Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode19: Gold From Mercury

Metal Refining & Recovery,  Episode19: Gold From Mercury

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab So this here’s my mercury distillation apparatus that I built in a previous video link in the description I just got through using this to distill several hundred pounds of mercury and it worked flawlessly right up to the point where the tube somewhere got plugged. Uh… I think just the distilling the mercury the the contaminants that were in it eventually Melted like say there was lead in there and that plugged the tube so I stopped functioning But I got through most of what I needed to do so It did, it did its purpose and today. I’m going to be cleaning it out and Recovering all that junk that was in the mercury a lot of it might be precious metals. now, There was some of this mercury that I distilled that was used in mining and I expect that would contain some gold, Silver, Etc. Most of what I distilled was actually used in dental work, so it’s probably just got Zinc and Silver in it and of course there is that half a gram or so that Dissolved off of my gold bar that I put in there when I was flushing it down the toilet, so let’s open this up Okay Was easier than I thought it would be Let’s screw this bolt out Forgot that was that long That was a long bolt All right, so there’s my copper washer. I was using a seal it Like it’s pretty good. There’s just a little bit of mercury on the threads Let’s actually pick this up and tip it over See if anything comes out I didn’t run it to dryness like I didn’t heat it after it stopped working so There should be a little bit of liquid mercury still in there Here we go, that’s interesting, it’s like clumps of stuff actually Lets keep shaking that out zoom in with the camera Yeah, all there’s crystals! Okay so after it cooled down the stuff that was in solution with the mercury Must have precipitated out into crystals So, that’s interesting. So that’s my contaminants that were in the mercury right there Feel like there should be… didn’t I put some glass in there? Might be stuck Let’s See Yeah, that end there it’s plugged I can’t get the wire to go through, see I might have to cut it open to get everything That feels like most of the mercury though Let me whack it with a hammer and see if that loosens it up Yeah, that didn’t do it. I’m gonna have to cut it open. I’m gonna have to cut this open by hand Wouldn’t wanna power saw blowing mercury everywhere Well here we are. I got it cut open and the inside of this is actually pretty clean, see that Here’s the bottom it looks like the glass pieces. I put in there Melted and that’s why they didn’t come out. They’d stuck to the bottom a little bit that sticking to the bottom of the metal here That’s probably because of the impurities allowing the mercury to stick to the steel All right, so it’s been a couple of months since I last worked on this Hopefully I’m able to find all the video clips. I’m pretty sure I’ve Used several different memory cards over that time Here’s the stuff, which is looking rather nasty. Probably got a little iron oxide and stuff mixed with it Let me see if I rinse out this bottle here So today, we’re gonna separate the mercury from the precious metals And assuming my furnace works We’ll melt down the precious metal to see just how much we got So got some Nitric acid here Let’s add this to it And dissolve everything, Well except the gold of course This will dissolve the Silver, Copper, Lead, and the Mercury Set this into another cup So we can contain it if it boils over There we go got a little bit of the Nitrogen oxides coming off there, lets put watch glass over it so we can contain it That should actually make a little bit of Nitric acid in the water surrounding it. I’ll just ventilate this area Let it do its thing for the next little while So it looks to me like most of the mercury has reacted with the acid You can see there’s some salt crystals in here, which tells me. We got some solubility problems. I’m actually gonna add in a little bit more water to help dissolve that Pour this off, its definitely got some dissolved Copper there, all right Let’s add a little bit more acid So I’ve recovered some of that hard chunky material that came out of the still It’s taking a long time to dissolve I originally thought it was metallic crystals, maybe Silver crystals, but on closer inspection it’s not really a crystalline form I think it’s just Chunks of Mercury amalgam It was a little cold in here, so I put this on a hot plate Just pull it out of there right now. I think all the Mercury’s gone because you can see it stopped reacting Slightly green probably due to Iron and Copper in solution Let’s pour this off And that black that’s left over there. I think is my gold. There’s a little bit of glass Left over, that I must not have gotten out I’ll give this a good rinse to get rid of the rest of the Mercury, and We can fire that down and see how much we got The Mercury nitrate isn’t extremely soluble, so I’m having to add a bunch of water and also heat the solution I think we’re almost to the point where it’s dissolved. I just have to let it settle out now Okay, so now that it’s had some time to heat up Dissolve the rest of that mercury and to settle out Let’s transfer it into this larger flask here Like that, I’ll save that and add it the gold refining Set this big beaker back into the hot sand Sand, of course, is to make it so it’s less likely that the glass will break Okay now for the fun part This will actually be the recreation of my favorite chemistry lab in high school So I’m gonna do it chloride