1. Chemistry in a mason jar. I love how most of the stuff you do is 1/2 lab rat and 1/2 red neck. It's way closer to how things are actually done at home than some of the folks who have fairly well equiped labs in thier garage or basement.

  2. I really enjoy your videos brother. I'm curious, where did you learn you chemical knowledge? Self taught or school, mentor? I've learned all mine from books and failures but don't know as much as you at all.

  3. I love the fact that, while it looks like a child playing at science with food dye and bubbles, genuine chemistry is happening and is producing genuine results

  4. You need to make a metal garden, with a river of mercury, golden and silver flowers, aluminum powder as substrate, that would be cool

  5. next time you build that, you should have the top and bottom capable of opening completely, so as to clean it without cutting it open :3

  6. Jeez we never got to do cool experiments with metal solutions like that in high school… I might actually have done well if we did lol

  7. I really like that blue color of the ammonia stuff. Okay so I'm no chemist and I can only kinda follow, but I know that I like that color.

  8. Thank you Cody I love science some of these things I couldn't understand in the the science lab not only that but for the most part I didn't know how it would translate to the real world you not only find an interesting and fun way to teach science but also apply that science to the real world in a real-world way so people can see why it's so important to learn please keep up the beekeeping videos they're my favorite but any science video that you make I find that if I give it at least a minute it will catch my attention thank you for making science fun

  9. Cody what is your job or what would you call yourself (like are you a chemist)and what college or highschool courses would teach these things

  10. You remind me of witches in a Disney movie adding eye of newt, bat wings, etc…. lol I’m simply amazed at what you have laying around to throw in the cauldron. Very entertaining sir.

  11. There's some serious chemistry going on in this vid! Why was my chem class in highschool now where near as informative as this vid?!?!

  12. another great video learning so much ps if you ever want to get rid of 20lbs of mercury let me know 🙂 got some things I want to try with it in magnetics and electricity

  13. No mercury still link? ( been watching the precious metal series, saw some private vids, maybe that's where they are? ) If not, I'll find it.. I'm sure.

  14. late to comment, but in the future when cutting steel use cutting fluid! drip a bit in after starting cut to speed your cutting (by hand) by at least 1000%
    Makes a huge difference

  15. in theory it is possible ti clear iron cube with concentrated nitric acid couse iron will be passivated and amalgam will dissolve.

  16. Hey Cody, I am challenged by trying to find the lightest liquid and the densest gas to contain it in a jar to enthrall myself to see that gas on the bottom while that liquid can float atop of it inertly. Any suggestions?

  17. I suspect Cody is a metallic dragon polymorphed into human form.
    Think about it

    – Very intelligent
    – Can take lots of damage without keeling over
    – Loves "treasure" (Gold, Silver, etc..)
    – Has an underground lair

  18. I love how he waits until he sees what happens before he says what should happen lol Everytime

  19. You should do a Cody’s lab for dummies on some of these. I like watching ur videos but I’m to stupid to understand what’s happening most of the fucking time lol

  20. I really wish I would have paid attention in chemistry class. How does one distill mercury? BTW, there was no link for that video in the description.

  21. when you go to extract the silver out wouldnt that create ammonium chloride from mixing the ammonia with hcl why isnt there any white smoke from that?

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