Meet The Man Who Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

Meet The Man Who Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

Today we’re gonna meet the man who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived to tell the story : I think this is a very serious topic that not many youtubers talk about but basically we’re gonna look at this man story the guy’s name is Kevin Hines Tal: He actually has his own website as you can see I pulled it up right here Tal: So if you want to check that out go ahead and do that now it’s called Tal: He was brave enough to come out in a video and share his story of why he decided to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge Tal: So we’re gonna watch some clips of this original videos gonna be in the description if you guys want to check that out Tal: But this is the man who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge Unknown voice: We have lost far too many lives Unknown voice: traveling the path to this day Kevin: since 1937 over 2,000 people have died at the Golden Gate Bridge Kevin: I feel lucky to be alive Kevin: every single day. Tal: So the Golden Gate Bridge is 220 feet tall it is one of the most famous spots in California Tal: And it’s also the most famous spot every will to actually jump off of if you type in Google how many people? Tal:survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge Tal: Only two percent of people actually survived there has only been 26 people that have survived after jumping Tal: 118 that were talked down from jumping off the bridge right before they are about to do it Kevin: every single day Kevin: The thousands that have died off the Golden Gate Bridge I am of the 1% who have survived Tal: The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most frequently used places in the world to die Tal: Like he states over 2,000 people have jumped to their death Kevin: So I was born on drugs and premature and then I bounced around home to home Kevin: Nobody wanted to keep me because I was sick, and I got lucky. I landed in the home of Patrick and Deborah Hines Kevin: I had a great childhood. Kevin: I thought growing up that everything’s gonna be great and then at 17 Kevin: It all came crashing down Kevin: If you can imagine feeling that everyone around you is out to get you trying to hurt you and trying to kill you and you believed that Kevin: to be the truth Tal: Okay, so far. It just seemed like he suffered from a mental health issue. Tal: now I don’t know much about Kevin, so let’s continue hearing what he has to say Tal: What caused him to jump off the bridge from the extreme paranoia? Kevin: I exhibited symptoms of mania from the mania came the hallucinations both auditory and visual and so with that in the bipolar disorder Kevin: I just was spiraling out of control. Kevin: I vividly remember writing my suicide note Kevin:People don’t get it like I thought I was a burden Kevin: to everyone who loved me because that’s what my brain told me because that’s how powerful your brain is. Kevin: I got off the bus Kevin: I walked .. slowly down the walkway that going Gate Bridge. Tal: Okay, so if you got the bus that means he’s still in high school Tal: This is the bio and Kevin Hines September of 2000. He jumped. He was 16 years old. Kevin: the Golden Gate Bridge Kevin: You know people rode by me drove by me walked by me and a woman approached me Kevin: And she said will you take my picture she said thanks, and she walked away. There’s that moment? I just said nobody cares Kevin: Reality was that everybody cared Kevin: I just couldn’t see it. I ran forward and using my two hands. Kevin: I catapulted myself into freefall Tal: So this is a very emotional story Tal: I mean, I’m actually kind of speechless at this point cuz I know it’s gonna get worse when he talks about the aftermath Tal: Let’s just see that part, and then we’ll talk about some notes after. Kevin: what I’m about to say is the exact same thing.. Kevin: that nineteen Golden Gate Bridge jump survivors have also said the millisecond my hands left the rail Kevin: It was an instant regret Tal: Alright Tal: So I feel like I feel like a lot of people kind of know that the second anyone tries to end their life the survivors Tal: always tell the same story. They always say it was instant regret. Can you just imagine it’s too late Tal: You’re already over the bridge, and then you just regret it. There’s no going back. I mean Tal: He was lucky enough to survive but for any of you that are actually thinking of doing something like this Tal: You should really hear this guy out Kevin: And I remember thinking no one’s gonna know that I didn’t want to die in four seconds Kevin: I fell 75 miles an hour 25 stories, and I hit the water I was in the most physical pit Kevin: I’d ever experienced. I have ever experienced the Coast Guard was amazing Kevin: He was just so freaked out that I was alive that he just dove in and brought me on board Kevin: and he said do you know how many people we pulled out of this water that are already dead, and I said no Kevin: and I don’t want to know yeah, I put his hand on my forehead Kevin: and said kid you’re a miracle. My father took one step into the hospital room Kevin: and I looked up at him and I said dad i’m sorry he said no Kevin Kevin: I’m sorry Kevin: and if you think about it both of our immediate reactions were guilt Tal: In the future if I ever have a son I can’t even imagine Tal: What I would feel if he tried to attempt doing something like this. Tal: Honestly I – I would out put all the pressure on myself. I would say like this is a hundred percent my fault Tal: It means I had poor communication with my kid I would feel guilty maybe I’m not spending enough time with him Tal: I’m not helping him enough like if it went through and the circumstance was that he didn’t actually survive Tal: How does that feel. Kevin: got that didn’t belong to you Kevin: and even though I didn’t die I cost people a great deal of grief and pain Kevin: Just the day of my attempt still sits within them today Kevin: I asked my father if he still feared my death by suicide Kevin: he said every time the phone goes off his first inclination “is Kevin alive?” Kevin: I had that impact on my dad Kevin: So after the jump the road to recovery was pretty long. I had seven psych wards days in the next 11 years Kevin: I still have all the symptoms. I ever had mania depression psychosis Kevin: hallucinations all that still there. I just know how to cope with it, and I know how to beat it. Kevin: I built a support network over these years of Kevin: treatment so that I wouldn’t be fighting this alone Tal: I think that’s one of the most important things Tal: Which is why I want to leave a hotline right here for any of you guys Tal: It’s gonna be on the screen. Just know that you’re not alone if you’re dealing with something (number: 1-800-273-8255) Tal: there is a very very big percentage of the population (number: 1-800-273-8255) Tal: that is dealing with emotional pain mental health. Kevin: so like it’s okay, not to be okay (number: 1-800-273-8255) Kevin: It’s not okay not to ask for someone to back you up. To the families who-who Kevin: who live with the loss or loss foster loved one (tal mumbles) Tal: These are all people.. Kevin: that chose to hurt you or destroy your life they they took their lives because they were struggling and in a great deal of emotional mental pain Kevin: Suicide mental illness and addiction are the only diseases that we blame the person for perpetually Kevin: But people die from suicide.. Kevin: ..just like they die from any other organ Kevin: diseased Tal: that was a beautiful quote by Kevin Tal: I’m gonna stop it right there if you want to finish you guys could go check it out Tal: It’s going to be in the description down below. I want to hear your thoughts on this Tal: What do you guys think this is a very hard story to hear it has a bright side to it? Tal: But you know the problem isn’t solved because if it’s not him it’s someone else (number: 1-800-273-8255) Tal: I mean the best thing you can do obviously guys is just have an open mind try to communicate with people around you (number: 1-800-273-8255) Tal: that you care about because you don’t know what’s actually happening in their life (number: 1-800-273-8255) Tal: But sorry for this video being such a bummer (number: 1-800-273-8255) Tal: I think we’re gonna end it right here guys Tal: If you have any other video suggestions you want me to react to maybe some serious topics just like this one which is I think Tal: is very important let me know down it’s below, but um thank you so much for watching guys, Tal: That’s gonna wrap it up for the video on a brighter note if you guys want to check out some more videos Tal: Less serious videos they’re gonna be there and subscribe to the channel Tal: And I’ll see you guys soon on some more episodes of reaction time Tal:He’s very inspirational his website is gonna be in the description like I said before and uh yeah, I’ll see you guys soon Tal: So have a good one and peace out


