MBMMLLC.com: Scrapping/recycling light ballasts for copper, transformers, and circuit boards

MBMMLLC.com: Scrapping/recycling light ballasts for copper, transformers, and circuit boards

This was a request by moose scrapper on YouTube and he has a whole bunch of videos on YouTube on how to clean up scrap and make more more money on your scrap metal go check him out on YouTube he has a lot of great videos He wanted to see some of these light ballasts run down through the hammer mill and a few of these have the tops off of them so that you can see what they look like on the inside there is a couple little transofrmers one, two, three on here and other one here, so four and a circuit board in there We are trying to knock the steel off, knock the transformers off get the circuit board and transformer clean from the steel and they are worth more money I do not know whats in this one there is some copper on the end of this one and these other ones are real heavy these may have tar inside of them I don’t know but we are going to through them down and see what happens Well, here is the results of our light ballast test I’ve picked it out into three different piles, there is the circuit board no more transformers or anything on those they are all just circuit boards now This is all waded up copper wire a lot of it in what is in there is tin-ed but I think it is all copper and there is some insulated number one in there, that’s solid wire here is a bunch of those little tiny transofrmers that we saw still attached to the ballast earlier and there is your junk there is still a little bit of wire and stuff I haven’t picked out yet but the hammer mill didn’t seem to care and just ran them through beat all that good stuff off I was actually really surprised on how well it went There you go moose scrapper, I appreciate the suggestion and everyone else go check out moose scrappers page on youtube he has a lot of good stuff over there thanks for watching


  1. I recently posted a video on scrapping digital cameras. I would love to see them get crushed up next! If you like, send me a PM and i can ship them to you! Thanks, and keep the videos coming! ūüôā

  2. I came from Moose Scrapper too LOL!  Just subscribed today and checking out all your videos.  Just stopped the video at 1 min to comment and say "I'm scared Рisn't there some nasty poisonous stuff in some of those ballasts?"  OK going to continue watching Рgot another 42 vids to watch yet!


  3. Keep in mind the wound wire of the tar type Ballast is Aluminum . Wile many tar ballast are copper wound .Many to most are AL  & not tinned copper ..
    PCB free ballast are usually AL but not always . The weight of ballast is a good indicator comparing at same size  

  4. Oi.. Careful there, anyone watching who wants to do this…Shredding circuit boards is a big health hazard. Lead solder is on those boards. Computer techs like me do not even handle these boards without hand washing thoroughly after. If you stand over this without machine protective gear, you're inhaling fine lead dust. (And it's getting all over you, and the surrounding area.) Lead paint wasn't that big of a hazard to kids directly, but they found that opening/closing painted windows and doors created fine lead dust every day in the house. Lead dust that settled on household objects got on kids clothing, toys, hands…eventually their mouth. But they inhaled much of it too, which is what made kids exposed to it have drastically lower IQ. It takes longer for adults to be affected, but exposure is bad. If you want to recycle things with toxic heavy metals inside them: you've got to wear protective gear, and take steps to protect your environment. Carefully remove motherboards, gently: or suit up.

  5. Older ballast with PCBs has more copper than modern ballast but very toxic. Recycler even don't take ballast with PCBs and they buy ballast without PCBs for same price as 6 cents pound steel scrap compare to irony copper scrap at 40-60 cents a pound.

  6. Ballasts before 1979 which are most likely to find in scrap or garbage piles have the cancer causing chemical PCB!!!
    If the ballast states NO PCB then ok to open up, but if there is no written NO PCB you must assume that inside are PCB!!!!!!
    The last two larger unopened ballasts that were put into the grinder I really think were the older ballasts with PCB??
    What came out of the grinder looked oily damp of PCB????!!!!!! Now the show’s host is going to handle by sorting through this mess!!
    Let alone the PCB that was mixed into the air he is breathing and the inside of the grinder is coated with PCB that will contaminate anything else that had no PCB BEFORE GOING THROUGH THE GRINDER until who knows when into the future??
    So now the PCB THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONTAINED BY EXPERTS IN RECYCLING THIS CANCER CAUSING CHEMICAL is free to get into the environment in many different ways until finally melted down and incinerated but maybe even then PCB fumes escape into the air????
    PS- I saw so much clean wire and steel that could have been scrapped and categorized BEFORE IT WAS SHREDDED into pieces way too small to categorize without extreme effort and time involved and even then good scrap became mixed with non recycle-able trash material unable to separate!!!!

    Nerve damage in the brain and cancer causing chemical in exchange for a few cents worth of copper????

  8. this would work much better as 2 pass but the real numbers we need is how much to buy or lease a hammer mill and what is the electric cost to run one?

  9. That "tar" inside them is potting material which may contain PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in older ballasts manufactured through 1979. Dielectric fluid in the switches and capacitors in the ballasts may also contain PCBs. PCBs are cancer-causing and also cause damage to the immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems. In addition, some ballasts manufactured from 1979-1991 may contain DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate), also a possible carcinogen. This is a highly irresponsible video.

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