Men’s Casio G-Shock G-STEEL Silver & Yellow Watch | GST410-9A Top 10 Watch Review

Men’s Casio G-Shock G-STEEL Silver & Yellow Watch | GST410-9A Top 10 Watch Review

Hey everybody. Jenesis Jones here from Total G-Shockers. And in this episode of the “Top 10 Things
You Should Know About” video series, we’ll be going through the GST410-9A which
is part of the G-STEEL series. So let’s get into it. [Intro] The G-Shock GST400 series is an analog-digital
watch with a bold case silhouette. The GST400 is a steel-bodied collection with
an asymmetrical display, which is very reminiscent of the GA-110 lineup. So here are the top 10 things you should know
about the GST410-9A timepiece. #1 Color The base color of the watch is stainless steel
body and the face of the watch features yellow and silver-tinted indexes
and accents. #2 Construction The GST410 is enraptured in a yellow resin
band and features a stainless steel bezel and mineral glass, making this watch highly fashionable. #3 Resistance The GST400 series watch, being a G-Shock,
is of course shock resistant, with an impact structure that uses a hollow case infused with the toughness
philosophy that has been handed down to all G-Shock watches. In addition, this watch comes with magnetic
resistance as well as water resistance up to 200 meters. #4 Power Source The GST410 timepiece runs off 2 x SR927W batteries. #5 Battery Life This watch’s approximate battery life is
3 years on those SR927W batteries. #6 LED Light This watch has a super illuminator LED light
and afterglow. #7 Hourly Time Signal The hourly time signal is a feature in which
the watch beeps at the top of every hour. Of course, you have the option of turning
this on or off. #8 World Time The GST410 has world time, which includes
up to 31 time zones This is 48 different cities + UTC (coordinated
universal time). Now UTC is not considered a time zone. It’s simply a universal time standard. In addition, there is also daylight saving
time and the option to swap your home time city
with a world time city. #9 Stopwatch/Countdown Timer The GST410 comes with a 1/100 second stopwatch whose measuring capacity is 999:59’59.99” and whose measuring mode available is split
time. The countdown timer counts down from 24 hours
in units of 1 second and you can set the countdown timer in 1-minute,
or 1-hour increments. #10 Other Time Keeping Functions Other timekeeping functions for this watch
include 5 daily alarms and a full-auto calendar which is preprogrammed
until the year 2099. The weight of the watch is 108 g, the face of the watch is 52.4 mm wide, and the retail price: $250 USD. So there you go! Those are the top 10 things you should know
about the GST410-9A timepiece. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up. if you didn’t like this video, give it a
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nonstop. Deuces!

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