MicrocynAH Testimonial of Golden Retriever Hydee

MicrocynAH Testimonial of Golden Retriever Hydee

We received a phone call at the end of August
2015 on a dog that was not able to stand or walk… that was collapsing in an alley. When
we arrived we found her in this lady’s garage and she had a blanket covering her. As we
took the blanket off we could see that there that there was no hair. She was just emaciated
and skin hanging off of her. We took her to the vet and had her checked over by a veterinarian
and he didn’t have very good hopes for her. She had so many skin issues, just one infection
after another, caused by the start with fleas. And every time she would scratch and it would
open it up and the fleas would lay their eggs and they would hatch and she’d to try to
get them out. There were multiple layers of skin infection. And on day five of having
her we starting using the MicrocynAH and then we started noticing it helped turn the red
inflamed down into sort of pink skin and she wasn’t itching as much. And continue to
use it to this day in areas where she has problems and will always have problems. On
day three, most of the inflamed redness was gone. Hair was about 14 days, about two weeks.
Port Angeles Pet Posse, we reunite missing animals with their owners. And we starting
taking her with us and giving her a purpose and give her something to do. Well one day,
we were on a search and she butted the search dog out of her way, smelled the blanket of
the missing animal and just started to take off. Forty minutes later the dog we were search
for was found in the area where she wanted to go. So over the time we’ve been taking
her on searches and assisting and she’s doing exactly what the search dogs that have
been doing it for years. So she’s had no training by us but I think she realizes what
we’re doing and just wants to help us.

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