MG Hector India Price starts at Rs 12.18 Lakh | Detailed Review | Rivals Tata Harrier & Jeep Compass

MG Hector India Price starts at Rs 12.18 Lakh | Detailed Review | Rivals Tata Harrier & Jeep Compass

Hey are you guys ready to say hello MG Hi
how can I hope you can help me by telling me who are you sorry I can’t do
it well she may not be able to do it but I
can because finally we’ve got a hands on MG first offering for India the
hector on public roads so what is mg about and what is the hector about
let’s find out now if you are over 30 years old and
have some amount of interest in automobiles you know that MG stands for
Morris Garages which is a British brand and you might also know that they are
known for making small affordable sporty machines which this isn’t
it’s big as you can see affordable well we’ll have to wait and see about that
and sporty well it’s the kind of sporty we like SUV the face
modern SUV right that’s a layout we know so well now on top there you have those
LED DRLs and the actual headlamps down below which are all LEDs you’re on the
top and variant that we are driving and I’m gonna shout out here for the usage
of chrome there’s plenty of it but tastefully done and another shout out
for the front parking sensors on the hector as well and we’re going to give an even bigger
shout out to the generosity of the hector because you get all LED
headlamps and tail lamps on all but the lowest variant there are LED DRL trun
indicators on rvm’s but the cool factor right from the base variant there
are roof rails up top and side body cladding to ensure that even the base
variant has the proper rugged quotient 198 millimeters of ground clearance
SUV quotient established well someone it’s not setting benchmarks on that
front but what it is setting benchmarks is in terms of length is the longest in
the class has the longest wheelbase but the sad part is those overhangs aren’t
exactly flattering they exaggerate the size of it and that’s where those wheels
which are 17 inch machine finished look smart but they end up getting bluffed by
the car’s proportions and those wheel arches that bulge out diminish their
impact and taking away from that SUV quotient is also the roofline which kind
of swoops down like an MPV well that MPV like body style this
clamshell like tailgate and those tail lamps do they remind you of a certain
German well the German impression the building
is it scared forward to even the way the doors open this feels hefty let’s see
what it’s like on the inside while a weighty door is unnecessary good
plastics aren’t and in the hector sigh of relief that’s what it might be for a
lot of you who asked us is mg British or the Chinese well it is a British brand
that’s owned by Chinese company and when you step in on you’ll see that it is
tastefully done this doesn’t have the usual clichés of being only flashing
your gaudy in fact the dash design is simple the way it’s all put together it
feels solid the shut aligns are nice and consistent
the quality of materials not the most plush but you do have some soft touch
elements here on the dash on the door pads which give it that sense of
richness could it do better sure it could some of the quilting for
the leather of the stitching could be that much better to increase the sense
of occasion on the inside and it could do better in other areas as
well for instance the support being offered
by these seats just the under thigh support could be better even when you
raise it up for shorter drivers like me it has a six way power adjustable driver
seat and tilt and telescopic steering but the top two variants but finding the
right driving position is a bit difficult but the driver does get a lot of
conveniences like height adjustable seat belts for the front occupants rear wipe
and washer from the base variant and cruise control too there’s also a large
7-inch M ID for the driver which shows information like tire pressures and your
music playlist but this is hard to read in bright sunlight but what’s really
taking center stage in this cabin is that 10.4 inch touchscreen infotainment
system now this is the car’s computer and in terms of responsiveness this is
better than what we experienced last time I couldn’t get a bit snappier as
well but on the whole this is still nice and usable one really handy feature that’s also
displayed here is the 360-degree camera which makes wriggling out of tight
spaces really easy in a car as large as this and the infinity sound system is pretty
awesome too the party piece of course of the system
is the use of voice commands hello mg roll down driver side window
roll down driver side window I’m sorry I’m having trouble understanding you may
press the talk button to try again well there that happens once in a while I’m gonna try that again hello mg open driver side window there
you go and that’s not the only one the one that you will really enjoy is to
make most of the large panoramic sunroof hello mg hi how can i help you please open the sunroof and then there’s of course this the ismart app which basically lets you control your
internet enabled car using an app on the phone open sunroof and the passcode go some
reason is saying closing sunroof right now okay we’re gonna open it again
sunroof open enter security code done opening sunroof yes
success now open tailgate enter security code unlocking tailgate it’s saying
success but as you can see it’s not open the daily again we will try that again unlocking tailgate hope that’s not
worked out quite fine and that’s exactly the point of this these are features
that are nice to talk about and are handy every now and then but right now
they’re more like gimmicks not exactly things on which you would decide to buy
a car it hasn’t won our trust over just yet
but interestingly because of being internet enabled it has a couple of
additional features which up the safety and sense of security because in case of
an emergency the system itself can send out a call and a message to emergency
services and to an emergency contact that you can load onto the system here well what have we got back here recline
adjustable seats check it out and as you can see they’re split and you get three
adjustable headrests here along with the proper three-point seatbelt even for the
middle passenger big thumbs up on that front the other side you get your aircon
vents a fast-charging socket and a place to store your phone in down there in
