Metal Detecting Gold Coin | The Holy Grail

Metal Detecting Gold Coin | The Holy Grail

Hey everyone DK here with adventures in dirt welcome to another episode of the weekly dirt Okay, great to see ya. If you’re not familiar with the weekly dirt, it’s a weekly series I put on every Sunday where I bring you the best water metal detecting world has to offer I’m gonna show you some cool finds Introduce you some great channels and tell you about events and giveaways going on right here in the metal detecting community Okay, for those of you watching here on Sunday. I’m actually in New York right now. I’m actually at the pound the ground event I’m sure I’m having a great time. It’s gonna be a lot of fun Hope I was able to meet up with some of you guys but there’s always next year always keep next year in mind for pound The ground you want to tell you about a channel clutch guitars boy If you’re not familiar with clutch guitars links down below got to go check them out But this week he was over in Japan finding the goods. Let’s check in with them this week clutch guitars. Watch this This is one yen one yen coin these are it’s not silver, although it looks silver It’s just aluminum and this is the second coin. I found ooh That’s interesting This is a five yen coin. I don’t know how old it is, but Oh, I just dug this up and I’m glad I wasn’t filming because I yelled something that is not family-friendly Look at this man. I don’t know if it’s gold. It’s a watch Seiko quartz is it gold? I don’t know if anything it’s gold plated Stainless steel back Japan That was awesome to dig that out of the ground. It may be gold. It definitely has weight to it, but it’s also steel Okay, probably the most interesting find so far. I just found a bullet here Look at that thing. That’s a big long bullet. That is crazy. And It’s just among this this little patch right here There’s a little one there next to that greenish spot not sure how old it is, but That’s cool But I just popped this out of the hole, that’s a watch Wow Let’s see what the back says here. Darrell Valentino Japan part Stainless steel, but I just dug another coin. I think it’s another 10 yen This is the last fine for the day. I could keep going here all day long and just pick target after target I’m gonna go ahead and lay everything out and show you what I found Wow. Hey clutch Great job. Great job digging home in Japan some cool finds man. Some old coinage boy. What more could you ask for? Congratulations class everyone. If you’re not a fan links down below head on over to clutch guitars and go become a fan Tell him you saw him right here on the weekly dirt. Hey from Japan Let’s bring it back to the States and go check in with the Hoover boys and they were on the gold Watch this from the Hoover boys Just did a 1 knock wonder huge farm spread myself today. It’s a Saturday every bit unfortunately Get in the ground we Park on top of a la gee I Got me the D I’m going board with the D. It’s too small. It’s right around 70 or so. Oh You silly dude Pig Where’s this thing’s gonna be set down it’s gonna be beautiful Oh, you silly pig boy 41 1847 cool man black so beautiful coin 1847 seeded Liberty half time I saw it clumps up. There it is right there No doubt about that one That’s a copper a big one Be something silly She is a smoothie but I do believe it is a classic head large scent you can see the outline of Lady Liberty there facing to the right is this Side oh That’s a button Bu D DNA are you serious? Like please tell dudes that don’t even touch it. This is the same hole that we were just messing around in Is that a gold coin Oh, holy crap, it’s the same French thing you found I’m sorry buzzing. I don’t know if I touched it or not What the hell just happened Who is that guy Oh God why? Yeah, there it is 1773 years good god amazing find from Brad with the Hoover boys. Awesome job this week from the Hoover boys Great channel, if you’re not a fan links down below and go give him a look the Hoover boys. Congratulations. Brad great job Okay, let’s go check in with Brad with green mountain metal detecting as he’s always finding the great treasures Check it out this week from Green Mountain metal detecting We finally found it look at this Perfect condition Colonial shoe buckle shape to call the shape believe Look at that Perfect Not really bent like it’s a little bit bent wow, this is a colonial shoe buckle 1700s probably mid late 1700s Look at that, isn’t that awesome? It’s kind of like a top hat shape got it. It’s a coin I’ve never found an old copper coin this small. It’s so heavy Look at that There does appear to be writing around the outside. So I am sweating profusely out here today I’m just going to take a little bit and just wipe the front of it here to let the Raised parts become a little bit darker See what we can Make out here Well, it looks like there’s a bust but This is the side that looks the best I’m also wondering too if This could be a counterfeit, you know designed after a coin that is silver but Made out of copper, maybe plated and silver at one point You see all this right here That’s gold plating that has worn away and the date would normally be at the bottom and I can’t make it out it’s probably 1780s I would guess it’s a George the third half guinea Counterfeit that is incredible that it will insane. All right. Well, hey Let’s uh, keep going see if maybe we can find a real one well Hey great fines from you Brad great job this week finding that counterfeit coin and you kid and that’s amazing Great fine from you everyone head on over there and show them some support Become a sub of Green Mountain metal detecting go give him a look links down below Let’s head over to the UK and check in with jet ski, John 2006 another great channel, let’s go see what him and his friends were digging this week. Jet ski, John 2006 watch this Right, good morning. It’s on didi. I’ve got a clue what date it is right firstly go for someone this look like lovely Young good shilling. Yeah, it’s definitely a shilling minute That’s a beauty coin that The claim It talks like things about Die look just like a rod brass rod let’s go all inscriptions on it was CFC KFC 16 degrees Which says dinosaur must be part of a die, sir, 1920 silver though six points So that’s wonder percent yeah 1920 on the nose I can see that crusty coppers Case Someone’s found gold Polly. We’ve got the teat still in it look Right there we are long enough a gold pallor with the walking feets the limit That is cool Little bit, you know, he’s always on the goods over there in the UK finding great items just like that You need to head over there show them some support links down below go Tell him you saw him right here in the states on the weekly dirt. Go check him out. Jet ski, John 2006 great job. Hey, I don’t have any announcements for you this week But I tell you what, if you’re not already a sub on my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button right there We’d love to have you here as part of the family check out these videos. I picked them out for you I think you’ll really enjoy watching them everyone have yourself a great week I’m DK with adventures in dirt out enjoying myself at pound the ground Everyone. I’ll see you next week


