Mike Maloney Predicts $1000 Gold – We are Flabbergasted says illuminati Silver

Mike Maloney Predicts $1000 Gold –  We are Flabbergasted says illuminati Silver

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – We tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 22nd July 2015 and we were
so flabbergasted when listening to Mike Maloney last night that we simply just had to produce
this video today. Well its official, one of the biggest (in
our opinion) precious metal ‘pumpers’ – Mike Maloney admitted yesterday in a You
Tube broadcast that he expects the price of gold to fall to $1000 and possibly lower.
He says: “We will go through a deflationary dip before inflation or hyper-inflation occurs”.
He sees this deflationary implosion (that he claims he has predicted for some time)
being a significant cause for the reduction in gold and silver prices. He also adds that
he believes that manipulation plays a part too.
So he says he has been predicting this for some time. Really?
Well Mike, we have one question for you, if you genuinely thought that precious metal
prices were going to fall for some time – then why did you not say so and loudly? Why continue
promoting your ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ course telling everyone that we were going
to have a currency collapse and the price of gold and silver could potentially rise
to infinity and not add the caveat but don’t buy yet?. If you truly cared about your followers
BACK LATER – but you didn’t Mike – You didn’t.
He also says that despite the silver price decline, the price of silver eagles have remained
the same, because of premiums. Well take a leaf out of Peter Hug’s book who said on
Kitco news today do not buy eagles and pay a $4 premium – buy 100 oz bars at less than
a $1 premium – after all you are a precious metal dealer Mike – this is what you should
be telling people. Peter Hug, the Global Trading Director of
Kitco Precious Metals stated today that the next psychological step for gold is $1000
but he personally envisages the price “grinding down” from current levels to about $1020.
He says “As long as the US Dollar maintains its current level, or rises slightly – gold
will remain subdued. If the FED raises rates then, that day or the day after, he will buy
gold. He also warns investors not to chase premiums just because the US and Canadian
Mints temporarily ran short through under-estimating demand. Also Important for Silver investors
and stackers he believes that silver will fall in price to the upper $12 bracket.
So, having overcome our disbelief at Mike’s video we suggest you listen to someone, perhaps
a little more balanced, and less salesman like, Peter Hug, who predicts what we have
been saying for some time – Gold resistance $1000 – Silver resistance $12 – yes it could
overshoot but it’s at these levels we believe that prices will move to and possibly stay
there for a number of months to come. Now we really do not plan or wish to criticise
anyone on this channel, for if someone is brave enough to express their beliefs publicly
and stand by their forecasts, they should be admired. However, if they then prove to
be wrong – then they should admit it just as boldly as the prediction they originally
made. We will do that and we expect others to do the same.
We hope you have found this video helpful, and would appreciate it if you would give
us a thumb up or down, comment and if you haven’t already done so please subscribe. Disclaimer:
Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of its owners


  1. You're looking at the smaller picture.  It's like you're on Maloney's boat.  He's telling you there's a tsunami coming and you're upset with him because he isn't giving you the measurement of the preceding waves.  They don't matter much in the bigger picture.

  2. maloney and morgan are simply slimy silver salesmen……….the pair have been wrong so many times over the past 4 years that they have zero credibility……..i listen to faber thesedays…..he may not always be right but at least he is honest.  Its good to hear maloney call for a lower price, when morgan follows suit i will know its just about time to buy some precious metals

  3. Mike have said Gold or Silver could go down but it is not sure there is physical  gold or silver to buy at those prices.

  4. thanks for the video. i ll stand by my predictions $700 dollar gold with a red marker at $689. silver $7.52 on a spike. i wish people would admit they made a mistake. thanks again for the video and information. ( i am not a financial adviser )

  5. If all the markets were fair and unmanipulated .. we wouldn't be complaining. How can you play a fixed game especially when they are able to change the rules to the game whenever they like. Then you have propaganda to add to the mix of confusion. Where just little fishes in a big sea (bottom dwellers).  Mike Baloney as are so many others are just in it for themselves. Dress nice, talk nice, have the right background setting and probably short the market while his telling us all to buy. Oh yeah thats right, buy our newsletter because we know more then you. Ever thought they may also be a subscriber themselves to people who actually know whats really going on. It's all a crock.

  6. If thou listened closely to Mr Maloney's broadcast, AND had read his book, thou would know that it is the spot price that he predicts will fall to these levels, not the price of the physical, because at these levels it will be near impossible to get any physical bullions, and these that will be there will have a premium so much over the spot price that it would be cheaper to have bought them earlier.