this floor console and what I would have liked more would have been maybe Sun
blinds for the rear passengers because this is a large glass area and this back
seat well it is quite spacious and airy you can see them on knee room over
here it’s huge but where it is lacking here again is in terms of under thigh
support you could do with more here even for shorter passengers like me and
taller occupants we’ll definitely find this to be quite knees up and the thing
is if you are sitting in the petrol hybrid on that side behind the front
passenger you really can’t push your feet forward
because that’s where one of the batteries for the hybrid system is
stored taller occupants though won’t complain
about headroom here because there’s enough on offer despite there being a
sunroof backed in there 587 litres of boot space that is
impressive and you can look at this it’s wide it’s deep the thing is it’s a bit
shallow especially with this luggage cover on top you could remove that when
you have larger pieces of luggage dystonia and you’d think it is shallow
because there’s the tire sitting underneath the spare wheel but when you
lift this car up you’ll see that there is some more odd stored space here for
maybe soft luggage spare wheel is actually underneath and to access that
don’t start crying you don’t have to play some kind of a
puzzle like your to do in the old innova you have a small flap here which you
open up and then there’s a bolt which you just wind away and the wheel will
drop down now let’s spin those wheels now there are four drivetrain options on
offer on the mg Hector starting with the petrol manual then there’s the petrol
hybrid manual then there’s the petrol automatic which does not get hybrid and
then there’s the diesel manual of these four we are only driving the petrol
hybrid manual and the diesel manual today and the petrol motor seems to be very
well suited for the urban grind but combining hybrid tech with turbo
charging what you’re getting is dot boost from the electric motor when
you’re off turbo and once the turbo is on of course you’ve got that Drive
plus the electric motor to give you the responsiveness which means even at low
speeds just tap the throttle and you get nice pepperiness from the engine and
that even continues when you’re at highway speeds at 80 kilometres an hour
just go on the gas lightly when you’re doing you know you’re in sixth gear
under 2,000 rpm go on the gas and you get the pepperiness that you want it’s
such a satisfying experience we can tell you that the clutch on this
is light so that even for everyday driving this shouldn’t be a hassle but there are a couple of things that
you will wish the patrol did better one there’s a slight wine from the engine
that’s always a parent inside the cabin and second even when you’re constantly
on throttle you’ll find that the power comes on in sudden bursts I think that
has to do with the combination of the way that electric motor and the turbo
kind of deliver their talk and third out on the highway
you’re gonna find that while this is adequate for cruising and for covering
distances for high speed overtakes power delivery might feel a little weak and
part of the reason is down to the gearing in first gear you’ll do about 50
kph second over 80 and third near about a hundred and thirty this is undoubtedly
to do with fuel efficiency and to get higher numbers mg claims a fuel efficiency of 14
kilometers per liter for this engine but if mileage is a key concern then the
seventeen point four KPL of the diesel might appeal to you more now this
two litre diesel engine the hector we’ve seated in the compass we’ve seen
it in harrier and it comes in 170 PS tier of Q which is the same as the
compass the Harrier gets less and this though has been tuned specifically for
the hector in conjunction with Fiat powertrain technologies and SAIC the 350
Newton meters of torque is same for all these cars and that is a good thing for
the hector what you are getting is a diesel engine
that’s great for covering distances quickly out on the highway it’s got the
punch for that yet at the same time it’s got good drivability even and low revs
parts coming on from 1500 rpm and the gear shifts are pretty slick although
the clutch is of course heavier than on the petrol so in terms of ride comfort
is taking up the shocks of the road nicely it is job well done because at near
sixteen hundred and fifty kilograms for the top-end petrol variant the hector
isn’t a light weight for sure now this is a big SUV and keeping that in mind I
am pleasantly surprised with the way it manages itself around corners neatly if
it isn’t the sporty utility vehicle that you might imagine it to be but it is
neat and clean the 215 section tires are a bit narrow to start with and they
begin to squeal quite early when chucked into a corner also we would
like to see how the hector fields at triple digit speeds on an open highway
for sustained durations mg has of course thrown in a whole host of safety
technology like ESC hill hold control all of which make it that much easier to
drive and of course I haven’t mentioned that up now the top variants gets six
airbags as well we said hello mg and the Hector’s reply was a bit surprising
because shown off this flashy exterior and the Gordy promise of internet inside
what you end up with is a sensible family SUV because it is a large and
spacious SUV those engines are easy to drive that enough drivability for
everyday use in the city and punch on the highway the diesel offering a little
bit more out there on the open roads in terms of driving manners it is safe if
an exciting it is also packed with safety
convenience and comfort features some of which are enabled by the connected car
technology but for many of them to be really impactful on an everyday basis
they need to have better consistency in terms of performance aside from that the
Hector could also do better in terms of backseat comfort and the quality of the
cabin fit and finish could be that little bit better to take on its rivals
from other continents but despite these shortcomings we are optimistic about the
Hector actually scratch that cautiously optimistic because as of now we don’t
have prices of the Hector and the Hector is also going to have to win our trust
but when MG launched the Hector later this month they could ensure that when
you walk into an MG showroom you walk in but with caution
just with optimism


