Metals to Buy Now (Not Gold or Silver…)

Metals to Buy Now (Not Gold or Silver…)

Metals to Buy Now (Not Gold or Silver…) — with David Moadel hey forensics is David Modell looking at
the markets I love to bring you things that no one else is talking about I
haven’t seen anyone else on YouTube talking about base metals everybody’s
talking about gold and silver and that’s cool I talk about it as well but gold
and silver right now short-term are I believe a bit expensive they’re a bit
high not long-term I know gold has been as high as almost $1,900
silver has been as high as $50 an ounce so you know they have a long way to go
before they get to their long-term price objectives I get that but short-term
they’ve blasted off so high recently that you might want to consider waiting
for a pullback in gold and/or silver before you continue to accumulate but as
far as other metals that no one seems to be talking about maybe someone is
talking about it by I looked I didn’t see anybody else talking about these on
YouTube and that’s base metals and they are down and you can invest in these so
you might want to consider it alright because really you want to look where
everybody else is not looking if there’s hype in something that’s not the place
to go to invest in my opinion I mean you have to make your own decisions of
course all right do your own research make your own decisions but I like to
alert you to things that no one else is talking about I like to invest in things
that are quiet not hyped so for example aluminum alright and how can you trade
aluminum well probably the most liquid asset in the stock market that’s
directly involved with aluminum is Alcoa ticker symbol AAA and they’re a huge
American aluminum company and they’re at well the stock price as you can see in
this chart it’s down to levels really recession levels okay this is where it
was in 2009 and also in looks like 2015-16
early 2016 it was down at this level and it’s there again and that’s pretty much
a support level it bounced off of that level or pretty close to it during the
recession and in 2016 and made a huge move since then although it took a few
years so that we’re talking long term here or even short term really I mean
it’s it’s really low okay so you may you might want to wait until
it starts to hook up words I get that but that’s something to look at I mean
if you have to buy American stocks I like to buy stuff that that no one likes
as you probably have figured out right now and Alcoa would be in that category
and they concentrate on aluminum which is considered a base metal but it’s a
necessary metal try to imagine a world without aluminum I mean it’s as
necessary as I would say other metals that you may be more familiar with okay
other ways to play the base metals bear market if you will here’s one way if you
really want to just catch the entire sector or capture the entire sector this
is the invest Co DB base metals fund ticker symbol DB B and everything else
I’m going to mention today besides Alcoa is going to be low volume
and not as liquid so be aware of that the bid-ask spread might not be
favorable on these okay you’re not gonna have a lot of shares traded on a daily
basis so if you want high volume go with Alcoa alright if you if you want to
trade any of these but anyway that if you want to capture all the you know the
whole sector this is one way to do a ticker symbol DB B and as you can see on
the one-year chart yeah it’s the lowest it’s been in a year at least
alright so it’s it’s pretty cheap and it’s not it’s not a very expensive it’s
less than fifteen dollars right now as I’m making this video so it’s not the
most expensive ETF out there and I don’t know might be worth considering okay
let’s take a look at Co P X the global X copper miners ETF another ETF not very
liquid not a lot of volume be away that but it’s again not very expensive
and you can capture the copper sector this way because that’s what it tracks
and as you can see on the one-year chart it’s as low as it’s been in at least a
year and it’s less than $17 per share right now okay not too bad I think most
people can afford that this one’s not quite as cheap as far as just you know
affordability this is a $40 40 and change etn it’s kind of like an ETF jju
is the ticker symbol and it’s the ipad series B Bloomberg aluminum sub-index
Total Return this is a more direct and pure aluminum play as opposed to Alcoa
they yeah they do aluminum but they also get involved with other metals as well
so it’s not a pure play in terms of aluminum whereas this is a pure ER play
but it’s not not very liquid not a lot of volume on this so be aware of that
watch for those bid-ask spreads don’t get ripped off in that way but it’s down
on the 1-year chart it’s as low as it’s been in at least a year
so these base metals are down I mean something to think about I know it’s
it’s not exciting okay you know gold and silver are more exciting because you
just get to hear more about it alright and you know gold and silver are fun to
think about and you can buy them and you can hold them and they’re shiny and the
base metals I mean even the name base metals it’s not a very exciting name but
you can still make money off of them if you catch them at the right time and
making money is exciting no matter what it is okay in the markets and you know
tin okay tin is not very exciting you might you may never think about it much
but the iPass series B Bloomberg tin sub-index Total Return ET n it’s an
exchange-traded note similar to an ETF and how it works but a little bit
different and a $43 stock or you know give or take a few pennies and on the
1-year chart it’s as low as it’s been in at least a year again alright so but
again be care be careful of the bid-ask spread these are not very
but not a lot of shares traded in fact I’ll even take a look yeah did the
volume is in the hundreds not in the millions so be aware of then alright so
make sure you get a favorable price and one way to do that one way to get a more
favorable price at least is by using limit orders instead of market orders
that’s a whole separate lesson but at least with a limit order you can buy at
your price rather than whatever price the market just wants to give you okay
so these are things to think about all right you know again is it you have to
ask yourself is it about having the most exciting trade or is it about having the
most profitable trade and buying what’s low so you can sell at a higher price
things to think about alright I hope I’m giving you value with these videos and
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much for watching and listening I’ll talk to you again soon


  1. First ! Check out VFF, Labs, financials starting to look pretty sexy in the 4th inning in the Cannabis Industry. Love me Base Metals. Copper,Nickel. Steel and Aluminum are great. Yup I agree with your Aluminum pic, i got it on my radar, when china looks like its going to go through or other developments-inflation, then yes it will be a great trade. DBB Interesting, I will add it to My Watchlist.

  2. anything with 900 shares traded on the day i wouldnt touch personally but whos to say it stays that low of course… something to think about. Love the videos, might grab some long term call debit spreads on AA 😀

  3. Hey David great video buddy, I have a question for you myself a trade crypto and I know all the exchanges to trade on without the use of . broker, so my question is this how does one trade in stock, base metals can you point me in the right direction ?

  4. I gotta say that Vanadium is definitely on top of my list. Palladium also did some crazy stuff a couple of months back but the fundamentals for Vanadium are the strongest right now.

    Oh, and let’s not forget NdPr. There is a great Australian company that runs about 20% of the world’s NdPr supply.

    Great video, brother!

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