Mike Maloney On Gold Price

Mike Maloney On Gold Price

you can see them repeating the same stupid mistakes today and those mistakes you go through history and you see something that’s happened a hundred times in the past and then you see them doing the same thing to our currency supply today the same you know in the u.s. the deficit spending is out of control and the currency creation if you well we’ll put up a chart of base money in the United States so it’s chart of the cash in circulation currency in circulation plus the deposits that the commercial banks have at the Federal Reserve and it’s took 200 years to go from zero dollars in existence paper dollars to eight hundred and twenty five billion paper dollars that exists and then it took just a few months to go from that to to about 1.75 trillion and that was with the Bear Stearns Fannie Mae Freddie Mac bailouts and then we had in March of 2008 and now I’m sorry March of 2009 they announced another 1.2 trillion dollars worth of and part of that is actually purchasing bonds directly from the Treasury now when they do that that’s just printing currency that’s like just running the the printing press but so the total comes to about three trillion paper dollars that will exist very shortly here that’s an experiment from from 825 billion to 3 trillion is an expansion of almost four times and it’s just ridiculous so there will be more this printed than ever before which means the dollar keeps coming down and other things keep going up and that’s really what’s going to happen it’s predictable and eventually this will go to its true worth zero so all of you savers out there and people trying to save this trash you’re going to lose big time so they just type them into a computer the dollars they don’t have to print them anymore it used to be that you had to mint to expand the currency supply then you had to print paper to expand the currency supply but now all you do is he add zeros to it and boom you know it’s ten times they don’t even have to print there’s trash in it right it’s electronic that is how fast is going to hit people well throughout history whenever societies create a whole bunch of units of currency you know they can they start off with a certain amount of money in their society gold and silver and they come out with representative representations of gold and silver like paper notes or debased coinage where you’ve you’re mixing it with copper and they increase the currency supply and gold and silver sort of lays dormant it lays in wait until the public realizes they start to sense the inflation of prices that are caused by the inflation of the currency supply true inflation is the inflation of the currency supply rising prices of the symptom of the monetary inflation and then they rush back toward gold and silver to protect their purchasing power and in doing so they bid the price up until it accounts for the currency supply it’s an amazing process and I show this in my book rich dad’s advisers guide to investing in gold and silver there’s a couple of charts in there with the Federal Reserve we have hard data and I’ve got some data from the Weimar hyperinflation where gold went from 100 marks an ounce to eighty seven trillion marks an ounce but what you see with the Federal Reserve data is that the price of gold the will of the public and the free markets do this over and over and over again throughout history they bid the price of gold and silver up so with the price of gold the gold at the US Treasury rose in 19:34 till its value equalled the value of all the paper dollars in existence that promise to pay gold in 1980 it did the same thing never in the history of the world has this ever happened in 1971 the US and Nixon convinced the entire world to replace gold and silver with paper money this stuff cash is trash we had to abandon Bretton Woods because the u.s. vaults were basically getting cleaned out I have directed secretary Connally to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold or other reserve assets except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability and in the best interest of the United States because the Bretton Woods system had put the whole world on a dollar standard all countries on the planet were backing their currency with dollars the dollar was then backed by gold at $35 an ounce make making meaning that all currencies were pegged to gold through the dollar and they didn’t fluctuate they didn’t they weren’t floating on the foreign currency exchange all currencies remained pegged to one another through the dollar to gold when we unpaired from gold in 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window all currencies became free-floating or I call them free falling against gold they don’t actually float the dollar used to be worth one twentieth of an ounce of gold today it’s one one thousandth of an ounce and it’s on its way toward less than 1/10 thousands pretty soon once he unpacked gold rose and it went from 35 to 200 in 74 back down to 100 violate 76 and then up to 850 by 1980 in doing so and one of the other graphs in my book I show that it covered the entire currency supply of the United the base money is called the paper dollars that exist at about 400 or $500 an ounce the value of all the gold at the Treasury was equivalent to all the gold all the paper dollars that existed so we could have there was a year where we could have gone back on the gold standard then at about 6 or 650 dollars now it also covered all outstanding revolving credit or you


  1. True inflation is the inflation of the currency(debt) supply through over printing of bills, bonds and bail outs. Price rise is the symptom of the increase in currency supplied to the system.

