Memory Wire Bracelet. Easy Handmade Bracelet Tutorial. DIY Crafts

Memory Wire Bracelet. Easy Handmade Bracelet Tutorial. DIY Crafts

Hi there! Today I have one of the easiest tutorial for you. I’m gonna show you assembling process of popular memory wire bracelet. I will be very pleased if you will subscribe to my channel and put thumbs up to this video! You can also find me in the social networks, links will be in the description. So let`s get started, enjoy watching! You will need: 6 mm crystal beads, 10 mm and 12 mm pearls, bead caps, 10 mm and 4 mm crystal beads, 8 mm crystal beads on head pins, connecting rings, memory wire Attach the 8 mm bead on the head pin Put a head pin into the bead Twist the loop with round pliers Make a loop on the memory wire Add beads to the wire as shown in the video Make as many turns as you want Make a loop You can keep the bracelet in this version and you also can attach pendants to the loop. I decided to add the key pendant:) That’s it! You can make this bracelet with your kids and present it as a gift! Use any beads that you like most and create beautiful things! Write your comments and questions, as well share this video with your loved ones! I will see you next time on Gilda Workshop channel! Bye-bye! Thanks for watching!


  1. Удивительно ,Вы создаете такие простые вещи ,но уникальные ,у вас удивительный тонкий вкус и снова Я восхищаюсь ,ваши украшения шикарные спасибо вам.

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