  1. Why do we need big SUV for Indian roads, and these are fuel guzzlers too. I would prefer brezza or s cross or compact with hybrid petrol version.

  2. I don't know what will be the quality and the longevity of the electronics parts of the car. But this car will set a new benchmark in india for cars at low price. Like ktm did set the benchmark with bikes.

  3. I really like the looks of the car and the features on offer but being said it's a Chinese owned brand now…I really doubt the engine and the overall build quality and I think MG is gonna take some time to get properly established in india

  4. The biggest disadvantage is spare wheel location. One can drop it unscrewing the bolts but who will take the pressure to fit the bad replaced tire up to fit from beneath the car !! A big disadvantageous feature considering the Indian road conditions

  5. Full of novel features that which are not available in high end suv. But people are very much suspicious of Chinese products. So, they have to establish that they are offering you ‘value for money ‘ suv. If what they claim is bona fide and genuine the Indian customers will accept them, otherwise they will reject them.

  6. Paid review, no honest opinion about the vehicle, it felt like someone marketing electronics or voice commands of the system rather than talking about engineering and dynamics of the car, very sad

  7. Do not buy MG Hector. It's from Britain but actually owned Chinese state owned motor giant SAIC. It is here to compete with Suzuki and Hyundai. Moreover buying MG Hector means making China richer and making him bigger bully then they are today. It's not in our national interest. I won't name it. But you buy anything else except Chinese. People who will buy it can certainly afford other options…also make your friends aware of it and make it fails here.

  8. Large infotainment system is surely going to distract drivers as it can play video as well. Distraction for fraction of second also may cause accident.

  9. stupid man praising a Chinese product , money gona flow to China Pakistan economic corridor ,,, get our soldiers killed by our very own money you MG buying fools ,,,,,Smart phone market is already gone to Chinese hands , now auto market .

  10. Hi I am subhash working in kia as a sales in Telangana if any one interest call me 6309908142. Bookings open

  11. all nono to this car is, it is a Chinese state owned company! what about service backup? people who want to destroy 13 to 18lakh rupees and help communist greedy govt can always go for it.

  12. Price should be under 10 L segment
    Other wise it won't have kick start launch to get noticed in huge competitive Indian market

  13. wow i never really cared for any suv just because they are too big for my taste, but my god this is perfect thing. like this is actually the best car in india right now for its price

  14. 2:44 Big mistake: No Hazard lights, brake lights or tail lights on the body of the car. Every single light is on the tailgate. Not safe at all if you are parked on the side of the road during night and need to open the tailgate to get something out.

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  16. Indian co has to step up to the competition from dz Chinese bonhomie…
    Mg is subsidiary of SAIC which is indeed a Chinese co..
    You all have to be concerned about after sale service..
    & All dz are paid up channels.
    Mg has invested lot in dz typ of channels and TV ads..

  17. After removing the spare wheel how does one put the other wheel back under the car? And align the bolts enough so that they can be tightened?

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    Junk MG is being compared with Jeep Compass and Harrier?

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    Whatever it may be…buy other than Chinese..!

  22. I took the test drive of this car it is not the best car in class only for looks and features is just a go.No proper punch in acceleration and brakes and I could hear lot of wind noise inside the car.Instead ford ecosport and xuv 500 and Innova crysta are best in class for power and braking and smooth ride is best in class for same price bracket.Instead don’t waste money on mg hector car.

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    now gonna wait for upgraded harrier and see if they offer 3 row or deisel automatic..
    but over all outstanding vehicle this hector is…. half the price of a fortuner with panaromic sunroof…. well Toyota fortuner packup and go home

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    so many minute things u have described with so much of ease…
    Keep reviewing and we'll keep watching.

  28. I saw it today on road – This is fucking Big- Look better than even Fortuner – You get so much in this price – Its gonna break all records

  29. I saw it today on road – This is fucking Big- Look better than even Fortuner – You get so much in this price – Its gonna break all records

  30. The bored lady inside the computer is very thoughtful, because the hardest thing I ever found is pushing a button to open the sunroof.

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