  2. Having recommended Mike's book to friends and family just does not seem enough to show them how enthusiastic I am about them considering real money as an option to protecting their earnings . So I mailed off a silver round to 4 of my close friends and 1 to my brother to show that I am not messing around with concepts but serious about the real thing. Hopefully they will get to understand that true Inflation is the inflation of the currency supply and that the silver round represents real value.

  3. Inflation is an increase in money supply.
    Reminds me of those juice bottles that say 100% juice then in fine print says made from concentrate. And its just water with about 1% real juice. sounds silly I know. But that is what it reminds me of.

  4. True inflation is the inflation of the currency supply. Rising costs are the symptom. Very eye-opening stuff here folks! Pay attention, watch these videos 2 or 3 times and go out and buy some silver!

  5. True inflation is inflation (expansion) of the currency supply by money printing & electronic entry/creation.
    This leads to rising prices.

  6. True inflation is th eprice of the dollar in terms of gold!

    Hell I'd be happy just to win the book. You know what they say, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach and man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!"

  7. True inflation is a way governments have to "steal" wealth from the people, another tax without calling it tax.

    It is harbinger of poverty for the working class in the long-term and a symptom of the possession of too much power and impunity by people that should never ever be given that kind of power, because it makes them think they are more powerful than the free markets, and when they finally get to see that they are not, it is too late…for us.

    saludos 😀

  8. In a humble non-intrusive attempt to reach friends and family who are scattered in various parts of the world and to share with them my newfound learning. I have created a very simple website for them to reference where I hope to provide links to worthy information helping them to make some wise decisions. I am certainly no bullion expert but hopefully my enthusiasm will spill over to them. Do not forget that true inflation is the inflation of the currency supply.

  9. True Inflation is the INFLATION OF THE CURRENCY SUPPLY(as in -When a society creates more and more units of currency).
    (Rising prices are just a symptom.)

  10. True inflation is nothing more than the inflation of the currency supply. People think higher prices represent inflation, but higher prices for things like food and energy are the symptom of the monetary inflation that has already occurred.

    Thanks Mike for teaching the rest of us these important lessons. I've learned so much following you these past few years 🙂 Everybody needs to know this stuff!

  11. True inflation is the inflation of the currency supply. Previously you had to mint coinage to expand the currency supply. Then you had to print paper to expand the currency supply. However, you don't have to print dollars any more—now it's done electronically. All you have to do is type the dollars into a computer–simply add zeros. When hyperinflation hits the US it will happen in the blink of an eye! When this happens, gold will go to the moon and silver will explode like a supernova!

  12. Hi Mike, Just a question..from New Zealand.

    I've bought 100kg of silver bars back in January at $18.60. . But with the U.s dollar crashing against most currency like Nz dollar i found out today that i'm actually not in positive position because of the exchange rate. I think your Au dollar in a similar situation. Do i need to hope for a U.s dollar come back or do i need to hope for Nz dollar to go lower? i'm a bit confuse…i'm in same position with 20 oz of gold…

    Thank you very much

  13. @Lele19800 what do you mean you are not positive?

    if you bought at 18.60 now the silver is 23.5 so you are positive….because you have the silver
    if you sold that silver today would you have less money than when you bought?
    anyway you just wait…it doesn't matter where you are today..in a few years that silver is going to be worth much much more..
    saludos 😀

  14. TRUE INFLATION: The increase in the Fiat CURRENCY!

    Hi from NZ, In the paper in the weekend. A economics professor and journalist had a whole page spread saying.."even at $100/oz silver and $5,000/oz gold she wouldn't recommend gold or silver!" At first I was angry that she was telling people the opposite of what I believe…but then i realised that as long as people like her are keeping the public in the dark…the longer i have to keep buying gold and silver! Great work educating Mike!

  15. True inflation is when the government increases (creates) way to much fiat currency. So the increase of the fiat currency creates inflation.

    By the way I got my buddy to by some silver the other day. With help of your recent event you attended in Russia. Wish I could have been there!

