Menstrual Cup and IUD / Copper T

Menstrual Cup and IUD / Copper T

hi everyone today I’m going to do a video on whether you can wear a menstrual cup with an IUD or a copper t or not. a lot of women have been asking this question whether they can use a copper t / IUD along with the menstrual cup or not so it’s totally fine a lot of women have been using it successfully without having any problems however you can end up dislodging your copper T/IUD by using the menstrual cup so you need to be a little careful. for those of you who don’t know what is a copper t/IUD, it’s a birth control device that’s inserted in a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. I’ll show you a quick demo on how this works so this is the female reproductive system and that’s a woman’s uterus so and this is a copper t/IUD, so it’s made of plastic and copper coils if you can see it carefully. this is inserted in the uterus like this over here see that’s your copper t inside the uterus and it has this string which is sort of like a plastic thread which comes out of this is your cervix so the strings come out of the cervix and they are left like this inside the vagina usually that’s the length that you’re gyne will leave so that later on when she needs to remove it she can use this and when you wear the menstrual cup it sits below in your vagina over here like this so you can see that your thread can be inside the menstrual cup which can lead to you pulling out the copper T/IUD while removing the menstrual cup so it’s always a good idea to consult your gynie if you’re using both these products together so it will be good to tell your gynae that you will be using a menstrual cup and she can trim these threads a little short so when you are wearing the cup they do not interfere and it won’t stay loose inside the cup when you’re pulling it out. what would happen is that if your strings are left long and they are reaching the bottom of the cup, when you want to remove the cup what we do is we pinch the base and we break the suction of the cup and we slowly pull it out. so if the strings are long it’s possible that your strings will also get pulled out with the cup and you will dislodge the copper T/IUD which obviously will not be a very good thing to do because in that case if you end up dislodging the copper t / IUD you will have to go to your gynea, get it removed and get a new one inserted again so it’s better to have the string cut short. what I suggest is that after having your copper t / IUD inserted and string short, you try and keep your menstrual cup in the vagina as low as possible so now when you strings are short or maybe even if they are folded up since these are plastic strings you can actually feel them and you can fold it and leave it like that or pull it out as you want. it’s good idea to always have a feel of your thread so you know how it is when your copper T/ IUD is in place so after every period when you use the cup and it’s better that you know you can just check that your thread are still how they were before the cycle the ones both these think that inside there is nothing new or different that you need to do you just need to be careful pinch the base and remove the cup your copper T stays in place without any problems at all there have been some cases where women ended up for dislodging their copper T / IUD while using the cup so percentage is quite small I’d say one in 20 to 25 women have done that and the possible reasons behind that is one they have a very low cervix, so this space – the vaginal canal length is quite short so they end up having the cup and the copper T/IUD quite close to each other and when they pull it out they dislodge the copper T/IUD. if you have a low cervix and you want to use the cup along with a copper T/IUD, I will highly recommend going for shorter length cups. so always measure your cervix and if you know it’s two and a half knuckles you can go for a cup length around that size if it’s one and a half to two knuckles you can go for really short cups like me Luna shorty another reason that you might end up dislodging your copper T/IUD while using menstrual cup is that the menstrual cup rides quite high up for you and then it reaches the cervix. strings of the copper T/IUD can get stuck inside the cup is the cup has moved to deep inside. so I’ll highly recommend that if you are using the menstrual cups with the copper T/IUD always the get hold of the base of the cup, pinch it to break the seal, it’s always very important to break the seal of the cups before removing even if you are not using copper T/IUD, but when you are using it with the copper T/IUD it’s a really important step so that you don’t pull out the strings of your copper T/IUD so I hope this video was helpful and you are able to use copper T/IUD along with menstrual cup successfully like many other women. thank you


  1. Thanks for this video! Is it only the strings that cause the IUD to be dislodged? I also heard that the IUD can be dislodged from the suction of the menstrual cup

  2. What about a menstrual cup like SoftCup? They seem like they sit lower than the diva cup. I would really love to see a demonstration with one of those.

  3. Hai which size I can used manustral cup I 34year and c section operation(2)the now I using coppert plz answer my question

  4. Sorry to ask u ,
    We wanted to know when copper t is came out from vagina after 16 months, does she has to go for check up or again She has to go for inserting copper t by doctors

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