Mercury Dime for Silver Bullion

Mercury Dime for Silver Bullion

The Bullion Channel today we’re going to talk about the
mercury dime. it was minted between 1916 and 1945 and it is 90% silver. the total weight is 2.5 grams or .08 troy ounces The silver weight is 2.25 grams or .072 troy ounces. in order to have an entire troy ounce,
similar to an american silver eagle you would need 14 mercury dimes i would like to point out the term
mercury dime is not an official name infact it’s a common misconception that
the face featured on the coin is that of the roman god mercury looking at the artwork of mercury you
can see how this can be easily mistaken actually the figure is supposed to be
the goddess of liberty who is depicted on several U.S. coins including the modern
american silver eagles The official name is the winged liberty
head unfortunately most mercury dimes are
heavily circulated, warn, and tarnished but they still make good bullion this is one of the cheapest silver coins
you can buy today, and it should be part of any serious collection


  1. Thanks for the video, check out my 1 and only 210 oz of silver bullion, pls tell me if i made a good choice, or if i need something else

  2. You have quite a large collection, looks like mostly 1 troy-ounce coins. Very nice. It might not hurt to incorporate some of that in smaller fractional rounds, and maybe some of it convert to gold or platinum. That way not all of your eggs are in one basket, so to speak.

  3. Any suggestions where I can find cheap 90 percent junk silver?
    The last 2 rolls of Mercury dimes that I bought
    I paid $288.60, I have bought them from a website with a credit card, unfortunately there is no local coin shop around here, do you have in mind any cheap website for junk silver?

  4. I get nearly all of mine from eBay. Unfortunately, it is a lot of work because I have to bid on 100 items per every 1 item I actually win. That is the only way to make sure I get the stuff at a decent price.

  5. I'm not an expert on Palladium and I do not own any at this point. However, I plan to get some eventually. I believe it is best to spread my investment over several different kinds of metals to help diversify the risk.

    i have a mercury dime, and it was stamped incorrectly. the back, which has the leaf, has a small circle the size of a BB shot in the middle, and its twisted about 30 degrees. overall, it looks like a straight pole with a circle in the middle thats bent completly to its kind of like " /"

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