  16. True inflation is the increase of fiat currency, (expansion of paper currency). as more currency is printed, more in the circulation leading to higher inflation.

    cash is trash!

  17. Of course true inflation is the inflation of the currency supply. How else can we be robbed legally (???) by our government. Well let me count the ways…LOL

  18. Since we're going through the same thing that happened in 1980 you might as well stack up on gold. Because of the fact that gold is cheaper than it will be a year or two from now.

  19. The time set in the movie "No Country For Old Men" is 1980. Curious, why? In the famous coin toss scene the villain produces a quarter and proclaims its traveled since 1958. The toss produces the familiar ring of silver. That could have easily been overlooked like the volkswagen in the Godfather. Later there is a quote, "Can't stop what's coming." Hmmmm

  20. On the GoldSilver website there is a winner for this video.
    It is "tincupllc"…
    A guy who registered on youtbe on 08 of october 2010 …a few days ago, age 30, from the US…
    and whose answer was "True inflation is the inflation of the currency supply."
    He has no videos, and his only favourite video is this one.

    I'm skeptical about the authenticity of this…and i don't know what to say, as i believe in everything Mike has to say about money and silver, and everything

    saludos 😀

  21. True inflation in the past was minting of more coins then it became printing of more dollars and now its adding more 'Zeros' to the digits in computer. Just diluting the existing value of currency.

  22. 5:09 – Did Nixon say "suspend TEMPORARILY the conversion of the dollar to gold"?
    Oh well thats OK then – i guess he's gonna switch it back – oh wait – that was 40 FUCKING YEARS AGO. AND HE's DEAD!

  23. 5:09 – Did Nixon say "suspend TEMPORARILY the conversion of the dollar to gold"?
    Oh well thats OK then – i guess he's gonna switch it back – oh wait – that was 40 FUCKING YEARS AGO. AND HE's DEAD!

  24. @whygoldandsilver Yeah but i am not IN The Angels (lol – unfortunately) – just a long long time fan.

    Yeah Nixon wasn't called Tricky Dick for nothing was he!

  25. Nothing under the moon is new, everything has happen before. Everything comes back around and no one realize this. We are in some marvelous times becuase the wealth gap is getting wider.

  26. Inflation is what happens when the people I mean sheeple allow private bankers to print the money congress should be regulating in the case of the US. If only we listened to our constitution which clearly spells out the remedy for our economic crisis, only gold and silver are money. DUH!

  27. True inflation is the increase of the fiat currency (paper currency). As more and more currency is printed and in circulation, the higher inflation.

  28. Thanks Mike,we are up more than 30% ROI in less than year with GOLD and Silver still holding on our small position and are buying some bullion.Great work thanks again!

  29. @whygoldandsilver I heard it stated that silver was once the "poor man's gold' is still considered that way ? I remember around the mid – late 1990s that an oz of gold was around $430+ an oz now, it's around $1,200 – $1,300+ an oz.. I was just wondering if an American Eagle gold coin would cost around the gold price currently, and do they still go by the troy oz ?

  30. am i the only 20 years old who seen this? this video is really eye opener. i guess i should invest in gold and silver! thanks mike youre the man!

  31. @Ilovehistorychannel When I wrote it I didn't realize that I was repeating some of Mike's comments. However, check out my other comments on parts 3, 4, 5, and 10 of the video.

  32. Apart from wiping your bottom & writing on it, paper has no real value and cannot be a substitute itself as a form of wealth.

  33. I'm 16 at the moment, and will be working this summer. All my money is gonna be going to purchasing gold I've noticed how gold has almost double in value in the past 5 years, and I can't wait to see what awaits me in the next 10 years

  34. @ 05:30 I got the chills… and it just explained lots of wars, bailouts and other schemes to inflate the dollar. i'm new to this, real eye opener.

  35. Silver is not only for the rich. Gold is the money of kings and silver is the money of gentlemen. There is less silver on earth available for investment than there is gold, yet the bullion banks, JP & HSBC have shorted (naked shorts – they can't cover their bets) so much so that they have suppressed the price. People silver is selling for less today than it did in 1980. Stop whining about the state of the state, buy all you can as fast as you can. Refuse to play their paper ponzi games.

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