MBMMLLC.com: Getting scrap copper from recycled electric motors

MBMMLLC.com: Getting scrap copper from recycled electric motors

Here is one I know you scrappers have a hell of a time with little tiny electric motors you look down in there and there is quite a bit of copper in there but it’s a real pain to get it out real labor intensive this one has the shaft removed this is a whole motor We are going to run these down the hammer mill bash them all up and try and get the copper either 100% liberated on the first pass or just knock it out of the housing and then we will end up with the center piece with the copper in it and than we will re-run it down the hammer mill to knock all those steel plates off See those steel plates all get stacked up and hold the copper in we will run it and see what happens I did just a real quick dirty sort here there is a bunch of copper maybe the size of your head and some steel pieces I didn’t get yet here is some of the pieces that didn’t become quite liberated there, is still some copper in those run them through the hammer mill at either a smaller setting or run them through a couple of more times bash those up here’s one and here is another one these ones did come clean so there is no more copper in those and this is a bunch of this steel junk and still some copper in there, it was quick and dirty it was just a quick sort here is a few of the housings this one got beat around so much it turned blue and got real hot but the hammer mill didn’t seem to care it just spun it around in there until it spit it out here is some of the stuff I haven’t sorted yet you kind of give it a shake it becomes fairly clean and you put it in the copper pile. You can sort it pretty easily and it comes clean pretty quick here is some steel, put it in the steel pile I have a little bit more work to do but that’s kind of the jist of it You put it down there and there is some hand picking and sorting I think it’s a whole lot faster than beating it with a hammer and a chisel screwdrivers and just throw down the hammer mill and your done let me know if you want to see something run Leave a comment below and remember to like and suscribe I will be doing more of these videos in the future check back later, thanks!


  1. You make it sound as if using a hammer mill is the only way to go. I was shocked to see the mixed mess and you throwing the handful of unsorted mixed mess into the copper barrel. There are dozens of scrappers on youtube that walk you through separation of copper of these same items in under 10 minutes. The result is clean copper winding's with no need of separating out. Boom, you're done. And, who can afford a hammer mill and a herd of low/no pay people to sort? The mills are fun to watch.

  2. subscribed 🙂 great videos this machine would save me hours of separation with all sorts of things, although- i am only a small time scrapper (at the moment) it would take away half the fun ,
    to save time on separating the final product at the end of this video you could run it through again on a smaller setting it should be much easier to separate with a magnet then 🙂
    keep those vids coming 

  3. Maybe I should do a video on how I remove copper from all types of motors. The only hard part to remove copper from is the rotor since they have an epoxy resin that glues all the winding together. Great video any how its fun to see things get destroyed in this manner.

  4. Umm those rotors you said that come "clean" DID NOT HAVE COPPER ON THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! THOSE WERE AC INDUCTION MOTOR ROTORS!!! Geez man, does no one know about AC induction motors at all anymore? They have been around since 1888 for crying out loud!! 

  5. Hi Tyler-

    Thanks for the comment and suggestion.  I will see if I can find some old cell phones around.  If you have any would you be willing to send them out to me and I can run them and send them back?  Here is a video of us running some old digital cameras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIfXznH0AwQ

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