Metallic Silver Gel Nail Design Tutorial

Metallic Silver Gel Nail Design Tutorial

So we are going to do a silver metallic gel
nail now. We’ve already done the base in acrylic. For
this we have used a tip and we have overlaid it with acrylic. So we are ready for our gel design. We are
going to be using a metallic silver. Painting it on the end of the nail. Not too thin, because we are going to run our brush through this. Turn your brush round. With
the point of your brush feather it down. We are then going to be putting on some silver
cracked ice. Then you are going to wipe your brush. Bring it to a nice point, and with the tip
of your brush swirl into the silver. Because it is a metallic range it will leave fine
lines into it. And that can go into the lamp for 3 minutes. So we now need to overlay this whole nail
in clear gel. So a thin layer over the entire nail. Making sure you get it all the way round
that cracked ice. And then a builder layer. Place it on and
bring it forward. Let it settle a bit. Place it on and bring it forward. Tip of your brush
to move it. Get your client to put her finger upside down
if you need to level that gel out. Which I do quite a lot, especially when I am using
cracked ice. And back again. Check that your stress point is in the right
place. Bring the gel back a little bit further. Then that can go back into the lamp for 3
minutes. So we need to take the sticky layer off this
nail now. Place your wipe on. Wipe forward, turn it over and wipe again. And this nail is now ready for filing. Remove your dust. Then you can apply your gel topcoat. That can go back into the lamp for 2 minutes. So we are going to finish the nail off with
some vanilla cuticle oil. That’s a silver metallic swirl nail done.


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  3. The thing about long nails, most food places say not to have them only because you'd have to wash them a lot as opposed to not worrying about it with short ones — it's still possible to keep them clean.

  4. So what is the difference between the metallic and the other uv gel? Would tough say it's more solid? Makes it easier to design with?

  5. I just purchased a sensationail kit from a store, and it has a led lamp with the kit, and the gels are brush on out of a bottle, similar to a regular nail polish, I was wondering if u could also use the type of gel you use in this tutorial with the 9v led lamp I have?

  6. me encanta como trabaja esta chica,lastima que no sea en español,aun asi me gusta muchisimo ver como hace todas estas maravillas.

  7. I'm only 13 years old but I'm so interested in this I'm really sure I wanna do this . I always be looking at videos about this. I love it so much. I wanna learn.this is my life I love it so much . I wish somebody could teach me but nobody wants to . I love it . y'all do a great job on it . congratulations ❤

  8. All your designs are so brilliant. I have been trying to find some good ones for with gel, and yours are some of the best I've seen. Thank you for posting this video, and your others.

  9. you are so dedicated! you clearly care about you clients,i love watching your videos. (: my past experiences….the people skipped steps and never satisfied me, if i requested for them to start over they would charge extra…my mom has never let me get my nails done ever again 🙂 lol..bummer

  10. am I the only one who thinks these videos are so calming XD but she's so skilled at this I really want my nails done like this >. <

  11. Oh my God! I love it! <3 I love your job, it's amazing, thank you so much for share with us!
    Kisses from Louisville KY USA.

  12. hi there love the vid and I watch you at nights as ur voice is so relaxing…ok so I'm a bit confused I bought the naio set but do you do 2x builder gel, cure, wipe off then the top gel?

  13. Can I ask why you did the base nail in acrylic and then gel on top ? I've never had anyone do that. It's always been done with just gel

  14. You have an amazing talent for creative designs and the patience to do an equally amazing job. I certainly hope you're charging more than the "assembly line" shop that's probably down the road from you! From Canada eh!

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