Meru Copper Energy Pyramids | MBS Festival Sydney

Meru Copper Energy Pyramids | MBS Festival Sydney

– Hi I’m Nancy and I’m
here with Meru Pyramids at the MindBodySpirit Festival. And I’d like you to come
and have a look at them. And experience some pyramid power. So these are unique in the world. We’re the only people who
supply them in Australia. And they’re made from solid
copper and birch wood. As you can see the base
is made of birch wood. And they’re made on the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza. And in the centre is an ancient symbol called the Sri Yantra which
is thousands of years old. And the combination of these
two sacred geometrical shapes is that it uplifts and it enhances energy in whatever situation it is. They’re very, very peaceful. Harmonising to have in your living space. And they’re beautiful
to put crystals under. So here we’ve got one to show you with. We’ve got your essential oils. We’ve got you crystals, so everything that’s placed in the
centre of the pyramid here is being recharged, cleansed and having its energy lifted to the highest degree of what is possible to give out. And you can put garden seeds under them. You can put a glass of drinking water. And we’ve got them in three sizes. So the large size here is big
enough for putting lots of. I use it for all my crystals. I put them all under there. And then they’re being
recharged all the time. ‘Cause I do crystal healing. We have a medium size. Which definitely you can still get good essential bottles after. Underneath. And then you
got a little one here which is perfect for travelling. They’re very sturdy. And they’re beautifully made. I’ll show you how they’re
made underneath as well. So they’re really, this is
a very intricate process to be able to get these accurately done. And they’re beautifully
handcrafted and put together. And we’re doing little
mini meditations here so if you’d like to come and try the feeling of them you can come and sit. They’re wonderful to use in meditation. If you wanna enhance or do intuitive work come and sit with a Meru pyramid. And feel pyramid power and what this does. Cause it’s a unique combination. Only Meru pyramids have the Sri Yantra. And the Giza Pyramid
dimensions put together. There’s only the one
product in the whole world. If you have any questions, just come down to the MindBodySpirit Festival. Meru Pyramids. We’re here to answer
anything that you’d like. You can try them out for free. We’ll see you here.


  1. I just saw your website. 89 euros for one large pyramid ?!! Are you crazy or have gone mad to charge huge amount of such! You make good products but that doesn't mean to suck blood of people who are interested to buy. You lessen the price to half,I assure you I'll make all my friends and relatives around 500-600 will buy it from you from India. Am again saying its insane to loot people in such way.

  2. Sir, I am manufacturer of Copper pyramids from Delhi, if somebody requires feel free to call (India )+919716579529

  3. Idk. I could bend copper that small and sadder them together and pitch an idea. Not saying pyramids don’t work, that’s what led me here but this gave no explanation on why copper, why not something else, and how this product actually recharges anything.

  4. Copper energy pyramid AKA your very own demon box….these new age Witches are at it again…. don't fall for this people you put one of those in your home and you will be these witches puppet they have done spells over those things did they want to sell to you next thing you know you will be in financial ruin and wondering why you have a strange attraction to the same sex you have never had before do not buy these demon boxes if you want true healing Fall on Your Knees and ask King Jesus he is the one true power the one true God the one true being worthy of praise…..

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