the price of many other things to go up
because think about how many products that we buy depend on oil it depend on
shipping and that kind of thing so that leads to rising inflation once again
when the price of so many things goes up because the price of oil is going up
that it devalues the dollar it devalues you know it makes things more expensive
that’s rising inflation as well I expect this to continue so what does rising
inflation lead to well when you have rising inflation the dollar goes down in
value and precious metals go up in value because when the dollar goes down in
value and keep in mind the dollar lost 10% of its value in 2017 alone if you
just look at a chart of the dollar versus other world currencies it has
gone down quite a bit in the past several years
so with rising inflation causes the dollar to go down in value that tends to
cause precious metals gold silver etc to go up in value because people don’t view
the dollar as a safe-haven asset anymore as a store of wealth a store of value so
they move their capital out of dollars and into precious metals also when the
dollar goes the value of the dollar goes down versus other world currencies then
that means that the other world currencies go up in value compared to
the dollar and when other world currencies go up in value what do they
buy with that extra value a lot of times they buy precious metals around the
world so again precious metals going up in
value is a very likely result the devaluation of the dollar rising
inflation also causes central banks to increase bond yields yeah you see those
rate hikes so that they can keep up with the inflation rate
all right bond yields bond yields have to keep up with an the rate of inflation
otherwise they wouldn’t have any real value people wouldn’t buy bonds if they
didn’t keep up with the rate of inflation and so when the inflation rate
goes up that tends to cause central banks the Fed for example to increase
the bond yields which causes bond values bond prices to go down and in turn
precious metals values tend to go up in that in that environment alright and
here’s a great quote from Jim Rickards it does the Fed no good to raise rates
unless inflation is going up even faster as we just discussed that that’s exactly
when gold does its job of preserving wealth and I totally agree with that and
let’s look at a couple charts here all right first this is from macro trends
net and this is dollar versus the gold over the years over time
I’m gonna pull it up here so you can see the years here ok going way back before
2000 and as you could see the dollar and gold move inversely to each other they
move opposite to each other generally not every single day ok you might have a
day or a week or a month when gold and the US dollar move together but over
time they tend to move in opposite directions when one moves up the other
tends to move down and so if you are like me and you believe that the US
government is going to keep printing money and the dollar the value of the
dollar is just therefore going to keep going down precious metals again over
time tend to move the opposite of the US dollar so I think the conclusion is
obvious from this the last thing we need is to end up like Venezuela for example
ok and this is from I want to give credit where credit is
due this is the Venezuelan inflation rate I’m not saying the US is going to
end up like Venezuela tomorrow necessarily or next week but we can see
what happens when inflation gets out of control it can get
out of control very very quickly and that’s why you know there’s a currency
crisis not just worldwide but in places like Venezuela and gradually it’s
happening in the United States so what do you do do you keep your dollars just
to have them suffer and have your the value of your account and your
retirement account and your future suffer at the hands of inflation and at
the hands of the central bank’s and what they’re doing or do you protect yourself
well I say protect yourself again I cannot tell you what to buy what what to
sell what to do I just want to give you the facts so you can make decisions on
your own all right so if you have any questions if you’d like some help you
know putting together a trading plan or thinking about where to put your assets
how to protect yourself you can contact me at any time my name is David Modell
and my email address is David Modell at if you like this video please
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  1. I can't argue with gold and silver being solid investments.
    However from my own personal experience I have earned profit from cryto currencies in the 50% to 60% range respectively.
    Crytocurrency is by nature deflationary and also mostly decentralized from the banks stronghold.
    It really is the way to go!
    I recommend getting in on the adoption stage right now, as that's where the largest profits are going to be made.
    Just investigate for yourselves. It can't hurt to at least look.
    Avoid the negative folks who have their own reasons for not wanting to make money.

  2. Good morning David ~ The math is very simple, and I agree with you completely. I'm at a crossroads and I look at my stocks, and watch others (precious metals) . As it is said numbers don't lie. The U.S. is printing money they don't have, is a fact. Inflation is a fact. My stocks are a fact, the only thing going up is Gold. On my watch list I have several precious metals, they are all going up. I've been tooling over changing up into more precious metals. Each day, it becomes more and more clear to me, and it will become a fact that I buy more precious metals especially gold. I bought into a company that hit the "mother load" of gold in Nevada. I didn't buy in the dip, I bought on the way up. I know, never chase stocks, However, it just keeps climbing up. I invested and I'm enjoying the ride. Thank you for another great video David, I hope many more people will see you video. Straight up, and factual ~!

  3. lots of good sense here – and the retail banks print money too by making loans (fractional reserve banking)

  4. David. I agree with you. However, gold just lost the $1,310 support and may plunge down even more. I’m waiting for a couple of more days before going long on gold. Also it’s worth to keep an eye on the strength of the dollar, which has been increasing as of late and not showing any signs of slowing down. It’s entirely possible that the dollar would continue its bull run which would further make gold prices go down.

  5. My question: How can we buy gold and silver, what do you suggest? You're not talking about buying physical gold, are you?

  6. David, my knowledge of the market increases exponentially every time I tune in to your videos, thanks again!

  7. I remember when gold was $400/oz.
    If I put ALL my money in gold 2 months ago, I'd be down WAY MORE than inflation.
    Inflation rates have been historically low the last 15years

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