Metal detector eXp 4500 – 3d ground scanner for treasure hunters and gold seekers from OKM Germany

Metal detector eXp 4500 – 3d ground scanner for treasure hunters and gold seekers from OKM Germany

The eXp 4500 ground scanner gets ready in seconds: a battery, a scanning probe with telescopic rod assembly as well as the control unit … and so your treasure hunt can begin. Easy handling and reliable results – that makes this OKM detector very unique. The graphical user interface is available in many languages and just a single multifunction button is used to navigate through all operating modes. The eXp 4500 has been design for treasure hunters, gold seekers, prospectors and archaeologists to find buried treasures, hidden gold and ancient artifacts. The Super Sensor is designated to detect natural gold occurrences and is also recommended for pin pointing hidden objects. Using the antenna for tunnel detection you will find underground tunnels and voids. The Thermoscan is reacting on differences in temperature and thus indicates hidden chambers and cavities. Some horizontal probes in different sizes are used for conducting ground scans of wide areas to visualize sub-surface treasures. If this detector is not finding the treasure, than no one will find it. For additional information, please contact your local authorized OKM distributor!


  1. people need more explanations about this product. Example: in 2.5 mt dept, how big must be an metal object that this device can find it? 5 cm, 10 cm , 30-40-50 cm??? can this device see an gold object about 10 cm big , in 2,5 mt dept ???

  2. Estoy probando un Pioneer 202 con buen resultado hasta 80 cm.pero tengo áreas grandes que explorar.tal vez con este producto lo logre.

  3. Looks about as effective as snake oil was back in the day. There is no scientific basis for any of their kit, or so the videos would suggest. Dramatic music and colour screens do not make it find anything.

  4. do you have an in house financing scheme to purchase your unit? im from the philippines who want to try your machine scanner…as of now im using gti 2500 but i want to try your machine…here is my e mail add: [email protected]

  5. Deberíais de enterrar un objeto a 1 metro por ejemplo y ver que tal va no hacéis videos de demostración por que ya que vale tanto dinero al menos demostrad a la dente como es capaz de detectar

  6. This must be a very good quality detector if it is made in Germany. But it's very very expensive so we can only look at its beauty 🙁

  7. come here in philippines theres a lod of gold buried by japanesse here..we have maps. and history here and have po many signs..

  8. Воду можно найти с помощью такого аппарата? Сколько стоит и где купить?.

  9. ground penetrating sonar is the BEST way to find stuff, the problem is it's so expensive, some cats are having success using side scan sonar fish detectors above ground believe it or not, sonar tech is starting to get down in price where regular people can afford it

  10. Hello, would you give the Killing Fields a try. I know of so many place in Cambodia that you can really put your device to work, there are tons of gold and other goodies buried during those years.

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