  1. Suicide has also been a thought of mine. But I met my gf and my life got a whole lot better. If anyone is thinking about suicide, please call the number on the screen and get some help. Killing yourself isnt helping yourself. It's hurting your family and your life. We feel sorry for the dead, we dont want to be them. Look for someone important in your life, like I did. And be with them until you get better.

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  3. Why did you dislike this video, this happens in real life and you just said this video was bad. A guy made a comment and he said his dad killed himself and he misses him, so if you disliked this video you are an awful person.

  4. Suicidal feelings is the most common feeling for me. Knifes feel good. It’s too late for me, but for you, DO NOT LET THE DARKNESS CONSUME YOUR PERSONALITY

  5. I have high anxiety and I have had so many panic attacks I can't even count. I almost committed suicide and every time I think about it I burst out in tears. Sometimes I'll be in school and then just start crying and have to go home. If you're thinking about suicide, please see help. I don't want anyway do feel the way I did/do.

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  7. Why is he always so lazy to complete a video oh god just make at least a 15-minute video every day it gets so annoying when you don't complete a video

  8. YOᑌ

  9. I am so happy he is alive,People care about you,Your story made me cry.Remember Your not Alone in life,There is always someone looking up for you.

  10. I had suicidal thoughts and tried hang myself I kinda still do actually but for anybody out there thinking about it just know there is somebody that cares about you

  11. I know some people who are struggling. It's very important to kinda make them tell you what's on their mind, but without forcing it, you know? It can be hard to help these people, all I can say and do is keep trying to help. I am struggling myself, but I know I am able to control my actions, not my thoughts though. Many others cannot do what I do. It's always important to be nice to everyone you see, you don't know what they're going through. So smile at every stranger you see, congratulate every person who participated in something, give as many hugs as you can, etc. Make sure to always make time for yourself as well. You are very important. You are loved. If you ever need to talk to someone, we can try to work something out and I'll talk to you. It's hard to tell people things, I know, but you can do it. I believe in you! Even though I may not know you, I know you are amazing! It may be hard now, but you're strong, you get through it! Don't give up, something good will come your way!

