Mayra Morales from East Central high School is the person we want to be

Mayra Morales from East Central high School is the person we want to be

[Music] life has been best lived keeping others in mind for East Central High School’s Mayra Morales I’m always about giving from routinely giving blood I just like knowing that I saved alive or helped to save the life – noticing someone alone homeless and in need and then stepping in to help when I used to work at Golden Corral they throw away all the food but they’re every single thing and I just I feel so bad so I’d asked my boss if he’d let me take a little to-go box on Mira’s way home she would see a woman standing up near highway off-ramp this is like not a place you can stop I’d park on the side of the road and then walk up Mira’s compassion for others driving her forward it makes me late how old were you like sixteen seventeen like what was the first time you thought I’m gonna get him to get fit very why I just see her and I hope I’d hope that like you know they just I’m not explaining it it just makes me sad knowing that she’s just out there with no food nothing no shelter wanting nothing in return she did it simply because she wants to be the example for how we should treat others I think about there’s a lot like how people feel and stuff and I just wouldn’t want to feel like that and I’d hope like if I were ever to go through something like that I’d have a me for myself you know what I mean Mayra has always been one to rise to the occasion she’s overcome family tragedies and trials holding down two jobs while being a full-time high school student my parents are getting older I just I’d like to be responsible for my own things instead of having to like I just don’t want to be a burden on top of the problems they already have so Monday to Friday she worked three days a week but when the weekend came while other students were on the couch Myra was on her feet no if ands or buts the other ones 11 hours standing on the weekend saying it’s taught her responsibility how to manage time money and route customers he honestly just have to brush it off and just keep that happy good attitude with them I mean it doesn’t cost anything to be nice but he just should be nice instead of better impressed yet she’s also excelled at school I want to make my parents proud that’s one of my main goals if you look at the academic load she’s carried over these years I mean you know she’s had no fewer than four college-level AP courses every year I mean you know she I told her just the other day you know she there are a lot of paths through school and she’s taken the hardest most challenging one she also took on to college level concurrent enrollment classes got straight A’s almost every year and was in NHS it’s also like an act of helping out in the community so why not right Myra is setting the example for future Cardinals excel towards being not the best or just having good grades because absolute Orion I wasn’t even trying and I just turned in my word that’s right she’s not just a strong driven person that gets good grades she also had the second highest GPA in her class this young lady is awesome I am so proud of my receives done an excellent job here her teacher Jackie Portman encouraging her to keep pushing forward go for it that’s the only advice I have take everything you got and go for it don’t quit the same is true for her assistant principal Brian stone I just think she’s amazing I think she’s a great example of what could out of what a student could do with really decide to improve their life as Mayra looks to the future she remains grounded in the simple secrets of life it is important for me too to get a good-paying job but mostly the job that I like I want to do I want to be happy at my job while she’s unsure how she will pay her way through college Mayra is determined to continue to be a light even in the darkest of places I know like the world doesn’t treat you maybe the way you treat others but it’s just nice it’s nice to be kind [Music]

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