MBMMLLC.com: Scrapping/recycling power tools for copper, brass, and electric motors

MBMMLLC.com: Scrapping/recycling power tools for copper, brass, and electric motors

This is going to be a fun one today, we have some old power tools here an old grinder, a couple of grinders, some old drills and inside of these is a little electric motor but the scrap metal yards won’t take them as electric motors with all this plastic and aluminum on them were going to beat it all off with a hammer mill and get our clean motor price and maybe get some copper and brass out of it, I don’t know we will haft to see but we will run these through and see what we get I went through and picked out most of the little motors and things out of the pile and you can see I mean that won’t take much to clean up into copper, here is your little motors some more of these waded up copper steel pieces there is all of your junk a whole bunch of pieces of steel and a little bit op copper wire I haven’t picked out yet lots of plastic and and steel and a little bit of cast aluminum this is really what were after the stuff right here did a great job of knocking that stuff loose that was what, 5 or 6 power tools in about a minute and we have a whole bunch of electric motors that are worth a whole lot more money than those old drills and grinders Let me known what you want to see run down the hammer mill send me an email or leave a comment below I will go get some and run them and show you what happens Thanks for watching!


  1. I heard people are using hammer mills to crush old computer boards then they sift the remains and extract the gold just like it was ore.

  2. Advised by Moose to check out your videos … very glad I did!  I'd love to see a bunch of old computers tossed into a larger mill!  I suppose the mother board and other boards would be messed up, but the power supplies (PSU) take soooo long to scrap!  Maybe just do the PSU's, that would be interesting.  Good videos, love the crushing and smashing!

  3. Great vids,. I was thinking maybe to seperate the fine copper you could use a system similer to the cable granulators. I believe its a type of air silo for the plastics and obviousley magnets for the iron.

  4. I wish I could build something similar to this using a rotating drum just to get rid of the non-metal waste I get, like washing machine agitators, plastic fan propellers and the plastic shells and housings from printers, treadmills and so on. Whole they take up way too much space in the trashcan.

  5. i find it a lot easier and less messy just to take em apart with a screwdriver, how long does it take you to sort thru all that fuckin mess after its been smashed to bits?

  6. We still buy the Drills & Grinders etc as they are! They just go as what we call Grade 2 Elec Motors instead of the Higher Grade 1s which do pay less but saves mucking around with them.

  7. make sure you use gloves, hearing protection, eye protection, and a bucket to catch all of the parts (plastic, copper, aluminum, ect.).nice video!

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