Miami Heat And Golden State Warriors Help Pets Displaced By Irma Find Bay Area Homes

Miami Heat And Golden State Warriors Help Pets Displaced By Irma Find Bay Area Homes

WARRIORS… WERE ON THE SAME TEAM TONIGHT. NIGHTBEAT’S ANDRIA BORBA SHOWS US: THEY’RE WORKING TOGETHER TO FIND PETS DISPLACED BY IRMA.. NEW HOMES IN THE BAY AREA. Nats THE BARKING OF EXCITED PUPPIES Nat NEARLY DROWNED OUT THE ROAR OF JET ENGINES THIS AFTERNOON AT OAKLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Nats FEDEX DONATED A FLIGHT AND LOADED 160 ANIMALS FROM THE FLORIDA KEYS AND MIAMI ON BOARD…AFTER A SEND OFF BY THE MIAMI HEAT. Cynthia Berwin\FedEx Captain15.30.04 They were all good. They settled down. They each had their own little first class cabin. They were great. We went and checked on them all the time and they were really good animals Nats THEY’RE SHELTER DOGS AND CATS FROM HURRICANE IRMA… Nats Deanna Angeles\Peninsula Humane Society 12.46.02 It’s fantastic to see all the organizations coming in and helping out these animals so the shelter back there can have the capacity to help those that are lost and need to go home. ZAZA PACHULIA, JORDAN BELL AND LARRY O’BRIEN GAVE THESE ADORABLE CRITTERS A “GOLDEN” WELCOME TO THE BAY AREA. 13.17.25 He’ll be a golden state fan when he comes over here Nats JORDAN BELL IS LOOKING NOT ONLY FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP RING, BUT A FURRY FRIEND. Jordan Bell\Golden State Warriors 10.06.03 Do you have to cuddle with it to find out if it’s the one? I don’t think I can cuddle with all the ropes and cages, but hopefully I get a cuddle session before I take it home. ABOUT 60 DOGS AND CATS WILL END UP WITH THE PENINSULA HUMANE SOCIETY TO BE ADOPTED OUT. 13.44.18 Nats puppy whining…. Do you have something to say? AND SINCE WE KNOW YOU’RE WONDERING….HERE’S WHEN YOU CAN ADOPT THEM. 21.56.19 It depends on the individual animal. Probably some of them as soon as a week or 10 days from now, some of them it’s going to be months ON THE “RUFFEST” ASSIGNMENT OF MY LIFE — ANDRIA BORBA — KPIX5. TONIGHT: THESE BAY AREA K-9’S ARE ALSO FLYING IN FROM FLORIDA.

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