    The spot price really means nothing, the only price that truly matters are the price it cost to get the physical, a paper promise is just that.

  7. I hate being the devil's advocate but gold may not be cheap enough even at $1000. Recent article from one of the big manipulators, Deutsche Bank.


    Move with the money, not against it.

    I maintain that silver will ultimately outperform, but it IS NOT an investment opportunity, more like a generational "buy" based on macro-trends. Don't roll your 401k. Save your pocket change and buy rounds any time the price dips. I might avoid 100 and 1000 ounce bars regardless of premium. They are tough to resell as there is no art factor to them and they are priced out of the common man's reach. This art factor is why the Eagles and Maples command a premium further enforced by the fact that they are produced by a recognizable entity, our government!

    Be cautious in buying any precious metals. Understand that any dated bullion or coinage after 1933 can still be seized under the Gold Reserve Act, executive order 6102. To further this, there is a sound reason that American Eagles and Canadian Maples are denominated currency. On the back of the Silver Eagle it plainly says "one dollar" The U.S could enact emergency legislation to "stabilize a failing economy" like they did in 1933 and decree that all citizens must turn in all gold and silver eagles under penalty of law. The seller to be paid "face value" for the coinage. That's right, $1 per silver, and ooh, $50 for a Gold Eagle. Draw your own conclusions.

  8. Has this guy actually listened to any of Mikes interviews? Mike's never said 'here's how to make a quick buck on silver'. Really crap video dude

  9. NO one has a crystal ball. NO one knows when the SHTF, not even Mike Maloney. Hind sight is always 20/20. You can predict when things will happen with some logic based upon the current situation but variables will change and therefore the prediction. I'm not the least worried about the price of Gold or silver dropping AS I'M IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL as an insurance policy, NOT necessarily an investment. We do know that the SHTF eventually. It WILL happen. We have already seen it elsewhere. With the price of Gold and silver dropping, I'm happy as hell because THAT MAKES IT A BARGAIN. WHOO HOO!

  10. At least he puts his real name out there who the hell are you guys? And why cant you get a narrator who does not sound like a 1960's cricket commentator? Jeez I almost fell asleep twice listening to this creepy broadcast.

  11. You are so right. Mike only ever said that oil and real estate and stocks may deflate but that gold can go up in these times! What a bullshitter!
    Buying silver pandas seems the best way to have prospered over the years in silver as they are semi numismatic. I've been able to sell sheets of my 2010s for over $50 each all day long recently.

  12. take it easy man!  gold and platinum are going to fall in sept. when the stock mkt. crashes. buy until nov/dec. and enjoy the 4th dimension chezwic.

  13. His actions are criminal.  He has lead so many uninformed people to financial devastation it is shameful.  The young have a chance to recover, but the elderly are simply screwed.  He is shameless and I hope karma kicks his ass.  Nothing would make me happier than seeing him in the poor house or prison!

  14. fact…… large banking and investment institutions fined millions for short selling gold and silver and others precious metals….the whole point is to squeeze the retail market the metals market is very small and easy to manipulate…. the big boys are swallowing up gold mines like candy….. Mike is high profile everyone can have a whinge if you see him in the street …. our Illuminati host  on the other hand will never show his face ..we all know precious metals are volatile .. 20% swings .. if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen …..wow can you feel the love is this creeps  voice  …. he's just putting the freighters on…Mike on the other hand has gone out there….and always said he does  not know when the music spots ….. and that we should not go all in .. keep your powder dry.. more down side …. maybe $10 or $8 …who knows… but I would rather be a year early than a day late …..

  15. Thanks a lot for this informations . I still believe that the gold n silver will never lose his own real value .the prices are manipulated by the FED . They are collapsing the prices to buy low somehow . Dont sell your gold because it will Makes u RICH oneday

  16. Well, if you look in Europe and prices in €, the physical Gold prices have moved very little. Looking at 1oz and especially the 1/10 oz coins haven't changed at all.

  17. Silver Illuminati,I am a stacker.I would not promote anyone.You just said what your entity is predicting as support for AG and AU.Kitco is currently under investigation and been charged with tax fraud.The schemes of your recommended outlet  were created potentially by a chap named Jon Nadler.Please do your due diligence before you promote an entity with a tainted reputation.What happened to Jon?

  18. I have been watching him for years. Buy now because there is nothing else left to buy! The mints can not supply much before closing their doors. Don't wait for deflation. That is what he has said FOR YEARS. So go ahead,
     wait….see what happens. By the way 100oz bars are harder to sell later on. Coins will be more liquid. You do as you like, but you will never be able to smear Mr Maloney!

