Mcdonald’s national anthem

Mcdonald’s national anthem

McDonald’s national anthem the fat song (kill me) Yo yo yo yo, imma give people some diabetes 1 2 3 Makin’ people fat everyday, gimme’ gimme’ dat money all day Gettin’ paid dat cash everyday, workin’ workin’ in that smelly buildaang givin’ people big macs, fries, and that “sorry, the ice cream machine aint’ workin today hey, just gimme your money for my saaviings hey, get ready for those doctors to say “you got diabeeetees” hey, get ready to be so ashamed about that booodyyy hey, give us money and we’ll give you some poooison workin’ until I lose all my braincells, I hate, I hate myself so much dyin’ inside everyday, ima, ima, super broke please help buyin’ our food, its only one dollar, givin’ us money, so we can get paid, wE oNlY gEeEt PaAaIDd SeVEN DoLLars aN HouRR


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