MBMMLLC.com: Cleaning brass and copper from 220 volt electrical plugs

MBMMLLC.com: Cleaning brass and copper from 220 volt electrical plugs

These are some big 220 volt plugs I found these in a bin at the scrap dealers and you can see all the brass ends copper wire underneath there and these are all junk they actually, lower the value of the wire if you leave the plug on these have all been cut off to increase the value but there is still a lot of metal in these plugs here is a female one, we are going to bust that open big honking plug, so we are going to run all this through the hammer mill see if we can blow up all this rubber and plastic on here and get all the copper and the brass on them than you can recover the value out of these plugs that would otherwise be thrown away or you would get penalized for leaving them on your wire I ran a couple, 3 or 4 plugs through there You can see here, there is the rubber part after the brass and the copper has been busted up this had a little steel fitting on the bottom here is all the wire we got out of it here is a piece that still has the brass prong on it and here is the brass prongs out of all of those all of those plugs these ones have a little copper fitting, you just unscrew that and get hte copper out this is at 2″ bar spacing out the bottom of the hammer mill and I think it was too big it took a couple of times of running these through to get the copper knocked out I’m going to save these smaller plugs and make a video, and redo the bar spacing on the hammer mill down to about 1″ so that we only haft to run these through one time it just slips through the 2″ bar spacing its just not the bars aren’t tight enough together to get it all liberated, I’m going to make another video in here in a little while redo the bars to about 1″ and see if that gives us better liberation on these plugs You can still see the idea, I think the idea is still sound Get your clean brass, copper wire and your junk Quite a bit of weight in these brass prongs and copper wire these things really don’t weigh that much Lots of non ferrous metals in those plugs if you can get a bunch of them liberate all the metals in them I think its really worth while Thanks for watching! and check back later for more videos


  1. I am recycling the copper inside of wires with an cutting mill and a air separation table.

    I have some issues to separate the fine wires from flexible cables properly.

    Do you think you could get some wire granulate with 2-4 mm diameter and put it through your hammer mill with a very small bar distance?

    If it's working like I think, the impact with the hammers will separate the copper from the insulation and bend the copper strings into small balls.

    Such a ball shape has advantages on the air separation table.

    I think it would be complicated for you to run such a test but if you have the time and interest, I would be happy to see the result.

  2. another great time saver i have pulled a bin full of plugs apart and it takes forever your machine is great if i ever get my own scrap yard this would be a must have for me

    why dont you run through some switches /circuit breakers industrial ones are better but even the small ones out of household appliances have gold and silver 🙂

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