MBMMLLC.com: Small scale recycling copper-brass radiators through a hammer mill

MBMMLLC.com: Small scale recycling copper-brass radiators through a hammer mill

This is Jason Gaber with Mt. Baker Mining and Metals and I have become really interested in the recycling side of things I went down to my local scrap yesterday to see what I could find that I may be able to run down through the hammer mill and upgrade and these are brass radiator tops out of old cars and what they do at the scrap yard is they take a saw zaw and cut the radiator off and its a copper brass radiator and this top part is plastic but they leave all this brass and copper in here that they sell as a dirty brass price i’m assuming this one is all plastic This one has some steel clips running down the base and still has its steel cap This one here is completely brass this one here again is a brass and copper piece under there and a plastic top still on there What i’m going to try and do is run them through this hammer mill you see the hammers down there I ran one as a test already an dhere is kinda what happened The plastic and steal clips all exploded and poped right off and chewed the remaining brass into these nice big pieces that can then be separated out using a eddie current or just by picking them out by hand underneath the hammer mill this is looking up from the bottom those bars are spaced at 2 inches were not trying to grind anything up were just trying to bust it all and separate the brass and the plastic Here is the final discharge out of our hammer mill You can see the brass pieces are all coming out chewed up and clean here is all the steel clips we saw earlier and what i’m hoping to do here is just generate some ideas from you guys on what you would like to see run down a hammer mill for recycling If you can leave a comment below about what you have had a hard time cleaning or something you would like to see run down these hammer mills I would appreciate it and I will run down and grab some material formthe scrap yard and see what we get here is your clean brass here is all of your junk plastic and steel and stuff if your going to do it on production you would wanna a conveyor coming out the bottom of the hammer mill with a discharge hopper probably a magnet belt either a guy hand picking the brass out or a eddie current would work because there is some failry small pieces in there I appreciate you watching please let me know what you would like to see run down a hammer and see if we can liberate it for you Thanks!


  1. This thing can do a pretty fair job in helping with separation of tough material. I wonder If this can be used by a "weekend warrior" type not just a scrap yard. Cost is everything. Sorry, I'm just thinking out loud in a public forum.

  2. Plug ends to recover the copper and brass and separate the plastics etc would be useful to me. Also small Ethernet/phone/gold plated plugs to recover the plated pins? Cheers for the vids 🙂

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