Melting Scrap Copper – Pouring Copper

Melting Scrap Copper – Pouring Copper

since I have all this copper and I might
as well start melting some bars… figured I would go ahead and do that today! We got lots of copper here so I guess I’ll start by throwing a nice little chunk in the bottom and I think since there’s so much copper here I’m gonna
mix it up between wires ball little wire Springs we’ll get a lot of this in there
see how it builds up – see what we get out of it I’m gonna be adding all this to it see if we
can’t make some copper bars we’ll have some fun and see how they come out we’re at 350 degrees right now so we got a long ways to go but it’ll be fun and yes
I’ll be using gloves shortly so we’ve got the copper in here there’s a little
bit of smoke you probably can’t catch it but some of these wires sometimes have
oil on them so I’ll be curious to see how they melt it’s gonna make a lot of
black smoke in my garage we’ll keep an eye on it but now it’s time to cover it
and let those guys melt down we’re at four hundred and sixty-four degrees
right now so it’s climbing quickly so I’ve got one
of my molds on top here heating up that’s how I think start
getting it heated up and get the moisture out
we’ll use the flame torch on it next to really heat it up that way when the
copper hits it it doesn’t cool that quick well I’ll do that here in a few
minutes temperatures now up to a thousand seventy so copper should start
to be melting right about now and now it’s going to work on getting it
liquefied well that came out a little bit short
guess my estimation of how much copper I need it was a little bit off literally a
little bit off bummer a little bit off but man that’s a
beautiful pour so I need out a little more for this next round I am NOT gonna
remelt that I still like it I kind of like that it’s a little bit crooked so
it’s a little lopsided I misjudged it as I poured it the crucible cooled a little
bit and that extra point three point four ounces just didn’t show up
still I think it’s fantastic looking overall I do wish it was circular more
but you know what I’ll take it came out pretty good not too bad
anyway we’ll do better on the next one but I had fun pouring this one


  1. I am learning as I go though and I am getting more of a feel for working with copper. I'm sure I will continue to fine tune the process the more I practice.

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  2. Try dusting you molds with baby powder. I usually just heat mine up several times before I pour when you dust with baby powder they will turn brown but your molds will not stick and your shine will be much brighter. Plus your metal will flow faster. It's better to have too much and then you can grind away. It's trial and error I've been pouring for 22 years.

  3. So cool….. Looks good…. Im jealous… I better stick to plaster pour molds…. I would prob burn myself or torch up my garage doing metals… 😂plus my nieghbors would prob call the DEA thinking i was cooking up something.. lol….. lol lol lol. That wasnt perfect… But your right.. It still looked cool… I like it!❤👍

  4. Rob you should mix some silver and copper together and see what it looks like, Mabye you can do it in a future video.

  5. That is a sick design my man looked awesome and you're still learning man and that's alright that's how you get better at it but bro that is sick!

  6. Awesome rob ! I've been thinking about melting down some of my scrap silver from metal detecting. Where did you get the smelting setup? HH. JOE.

  7. What's up bud just wanted to drop by and let you know I'm having a gold giveaway on my channel maybe you might want to get in on it and if so let your friends know so maybe they might want to get in and take the chance of winning this gold also thanks buddy

  8. It sure is a different material than silver eh. As with all metals it is all about the right heat. Getting that mercury type puddle is what it needs to be like. When you think it is hot enough keep the heat on it for a bit yet. That and it tends to like a bit of borax in ea pour as well. Onward bud. Had you cleaned this piece before you showed it to us ?

  9. I love that mold!! So cool!!!! You're doing a great job for someone who just started pouring not too long ago!

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