MBMMLLC.com: Processing transformers for clean #2 scrap copper through a hammer mill

MBMMLLC.com: Processing transformers for clean #2 scrap copper through a hammer mill

This has been another popular request from my youtube comments and emails guys want to see transformers run down through the hammer mill and in particular transformers out of microwaves and i’m not real sure if any of these come out of a microwave or what size they would be this is the biggest one I picked up I don’t know, probably weighs 8 or 10 pounds it’s probably a little big for this size of hammer mill This a 16″ x 12″ hammer mill but I’ll throw one down here and see what happens and show you what the result is so here are our transformers that we ran through the hammer mill at 2 inch and it busted all apart but it didn’t really do you a whole lot of good. you still have all this steal and stuff to pick through the copper wire kinda hangs up on stuff and its hard to separate so what I’m gonna try and do is run it through this hammer mill that has a 3/8ths gap and not that they are all busted up all that stuff should go through and what I’m hoping to do is take all these steal plates and roll them up into tiny little steal balls. and the copper should break up into little tiny pieces Than you can just mag out all the steal, it should be nice and it should be nice and cleaned out from the copper the copper should all be liberated from the steal You just mag out all of the steal and you have clean copper We will start her up here and see what we can do Here is all those busted up transformers that I ran through the 2inch than I ran them through the 3/8ths screen It ground up all the steal into little balls and all the copper wire is liberated I’m going to run a floor magnet over this and suck up all the steal and I’ll show you the results This is after I ran a magnet over the steal pieces and you can see they came out 99% clean here’s the copper, it still has a bunch of paper and plastic and stuff but there is no steal in it Thanks for watching and if your interested in seeing us run something through the hammer mill let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. If your interested give us a phone call or an email and we would like to hear from you, see what you guys are interested and see what your up to Thanks for watching!


  1. I've been told that extra soft steel they use for the "E's and I's" in those transformers is worth a premium over regular steel if you have enough of it.

  2. I think I would not want to put them into a mill, it is so easy for me to get the wire out by hand out of most of these. But with really large quantities I could imagine it being better. Cool videos you make by the way!

  3. This is a miniture version of the process used to shred and separate the steel from junk cars. You need to add a conveyor and a magnetic separator.

  4. Can you just run the transformers through 3/8" screen instead of the 2" screen first? Or would the bigger transformers be too big?

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