MBMMLLC.com: Scrapping TV yolks for clean recycled copper

This is another request by Northern Virginia Refuse on YouTube and I finally found, I think these are TV yolks they go on the back of tv’s and you see all the copper in them, quite a bit of copper in them and I’ve seen videos of guys on YouTube putting these in a towel and beating them with a hammer doing a whole bunch of work to get that copper out of there Were going to run them through the hammer mill and in about 10 seconds all 3 of those should be in liberated copper and everything else, plastic and a little bit of steal and stuff Here’s our TV yolks after they’ve been through the hammer mill there’s a nice wad clean number two copper A little bit of insulator there from the TV yolks here’s the little bit of plastic and the steal band and stuff little bit of plastic on the plywood There’s a lot of copper here, I’m surprised how much copper is in those things, that’s really worthwhile because there is hardly anything left over, it just comes out in big copper balls and you pick them out and your done That makes a lot of sense to run down through the hammer mill So Northern Virginia Refuse thanks for the suggestion I hope you liked it and if anyone else has other suggestions let me know I will run to the scrap yard, grab some stuff and run it down the hammer mill Subscribe, like and comment and I hope to see you next time, Thanks!

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