My name is Claudia and I am going to tell you the story of my new life. I have never felt so happy and peaceful as now. My dream of living in the countryside has become a reality and Antonio and I are still having a hard time believing it. However, this has not been a long-term dream of mine. As a teenager and when I was at the university, I rejected almost completely the countryside. As my parents are farmers and they always said to me how hard it was, they wanted that me to studied. They hoped I would had a better quality of life. This is why my body reacted against countryside life. And this is why I desired more and more deeply living in a big city. Over time, I have understood that associating countryside with bad life and city with a good life is simplistic and erroneous. But, at the same time, I understand why people from my generation and my economic status in Spain, make this association: the reason is that many of our grandparents did not have the opportunity to study. As they did not know how to read or write, they couldn’t choose a job and, for many of them, the countryside was the only way of survival in a negative way. However, the country, itself, is not good or bad; we are the ones who connected with a positive or a negative attitude. Now life has changed and we have all grown and seen the aspects that nobody had told us about cities: stress, competition, noise, pollution, materialism… However, there are wonderful things in the city too, like finding any product or service that you need or enjoying the infinite life that there is on the streets. For this reason, as always, nothing is white or black, but I had to make the effort to find my balance. In the city, I felt something was missing. I yearned with all my strength feeling the earth with my feet and with my hands. The touch of trees and flowers The fresh air in my lungs. The songs of birds. The silence. The memory of my family. Being on the field is like being closer to them, although we live two and a half hours away by car. Antonio and I have spent several months talking about the amount of beautiful things that we could do if we live in the country. We fantasize, but we always see it like something impossible, like a dream completely far beyond our reality. It arrived the time in which we started looking at country houses and this made our dream to continue growing and growing more inside of us, until its branches had already covered our entire bodies. Our desire exploited and we asked ourselves: —Why not? Why we don’t make this wish a reality? The most difficult for us wasn’t only finding a country house but to find a good Internet connection as well. For us this was a basic need, because it is our job. So, the search was long and almost impossible to solve. However, at the end, when we had almost given up, we found the place that we were looking for. It was, simply, perfect. I remember crossing that field having the feeling I had arrived home. There were a lot of places in which I felt since the beginning that it wasn’t my place and, however, here I was connected by an instant bond between the place and my soul. I wished with all my strength being able to live there. And, luckily for me!, Antonio thought exactly the same. Once more we agreed in a decision of such significance for our lives. From there on, negotiation processes started with sellers. The house was a heritage that their father gave them. He used it like a leisure area because he loved the country. He had chickens, a vegetable garden and fruit trees, but it never became his daily home. Before we decided to buy that house, we checked with one of the sellers if the well had water, we ensure the house had the possibility of setting fiber-optic and we figured out the costs which would be added to the final home price. The entire process was very pleasant. The seller was kind and thoutful with us. Then, the big day arrived. On 31 of July, 2019, we met with the sellers in order to buy the house and they gave us, finally, the keys of our new house. The first thing we did when we had the keys in our hands was going to the field so we could opened the doors of our home for the first time. Antonio and me had never had a house chosen by ourselves, so this was the first time for both of us. Moreover, all the experiences there would be built together since the beginning. This seemed even more magical to us. When I saw the rusty door opening, I felt how bumps went over my body. It was so much happiness and joy because our dream came true and so fast! And since now we could live surrounded by nature and so much inspiration for the projects of our lives. We don’t know almost nothing about countryside and how hard it is, but we fully believe that we will know how to live on our way, ust like we have always done. Maybe we don’t know how to prune the trees, but we are able to find the beauty that is hidden in his death branches. We don’t look at the country’s work like an undesirable sacrifice but like an opportunity to learn how to live in harmony with nature and now even more that Earth ask us to love it more than ever. All this makes me being full of emotion and gratitude because of how lucky I am to be able to live the way I want and believe in. But we cannot live there yet, because the house requires a complete renovation. It has high level of humidity, an unstable roof and there is no light or water. We have a ground quite big for us, about 50 trees, a little house, a huge swimming pool without motor, two tiny rooms that were used like storage a tiny corral, the mummy of a rat, bones of animals, a wonderful cage and a gorgeous well with five meters of water. I’ve always wanted to have a well! It seems so romantic and pure to me getting water out since depth of the earth. During the first weeks, we have removed all unnecessary objects and furniture which were sources of pollution and unhealthiness. There were so much garbage everywhere that we had to hire three huge tanks in order to carry it. Then, a gardener came, who had a Ganesh tattoo on his back (we considered this like a good sign of luck), and he cut the golden blanket of grass that was covering the field. I loved it, but it was not sustainable because it was necessary to clean the land after being more than ten years without being taken cared of. Workers came to remove the first layer of field too, because there were pieces of plastics, rust and crystals. So now we finally can contemplate the face of the earth, And we can enjoy the deep brown blanket of soil smelling like a virgin country, like life itself finally welcoming us. With all the work in the country and with our other projects (I was creating one of my online writing courses), I had time to dance with Antonio, creating a shabby swing. I also got to fantasize with a cage using it like a tray, meeting with some trees and putting them a name that I liked it. I harvested figs, olives, almonds and lemons, I looked at the only flower we had at the moment, I made all kinds of friends, practiced yoga close to trees and hugged Antonio under the full moon. We can never know if a decision is right or wrong, but I know what my heart wants. And I have followed it. The future is uncertain and plenty of obstacles will come in which we will have to test our strength, but the love between us and for this place will give us the courage to fight in order to preserve our new life. The life we dreamed of.


