Mi Amour Rose Gold JO MILANO Paris reseña de perfume nicho ¡nuevo 2019!

Mi Amour Rose Gold JO MILANO Paris reseña de perfume nicho ¡nuevo 2019!

hello friends. How are you? we continue
discovering fragrances perfumes this time we go with the house Jo Milano
paris here it is and we have the novelty of this house year 2019 in which we
present Mi Amour Rose Gold here we have what the perfume bottle would look like, here we have it with shades between it would be rose gold, it really looks like that rose gold, well I tell you how is this
perfume in his description and we continue with him This perfume is from the year 2019 of the
floral fruit family, their output notes They are the iris and orange blossom, their heart notes blackcurrants and pear, and their notes
background patchouli and vanilla It is an eau de parfum and can last us around 8
hours with a medium intensity we will put …
throw us here …. and we are scented … well it is
true that this perfume has a way out orange blossom and orange blossom
but I would say he wins the game the intensity of currants
black, black currants are protagonists in this perfume because I
I feel her since her departure, it is true that the beginning of those black currants is
cool gooseberries accompanied by that
orange blossom blossom freshness as time goes by we
let’s find those currants that they will be accompanied by a slight
pear because gooseberry is still the protagonist the currants and little by little are going to
increase intensity, what is vanilla that will give him a sweet and very sweet tone
appetizing to those black currants that is the body and what is going to
transmit, this perfume by Jo Milano MY Amour Rose Gold, in this case as I tell you very beautiful, it is for those who like
the fruity aromas and that are sweet tooth very sweet tooth, very nice … I’m
sure this perfume can also be be for all ages because when
  I tried it with my daughters they liked it very much, now also the
I’m going to say … Jo Milano has male perfumes as feminine, this
I liked perfume very much and it is very interesting but next to this sample I received two samples of male perfumes and I have to say, without offending because this is a good perfume but I’m going to tell you … the two male perfumes of I liked this house even more
that the feminine perfume Jo Milano’s male perfumes are
fascinating !! I hope to bring them very soon because those
I liked two very much and some of them are also new this year
that we have to know so good friends of course I’m going to leave the
link to know and discover more about this house, about his house of
identity the price of these perfumes I will leave you below I hope very soon bring you the review of the male perfumes that I liked a lot directly male perfumes
to sweep … so good friends I hope that you liked this little review
to open your mouth and get to know Jo Milano’s perfumes We will continue discovering more, I hope you liked this video a huge kiss to all and see you in the next perfume


  1. Vaya Isa, pues si su olor principal son las grosellas negras, ya no es para mí. No me gustan los que huelen a grosellas negras.
    Un abrazo, me encanta como explicas los perfumes.

  2. Guapísima Isa!! Te va genial el color negro o será que es mi favorito en ropa? Bueno muy bella.. Respecto al perfume no lo conozco, hasta pensé que decía Jo Malone en el titulo☺.. Reseña de los aromas para caballero Isa ya me entro conocerlos, me encantaría para mi esposo💕. Un beso!

  3. Espero tu reseña a mi hijo le gusta mucho los perfumes de alta gama tiene unos cuantos y me gustaria sorprenderlo con alguno nuevo para las fiestas que vienen .Besos

  4. Hola guapísima , que bien explicaste el olor del perfume como siempre lo haces genial !este no lo conocíamos ….. Eres una artista en esto de los perfumes jejejeje ! Un abrazo enorme

  5. Isa yo creo que a mi me tiene que gustar el masculino, como tu dices tiene que ser divino. Besitos guapa💜💜

  6. Mi hermosa Isa, tienes infinidad de perfumes y todos de muy buena calidad. Disfruta toda tu belleza para otra belleza como tú. Buen dia

  7. No conozco éstos perfumes pero se escucha muy interesante y me dejaste con la curiosidad por conocer las fragancias masculinas Isa asi que estare esperando ésas reseñas amiga 🤗

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