MBMMLLC.com: Scraping and separating copper and aluminium from radiators with a hammer mill

MBMMLLC.com: Scraping and separating copper and aluminium from radiators with a hammer mill

Here is another for Mark and Mark owns a small scrap yard in the midwest and he has been fighting with these copper aluminum radiators He has been trying to figure a way to get the copper and aluminum fins separated. because the copper is worth a whole lot more clean than it is in these aluminum radiators I just ran a test run, I’ll show you what we did, we ran it through this hammer mill maybe you can see the bars, maybe not they are spaced at 3/8ths of an inch So what comes out the bottom is the fine aluminum fins and these little copper balls I took some of the bigger copper aluminum radiators and sheared them up in my shear so that they are a little bit more manageable it would be the perfect application for a shredder You put a shredder before the hammer mill and you just shred all this stuff this size, 5inch minus than it can all go right down the hammer mill so your not dealing with big copper aluminum your having to cut up Here is our finished product here is all the aluminum fins they all have been just rolled up and ground up into there own individual pieces here is the copper balls they have all been liberated from the aluminum and here is the raw output from the hammer mill it’s all mixed together there are several different air separation tables that are exactly for this purpose, separating the dense copper balls from the light aluminum pieces and I think the hammer mill did a very good job of liberating the copper from the aluminum Mark I hope that works out for you and thats something you can use and thanks for watching everybody leave a comment below maybe there is something you have in mind to run down the hammer mill that I haven’t done yet and I’ll go pick some up and run it down, take a video and show you what happened Thanks!


  1. hey man I'm loving the hammer mill vids! Have you ever tried running aluminum cylinder heads? or would that be too much for the mill? Hope this inspires you to make a new vid!

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