Meet the Jeweler Blinging Out Beyoncé and Travis Scott

Meet the Jeweler Blinging Out Beyoncé and Travis Scott

– This my granny, she gets me cookies. – This is my second mom in New York. – This a Popular Jewelry. – Yes, it is. (hip-hop music) (yells) (cash register chimes) (street noises) – [Narrator] At this
point you may be wondering who the (car horn beeps) is A$AP Eva, and where is this story going? Hell, you might even be asking yourself: what is this story all about? Fair enough, let’s start at the beginning. Eva and her family immigrated to New York from Macau in 1982. Getting into the jewelry business
was a no-brainer for Eva; she comes from a long line of jewelers. – [Narrator] And then,
one day, the rap gods smiled down on her and sent in … Travis Scott, Jaden Smith, Joey Bada$$, Goldlink, Young Paris,
Wifisfuneral, Macklemore. (laughs) – [Eva] Okay, bling, bling, bling. – Bling, bling. (light classical music) – [Narrator] Family and
jewelry are synonymous to Eva. In fact, the day after her son was born, she went straight back to work. – [Narrator] Popular Jewelry is more than the sum of its glittery parts. It’s a family, it’s a home. And Eva is the. – My customer call me Gold Mother. I have a lot of nickname
what they give me. – [Woman] That’s really sweet. (light classical music)


  1. Anybody watch South Park and saw the episode where Cartman start selling jewelry he went to talk to the old Asian lady, I'm getting some Deja Vu here people

  2. Bruh imagine that..selling your chains etc.. to freakin A$AP Rocky and Travis and beyonce😟then seeing your stuff in videos/photos

  3. “I’m here everyday” and the next day after her son was born. She definitely owned by the mafia. They make her work with no days off. Damn.

  4. I don't have expectation, but I never expected the person behind all these iconic chains and accessories was an old Asian lady.

  5. I’d prefer to buy from a company where the diamonds look a lot better I’ve been here and Tiffany co has better quality products

  6. She’s super sweet!! My husband and I travel to her store for all of our pieces ✨ very high quality and great prices.

  7. Guy getting fitted for grillz, needed a whitening job and braces. NOT grillz. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  8. Really cool but just fyi 24 karat gold chain is not good for jewellery because it is pure gold and is very soft so the big chains etc would not be feasible. (Btw I work in a jewellers)

  9. “I got a lot of nickname they give me.”

    But what matters is that they give me money for my merchandise.

    – All Asian moms.-

  10. She cant have 24 carat gold because actual 24 carat gold is soft to the touch . So for example gold foil is real 24 carat gold

  11. I literally went there, not knowing that so many celebrities went there. I was so confused like what are these things on the wall and then I saw Chris Wu and then Macklemore and I was like awe shit

  12. Like i give a Shit how or where these Dumbass spend $..they only sing about car,bike,plane, house,grills, jewelry but nothing real…. nothing their so call fan base can relate to… showing off mostly…vain.. what happened to the real music… I still love 50,60,70 music…it had heart soul feeling…now its i got this bitch I got that…so what. Im not impressed…

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