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  13. Gonna kill myself in 2 weeks after school is over…not sure how I’m gonna do it…sorry I just feel so alone and feel like I want people to know…😣💔 my eating disorder is killing me anyway….

  14. One time i was home alone and i was suicidal at the time so i thought abt cutting but i didnt bc i was too scared. I wanted to end my life but didnt want to at the same time. I never told my family bc i would be in big trouble. So i took a blade out of a new razor and put it very close to my skin. I put it back bc i still wasnt ready. The next day i did it. It wasnt big so anyone couldnt see it. I wish i never did. But i started cutting 1time a week for about 4 weeks. It was small cut on my wrist. I stoped when i noticed how many there were. I was scared i was going to kill my self soon so i stoped…but…the next day my younger cousin found the bloody blade and asked what it was. I told her idk. So i took it and threw it out the window. Still to this day nobody knows about it and i stoped thinking about suicide and i was happy again but i still have the marks

  15. i tried to kill myself before but i numb out my feelings so i stopped doing the things i did that caused harm to me

  16. My bestfriend has thoughts of suicide so whenever she doesn't answer the phone doesn't text me or doesn't come to school I think she is gone but she comes the next day and tells me she lost her grandma but i told her please dont take your life your worth it and she said she wont because its not worth it
    If she does i know it was cause someone wasnt showing her attention it was me but now she doesn't have the thoughts of suicide and she talks to people that do at school and talk to them about how important your life is.


  17. I have been depressed and no one believes me cause I hide it so well and I have had these thoughts this week has been the worst week of my life it has not been a good week bullys,enjurys,getting in trouble, ext I knew that it was wrong but I just felt that life was just better off without me but then I thought about it and I was like no I’m not going to do this cause there is people that care about me and there has been people that have committed suicide and it had such an impact on there whole family so never EVER have thoughts like this all love

  18. In 2012 my grandma was driving with my uncle and he stoped really hard and my grandma flew out the window and died😭😭😭😭😭😓😥😰😨😱

  19. I am currently 14 at 7 I started with suicideal thoughts i have depression anxiety and anger management and I am the most unsociable person I have attempted to kill myself muiltiple times so if you do please seek help, cause people you never thought that would care about you actually do it hurts them almost as much as you. You are loved wether you know it or not peopled I care about you. And I lost a brother to suicide the same year I was born it does hurt 😔. I still regret not dieying a lot I still do think about suicide

  20. Wait, he said at 17 everything came crashing down. But his bio says he jumped at 16. Am I the only one who bothered by this

  21. Thank you so much for making a video on this topic. Everyone needs to know that life is worth it. Please hang on to life.

  22. I'm only 10 years old and I want to suicide because my mum and dad split up and me and my friends always fall out.

  23. suicide is basically what I need to do I mean I might only be 10 I know but no one knows what I am going through… suicide is my answer.

  24. Don't commit suicide plz
    My mom's uncle commit suicide because his girlfriend broke up with him and his wife found his body. My mom's cousin also tried to commit suicide but he failed

    So don't commit suicide it doesn't do anything exempt make people sad so plz don't 👏👏👏👏

  25. My parents blame themselves for my attempt of suicide…but what I did wasn't even as bad as what this guy did…his dad probably felt horrible…
    Damn I feel grateful to be alive…;-;

  26. This was so sad to watch but God bless that man who has survived that suicide attempt 😢😢😭😭😭 I almost broke into tears but i was tearing up

  27. I think I have no body that cares for me but I do they just don’t show it to me I have thought about suicide

  28. I'm eleven I have tried countless time to commit suicide like why even care anymore none of my friends would care most of my family doesn't even care that's why I've tried to kill myself many many times but people be stronger than I am care for your self don't do the thing that I have done

  29. I got bullied in school and then thought about suicide and my mum found out that I was planning it and I got bullied for being depressed they called me fake depressed and I hope u commit suicide kill your self thank god my mum got me help and if u are thinking about it don't just talk to your family your doctor your teacher their is so much people who do care

  30. Thank you Tal I will not attempt suicide I never ever told my family about me thinking of suicide

  31. if you guys have sucicidal thoughts then you need to talk to an adult. be careful. everyone loves you. you matter. ❤️❤️❤️

  32. he spoke at my school today for suicide prevention and then i saw him after school, at the restaurant where i work eating with his wife and after meeting him i think the thing that stuck to me most was when he had my entire school chant repeatedly that “today is NOT tomorrow”

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