Meet the Author: Naomi Novik (SPINNING SILVER)

Meet the Author: Naomi Novik (SPINNING SILVER)

Hi, I’m Naomi Novik, and I’m
the author of Spinning Silver. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s fairly easy. Because I actually have a
Master’s in Computer Science. So I’d be doing
something with software. Building software somehow. These days, I get a lot
of it done on my phone. When I’m traveling around,
waiting in offices. It’s just so convenient. But where I like to get it
done is sitting on the couch while my daughter has a book
of her own right next to me. And the two of us are
reading side by side. The key to an amazing story
is building great characters and letting them take you
where they want to go. Oh, I’m always
having great ones. I just had a wonderful encounter
at my last signing in DC. One of the artists who
contributed a piece of fan art to a Temeraire book
that I did which collected various
pieces of fan art actually came to the signing. And she brought a new
painting that she’d done of Mulan with a dragon
in the Temeraire universe.

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  1. OMG, OMG!! i cannot believe — here you are! I love you Naomi. The past year of my live has been spent reading (literally, lol) everything you have ever written. You have (actually/literally/practically) made my life (a) happier (b) richer (c) fuller and (d) what else is there?
    I would love it if I could read more from you before I shuffle off this mortal coil! Pretty, pretty please … <3

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