Mike Maloney [ANIMATED] Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Book Summary

Mike Maloney [ANIMATED] Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Book Summary

I believe the greatest investment
opportunity in history is knocking on your door. You can open it or not the choice is
yours. That’s how Mike Maloney starts his book
on how to invest in gold and silver. If you ask me that’s a pretty bold
statement. The greatest investment opportunity in history. Greater than an investment in Henry Ford
or Ray Kroc or Steve Jobs. How does Mike know this is the biggest
opportunity ever? Does he have a crystal ball we don’t know about? I’m guessing he’d respond with, “I do have
a crystal ball is called history and data. Essentially Mike believes that
throughout history a pattern has continually repeated itself. And while the names faces and places
may change the pattern remains the same. It’s a simple pattern but it’s often
missed and dismissed by most people. The pattern starts with governments
having quality money or stuff that’s actually worth something like, gold
silver, and ends with the government destroying the economy by printing
endless amounts of money. Or as Mike would insist printing currency. Let me tell you a
story. In the beginning the government started
with quality gold and silver money. This quality money helped enable the
country’s economy to grow big and strong. As the country grew stronger the
government took on more and more responsibilities and so how to spend
more money every year. They threw circuses, they gave out free bread, they built up
their military and used it. Eventually all the spending created a
crisis. Holy cow they realize we can’t continue to spend all this money or will
go broke. We need to stop. We can’t stop, the
people will riot if we don’t give them their free stuff. Well then we need the tax the people
more. We can’t the people will riot if we take any more
of their money. Well we need to do something. In popped the devil in the details. Well
there is a way you can keep this charade up a little while longer. Simply take the
gold and silver you have, get some worthless metal that looks similar, melt
them down, mix them up and boom, you’ve got all the money you need. Brilliant. And so the quality gold and silver coins
which help grow the economy were debased with metals of little value. This expanded currency supply allowed
the government to keep spending a little while longer. And for a while things went
fine; in fact they went great the economy
started to really move. But beneath the surface pressure started
the build. Most of the population could feel this
pressure, but they didn’t know how to describe it or what to do about it, but
they saw its results. The old quality coinage, the stuff that
was pure gold and silver, began the silently disappear from pocket change. The prices of common goods like bread
and milk began to rise. This pressure became greater and greater
until an animal like instinct grip the population. It was an instinct that screamed
something wasn’t right. People began to realize that their money
was becoming increasingly worthless and they were going to do something about it. Practically overnight a giant game of
hot potato starts with the debased money. People try to spend it as fast as
possible to buy something real that can’t be printed like the old quality
gold and silver coins or even stuff like food and milk. The end result is always the same. With
people scrambling to get rid of their debased money and buy pure gold and
silver simple supply and demand forces their value to skyrocket suddenly. This rise accounted for all the debased
money that was created in secret. Or as Mike would insist all the currency that was created in
secret. In other words because all this currency
was created in secret, pure gold and silver often overlooked
slowly became undervalued. When the masses realized what happened they scrambled for real assets and
quickly bid up the price of the undervalued gold and silver to fair
value again. Anyone who recognised this pattern and took action before the day of reckoning became very wealthy in a relatively
short period of time. While everyone who held onto their debased money (or
currency) lost nearly all of their purchasing power. Like I said this pattern is simple but
it’s happened many times throughout history. Mike actually spends the first fourth of
his book examining and explaining: economic cycles, the history of currency,
stock bubbles, mass psychology including manias and panics; and the pattern we
just talked about and how it just repeats over and over and over again
from ancient Athens to the 20th century. All of his examination points out what
is obvious but is often forgotten. That during periods of great fear people run
towards what they feel is safe. And for many people safety is gold and silver. So besides this pattern that continually
repeats itself why does Mike believe that right now is
the quote, “greatest opportunity in the history of mankind” end quote. The
short answer is that Mike believes economic day of reckoning is almost here. He examines today’s data and points out
the biggest economic hurricane in history is about to make landfall. Here
are just a few of his arguments: over the last few decades so much
currency has been printed by every country all over the world the numbers are mind-boggling. Nearly all governments all over the
world are drowning in debt. We have hundreds of trillions of dollars
of unfunded government programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid that the older generations are counting on that we have no good plan to pay for. We have
a monster on our hands in the form of a derivatives market that is largely hidden
from view and his massive beyond comprehension. And at some point all of
these chickens and more are coming home to roost. And those are just the big
picture economic reasons. In addition Mike goes on the specify why
he believes gold and silver extremely undervalued. Which in essence all boils
down to very little supply and surging demand. All of this data in historical
example is why Mike believes the greatest investment opportunity in
history is knocking on your door and anyone who gets educated and takes
action will have massive amounts of wealth transferred towards them instead
of away from them. Well that’s how the purchase gold and
silver in a nutshell. Obviously Mike covers a ton more in his
book than what I can hope the cover here. So if you’re interested you can purchase
his updated book on Amazon. You can help support the channel by buying his book
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a great series out called Hidden Secrets of Money which is basically the book and
video form. So if you’re not a big reader then
check that out as well it’s really fun really entertaining even if you’ve
already read the book it’s wonderful to watch.


  1. New video is up. This one is on Mike Maloney's Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. Mike’s book makes a thought provoking case that sooner rather than later, the major currencies (like the US Dollar) are going to tank. Once that happens everyone will be running to gold and silver to protect their wealth.

  2. I just discovered your channel and wanted to encourage and thank you for your very good quality and professional videos. Hope you will continue !

  3. Fascinating! Although I´m very familiar with all the facts mentioned, I can´t remember to see such a short, simplified and convincing video in layman´s terms. Perhaps, I should translate it to German? What do you think?
    You will be overwhelmed by the clicks, because of Mike Maloney´s link! Congatulation, it´s really worth looking …

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this review. I have been trying to wake up family and friends to what is going on for quite a few years, but when I bring up monetary history and facts their eyes start to glaze over and I then become in their eyes nothing more than a "conspiracy theorist." Ugh! I don't care one bit about theory, I care about facts…and anyone with a healthy dose of historical; knowledge can see where this endless quantitative easing and zero to negative interest rates is going to take us. Hopefully I can get those people I care about to at least take 7 minutes of their precious time to watch this video and maybe, just maybe the lights will come on as they did for me 6 years ago when I first read Mike's book.

  5. Time to get your currency, wherever you are in the world, backed by gold. At least then when your paper currency collapses you'll still have the gold (gold is real money). Also a portfolio manager in the USA has told the FED to go on a massive gold buying spree, this is nationalization of privately held gold from the people as was done in 1933 (it's essentially theft). So I strongly suggest for these reasons diversifying by getting some gold out of the country (everyone should do this regardless of where you live in the world as you don't know what your government is going to do) which you can still spend with a Mastercard with Bitgold. You can do this with Bitgold here: http://tracking.bitgold.com/SH2ul

  6. Hello Nick! Must say You made amazing video! I would like to ask You, what's the title of background classic piano music that You used? It adds up on quality of storytelling a lot.

  7. You won't grow your wealth long term in gold and silver you will just preserve long term fair value .. unlike worthless paper and electronic digits

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