separation here I’ve got Mercury, Silver, and Lead in the solution along with some other things but I’m mostly interested in Silver and Mercury And, I would like to remove the lid from it and anything else so, We got some Calcium chloride that I’ve dissolved here. Now when I react this you should form a white precipitant Which is Silver chloride and uh… Mercury 1 chloride both of which are insoluble The Lead also forms an insoluble chloride But, As long as I keep the solution hot most of the Lead should stay in the solution We can wash this with large amount of water, just to make sure to remove as much of the Lead as we can So fun fact, the white Mercury chloride also know as Calomel, I believe. Its name means beautiful black You’ll understand here in a little while, why it’s named that. It was actually once used as a laxative The Lewis and Clark expedition actually brought several kilograms of this stuff with them and Researchers were able to follow their exact path by finding where they’ve got large amounts of mercury So here’s our black material, which I believe to be mostly gold Okay, let’s take this, fold it up in the paper And while this is settling out Let’s pack this into the furnace along with the chunk of borax to flux it There it is. Hopefully this thing will come on, error it says Well, the little things still got issues, but I did get it working hopefully it’s able to fire that gold First thing I want to do is add a little bit more Calcium chloride just to see if Yeah, that’s not a precipitation, so everything’s good to go Let’s see if we can stir these bubbles to get the rest of that to go down Alright, I’m getting impatient, so I’m just gonna dump off this right now. There will be a little bit of mercury in it But I can Let it settle for longer, and recover that Now I’m just gonna rinse it with some hot water This will help get rid of the lid, and also anything else those in there that is soluble Particularly Copper and Iron And the Calcium actually yeah, let’s get rid of the Calcium, too Alright, I think I’m gonna pull it out of there. It’s up to temperature. It’s really a great idea to do on a plastic table Alright, any Gold? Alright, lets see if we got a bead of Gold or not “Sizzling sound of table melting.” I knew the plastic table would get burned. Alright, that looks like some gold to me see that right there I’ve cleaned off the bead you see it here. Just going to set it on my scale 0.741 grams so half a gram of that came off of my Gold bar during the Mercury flushing video The other quarter of a gram probably just came out of a Gold pan somewhere So I’ve washed this with hot water several times and theoretically I’ve gotten rid of all the Lead and anything else that isn’t Silver and Mercury chloride Now to separate the Silver out of the Mercury. I will be using some Ammonia Just regular household Ammonia be better to use something more concentrated, but this is all I’ve got at the moment You guys are about to find out why this Mercury one chloride is Called “Black” That’s more of a grey Well, I’ll stir it around a bit I bet it’ll turn black What’s going on here is the Mercury Chloride is reacting with the Ammonia and it’s actually forming little tiny bits of metallic Mercury Along with a Mercury Ammonia complex which is insoluble The Silver chloride should be solubilized All right, so it’s a settled out, and there’s actually a much darker black color, so So this is the second batch of ammonia that’s in there Let’s pour that off Recover more of the Silver Now there’s blue coloring This is actually due to the colloidal Silver that is forming due to my impure Ammonia Yeah, that’s black. Yeah, that’s more like what I was expecting. Thanks a lot I’m gonna let this settle out one more time just to get rid of all the Mercury that is washed over. I’m gonna pour it off. Then we’ll get the Silver out of this Actually, you know what I could run this through a filter. I actually have a little filter now That’ll work for that. I can only do half a liter at a time That isn’t that slick So that’s the last of it filtered through See the stuff I would have had If I didn’t filter it Now I’m gonna destroy the Ammonia Silver complex with some Muriatic acid And we should see some Silver drop out, there it is Okay Let’s let that settle And I’ll have our Silver. And then the leftover sludge I guess I’ll distill at some point I’ll probably end up building another Mercury distillation apparatus one that can actually do that sort of thing Speaking of which this black stuff here is Gonna get distilled at some point I do know of some ways to get this out chemically. I think distillation is much cleaner and easier Alright There’s the last of the Silver Let that settle and put that in the furnace. It might be a good idea to add some Lye To convert it into Silver oxide, that way it don’t release chlorine gas Come on, there you go, Silver oxide This is probably the last time I’ll be able to use this little crucible. It’s getting pretty thin Here’s our Silver, hopefully Pour it out Saw some metal in there There’s a chunk of Silver right there Nice So here’s the Silver One point seven grams (1.7g) Really wasn’t even worth trying to recover, but, you guys probably learned some chemistry so that’s always good So there’s the precious metals that I recovered from roughly 400 pounds of Mercury Hope you enjoyed! I’ll see you next time. (Music starts)


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  9. Cody what is your job or what would you call yourself (like are you a chemist)and what college or highschool courses would teach these things

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