MBMMLLC.com: Recycling dirty brass and copper valves with a hammer mill

MBMMLLC.com: Recycling dirty brass and copper valves with a hammer mill

This is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time This is what the scrapper call dirty brass it’s brass with plastic or steel attached that is worth way less than clean brass, probably less than half and what I would like to do is take this stuff and old faucets run it through this hammer mill and try to knock some of that steel off or all of the steel off actually and get clean brass price for all this stuff that was thrown in the dirty brass bin This is all clean brass there is no more steel or plastic or anything on it The materail got beat up all the stuff you don’t want on there was beaten off here is a separate pile these still have pieces of steel or plastic on them so it did not come 100% clean I’m going to re-run this back through the hammer mill see if we can clean it up a little bit more This may be where you experiment with the bar grate spacing You may get it a little cleaner with smaller bar grate spacing, right now it’s based at 2 inches this is something I didn’t expect but was kinda nice surprise, this is all clean copper That you can get a higher price than the brass for It’s nice that we’ve actually liberated some copper in there that you wouldn’t have otherwise got the copper price for here is some of the junk that came off, theres a chunk of steel I think that’s a stainless steel ball from one of the faucets some steel, some rubber plastic handles and things We will run this batch back through the hammer mill this is the stuff we re-ran through the hammer mill This had steel contamination on it after it’s first pass through and so I re-ran it two more times actually to clean it up some more and most of it came pretty clean, there is a few pieces here that still have some, you can see here a little plastic washer A little plastic in this one as well and a little steel sleeve. I think one of the problems were having now is the the bars are palced to far apart and these just fall right through they are spaced at 2 inch probably if we reduced that to 1 inch bar spacing a lot of this would beat up and the steel would be liberated I started with 28 pounds of brass here lets go over here This is all my clean brass now little bit of clean copper here and this is the waste that I got out a lot of these springs, I think they may be stainless steel springs, I’m not sure but it was surprising to me how little waste there was, this doesn’t weigh very much maybe only a couple pounds of steel here So it really makes a lot of sense to take dirty brass and clean it in a hammer mill because the price is more than double the dirty brass price but there is only a little weight in contamination and I think some of this is stainless so its even worth some as well I think these are some of the stainless pieces i think it makes sense to do this let me know in the comments below what you guys think about it and if this is something worth doing give me a call and we can discuss some options for you different size hammer mills, different power options and i’m interested to hear from you guys so leave comments below and send me an email and we will see what we can do. Thanks for watching!


  1. It's really nice to hear the true honesty in you words.
    I owned a small scale recycling Co and sold it in 08 , had I had a hammer mill like this one I'm sure sales would have been greatly improved.
    We are looking to start up again in a different area around 5/19, I'd love to discuss prices.
    [email protected]
    Looking forward to your response.

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