MBMMLLC.com: Recycling copper wire and transformers with a hammer mill

MBMMLLC.com: Recycling copper wire and transformers with a hammer mill

I was down at my local scrap yard yesterday and i’m getting real interested in and i’m getting real interested in the metal recycling side of things and they had a whole bin of these plugs and each one of these plugs has a little tiny transformer in it and the guy told me that the transformer inside is worth a whole lot more than the plug itself so I am going to try running these plugs through this hammer mill and we are just going to try and knock the plastic housing off and bust all that open and try and recover the transformers out of there and see if we can upgrade this product Well here is the finished product I don’t know if this is interesting to anyone or not but we made a hell of a mess I don’t know if the scrap yards will take that as upgraded copper all these little things knocked the hell out of the steel transformers they seem to kinda make these copper wads It came pretty clean actually, that’s all clean number two copper here is one that didn’t quite get fully knocked around, may need to run that through again and clean it up some more here’s one that is a transformer now here is another one I think these are worth more than the plugs and you get some free copper out of it too I guess there is another one some of you guys may think is real interesting but let me know in the comments below if you think this was a good idea to do, there is a little circuit board don’t know if those are worth any money I’ve heard there is somegold and silver in those if this is useful to anybody send us an email we can talk about what you want to do with the hammer mill if you want to see anything else get crushed up in a hammer mill or jaw crusher leave a comment below and I will go down and grab some stuff from the scrap yard throw it in and see what we get thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos in the future, I plan on doing a whole bunch of these things Thanks again!


  1. Those boards are considered "junk" boards, or low grade boards at about $.16/pound, and are going to be a rare find in the plug ends.  They're usually brown on one side, and contain a lot of heavy stuff.  I just bust off the copper transformers/coils and toss the board.  I had previously requested to see what the mill would do with computer PSU's for that very reason.  Only value is the copper, and it takes time to take the whole thing apart.  Definitely save any other boards that are green on both sides.  Not promoting, but I've been using boardsort.com for all my escrap over the past year and have made quite a profit!  I scrap electronics and computers.  Not much $$ for the iron/steel or aluminum, but I save it up for a few months to make extra $$ over just the circuit boards.

  2. I like it best when you put a load of stuff in and a load comes out altogether.  I almost feel like I should be sitting here with safety glasses on when it just dumps a few bits out and they're flying all over the place lol.


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