  1. Estimados claudia y maestro villaran, yo llevo 6 meses en cama debido a un accidente que comprometió mis piernas, la recuperación de mi movilidad ha sido lenta , pero gracias al contenido que el maestro villaran sube a esta plataforma y el optimismo y buen humor que lo caracterizan , mi animo a mejorado mucho. y ahora este vídeo que claudia a compartido me llena de optimismo. El saber que en otra parte del mundo existen personas como ustedes con gustos tan afines con los míos, me llena de buena energía. gracias y de nuevo GRACIAS .

  2. No me gustó el video, algo tiene que me causa anticuerpo, aunque debo decir que está hecho con mucha pasión y lo respeto, y el mensaje es bonito.

  3. Simplemente maravilloso. Espero que todo os salga genial y que veamos lo bien que queda vuestra bonita casa. Mucho ánimo
    Pd: Este vídeo me ha sacado unas lagrimillas

  4. Que hermosos ambos. Yel campo sembrado de sueños que creceran con el tiempo y harán de ese lugar palabras ciertas y vivas.. . Dibujos y pinturas que seran alfombras de calidez de su amor.

  5. Muchas felicidades y buena suerte en la nueva etapa, nosotros también estamos recuperando una finca que llevaba años abandonada. Es una gran aventura

  6. Hace unos meses buscábamos mi novio y yo una casa en el campo. Aún no es nuestro momento, pero ya vendrá y me hace ilusión saber que es posible.

  7. hermosa inversión , muy hermosa , creo que si llegan algún día a panamá , se quedaran con ganas de comprarse uno que otro terruño en tierras altas o en las islas de bocas del toro donde pasan todo tipos de cetáceos

  8. Pues yo vengo de una familia de rancho acá entre Jalisco y Zacatecas y yo agradezco haber crecido en el pueblo, lastima que no hay oportunidad más que de seguir el trabajo de los padres pues sabes no todos los jóvenes queremos seguir cuidando el ganado o sembrando, aunque para la vida de los viejitos es perfecta, aquí se les ve muy tranquilos. Lastima que no hay oportunidad de crecer y todos los jóvenes nos tenemos que ir y separarnos de nuestras familias aaa ya me puse triste extraño mi rancho querido, este video me hace querer regresar a casa

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  13. Awgh tu poesía ♥ se agradece este contenido en you tube y que queden personas con sensibilidad a la naturaleza, la poesía y el arte. Te cuento que coincidimos en que este año también me he mudado al campo, llevo 3 meses, ya he cultivado y estoy aprendiendo de la vida en el campo, igual estamos arreglando una casita y también hemos perdido un gato muy amado de 11 años… Por eso es una alegría con nostalgia que la naturaleza nos ayuda a consolar…Me identifico con tanto de lo que cuentas en tu vídeo que me has hecho llorar…Me inspiras a hacer un vídeo contando también mi nueva vida ¿Se puede? …Felicidades por tu casita, que seas muy feliz ♥

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    Me inspiraste a buscar más y lo que realmente quiero. Realmente es una suerte y una belleza vivir como uno quiere

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