  1. I would love to go to the pound the ground event next year! I'll have to get the dates so I can get those days off work! I REALLY enjoyed watching the Hoover boys find that gold coin! They said, "Who is that guy?" LOL

  2. This is a great way to start my week DK. I love watching your videos. They take my mind of the every day stressors while I'm watching

  3. Another great episode DK. I hope you had a blast at PTG. I am waiting for some of the vids to pop up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Hello, friend. Good finds. Like and subscribe. I'm digging in Russia, watch my video: and subscribe to the channel. Thanks.

  5. Wow amazing gold coin great episode again as always look forward to Sunday's to see your show,Hh out there guys From Xtreme Metal Detecting uk πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Thank you DK another great video. I held Brad’s gold coin, my gosh that thing is amazing. Hopefully soon you can feature your amazing find from Pound the ground.

  7. Great Weekly Dirt this week, Ken, I was entertained. I hope you are having a great time at Pound the Ground. HH🀘🀘

  8. Way to go buddy another perfect episode. Great channels and people finding amazing stuff. I loved it. Randolph relic recoveries did a minelab f2 test and found a really cool 1930s women's compact. Hope you had a great time at Pound the ground. πŸ‘

  9. Ken, just a quickie note before I watch the entire video--Martin aka RANDOLPH RELIC RECOVERY is about to have his 800 subscriber GAW with, like a TON of silver coins to be given away, if you give him a GAW shoutout on next weeks vid, that would be awesome, he's done a LOT to help my channel grow!

  10. Brad from the Hoover Boys has found two of those French gold coins now. The first he hit and broke into 4 pieces and the second he just barely nicked the top rim. Watch their second to last video.

  11. The Hoover boys find gold or some rare find on every outing? How many other detectorist do this time and time again with these finds in the middle of nowhere & these find have no reason to even be in these places. I call BS

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  13. That's 2 gold coins for Brad! Is he going to leave some for the rest of us lol! Nice bunch of finds again this week. Good job DK! Looking forward to the vids from Pound the Ground! GL&HH!

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