MBMMLLC.com Recycling copper meatballs from electric motors to get clean copper

MBMMLLC.com Recycling copper meatballs from electric motors to get clean copper

Today we are going to run some of these copper meat balls. that a guy sent up to us these come in all different shapes and sizes they are from the inside of small electric motors The goal is to knock all the steel plates off and separate the steel from the copper. We are going to start with a 2 inch screen for these because some of these armatures have these big solid steel rods through them that we need to knock off because they wont go through a 3/8ths Going to run them through a 2 inch fist knock all the copper and steel off first Than we will run them through a 3/8ths screen to fully liberate the copper from the steel. We’ve run the meat balls and armatures through the 2 inch screen, 2 inch screen gap We have liberated the armatures shafts from the remaining plates and copper we showed you earlier This is what the material looks like after its gone through a 2 inch screen. All the large steel has been pulled out of it. The copper is kinda wadded up in these wads, so we are going to run it through a 3/8th screen now. we will roll up these steel plates into little balls. They can be pulled out with a magnet and all the copper will be liberated from the steel and you can separate it easily. Here is a close up look of those steel balls that come out of the 3/8ths screen. here is a good example they just roll up into little tiny balls. Some of the armatures line up with the slots and fall right through. It all comes out pretty clean, not much copper in there at all. That’s real typical what those steel plates come out looking like. Over here is the copper it is all different size wires I think its mostly number two might be some number one, that’s number one there. It comes out really pretty clean there is a little bit of paper and fluff and stuff around the staters. and armatures but other than that its a real nice upgraded from just a meat ball. Here are the results of our copper meat ball test in the hammer mill We ran a total of 17lbs of meat balls through After we pulled the steel out with a magnet we had 12lbs of clean steel. 5lbs of clean copper So that’s right around 30% copper by weight. Thanks for watching, hope this was helpful for some of you guys. and don’t forget to like, comment, suscribe We will see you on the next one.


  1. Do u factor in electricity cost and labor for those results? Love that machine would love to try it on brass door knobs and hard ware they are a real bitch to separate!

  2. Please, Do a video of 3-5 hp gas lawnmower engines. Also a video of small 2 cylce engines that weed eaters and blowers use. Your machines seem to be bare bones that do a good job. This is important because there is small margin in cleaning Scrap.

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