  19. Interesting, I've been following Mike Maloney's videos for years as well as many others both pro and con precious metals. I'm not betting my house nor my life savings on purchasing silver or gold. However, I am consciously purchasing silver coins and bars as I see fit with extra disposable cash I have available after everything is paid. I don't consider my silver an investment, I call it my hobby. I like the feel of it and the security of owning it. If the price goes up, hey .. I'll be happy, if it goes down I'll also be happy (and likely just buy more).  I don't believe the world is going to collapse, I certainly believe there are very serious financial problems with the unsustainable debt levels of individuals and all levels of government. Finally, do what you feel is best for you and be content with your decisions. Life is short, enjoy it.

  20. He has on many occasions spoken of physical supply becoming low.  This has happened and the point (His point) is you should have gold (and silver) at any present day price.  Should expectations be met, precious metals will in time become very high in price (but at that point inflation will compensate somewhat for price increases).  Gold and silver are not an investment – they are a store of wealth.  Should hyperinflation occur (very likely) and the price of precious metals starts climbing, people will find there is very little actual physical to be had.  So buy it now or do without.  The price of paper gold (present spot price) is irrelevant when compared to physical gold.  One is a fantasy and the other is reality.

  21. Actually , I do not know mike personally, but in my beginning silver stages his videos on the history of money was very educational . But Ive watch silver and the us currency since I was a kid, But investing not until 1991. so I really have not clue on the actual value but I know its worth more then a piece of paper. So im not totally broke;0)

  22. Silverfuturist, your videos with your chickens and yoga poses ,is that marketing.Regardless,owning physical PM's is a decision one should make after a great deal of due diligence.We are responsible for our decisions.Nobody else is.It's just bad business and karma to blame someone for this or that.Insuring against government largess and instability and insolvency is maybe a reason to have some insurance.

  23. Mike does say that the markets are being manipulated by certain institutional big banks dumping gold and silver paper contracts into the market in massive ammounts, giving them the ability to almost set whatever price they desire to buck people out of the market as they believe the price drops to be true indication of market value. He does say that throughout history precious metals have always won through ( never been beaten) and have always , without exception,  revalued themselves to account for all the government created currency.

  24. Dear Illuminati Silver:
    You don't understand a very important point. It's not about how much you pay for Gold and Silver, it's simply about owning the metal physically. It doesn't matter how much one pays for it's purchase for if you don't get it now…….one may not be able to get it at all later. Specially in today's uncertain economic climate. Or….if one has bought gold and silver over the last 6 or 7 years, slowly accumulating ounces, good!
    Again. It's all about owning the bullion. And it's not really certain what one will use it for now is it? Sell it for dollars? I don't think so. Use it to buy assets for pennies on the dollar after the crash? Most likely.

  25. Honestly I dont give a shit what Mike Maloney says.. i had a interest in silver before i even heard of this MIke.. 😛

  26. You are basically implying that Mike Maloney is a scumbag and he is in the metals business to make a profit, that is all, he is out to help no one but himself, correct?. Now, let's suppose you are correct. This would mean that Maloney actually expects gold to rise substantially and quite soon and all that he is doing is scaring his followers into selling him their gold at today's prices. This is a paradox.

  27. $18.3 Trillion …. and growing US dollar debt, Dollar also losing status,   7.2 Billion world population, … and growing,…. Fed cant raise rates only pretend,…tons of global political issues of concern, suggests the bottom is near or here per se", suggesting relax …. don't panic, low prices are the cure for low prices, especially in silver.

  28. He nailed the deflation of oil recently. Mike is expecting a deflationary period with hyperinflation after…history backs him up.

    Obviously you have no clue about gold and silver. One does not sell in the downturn. One stacks…maybe the fed will peg the dollar at $1000 an oz gold. 

    Keep stacking…

  29. All that a stacker can hope for at this point is that a silver shortage comes to pass, because dollar strength seems to be/will be, a very long term event. I would imagine that if it does keep gaining and or maintaining its strength, a silver shortage is inevitable. We just had an ALL TIME record JUNE AND JULY, in Silver Eagle sales and most other Silver bullion in general. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, DING! and when the "DING" moment happens, IT WILL BE TOO LATE to get in. Have fun playing your musical chairs people.

  30. One must remember, prices are based on paper, and due to the linked association with that paper, the real thing also moves with it.   Once it is found out that each ounce is leveraged many multiple times (Some say 50 to 1, others say 100 to 1), regardless if its 10 to 1… the real thing will explode in price, and there will be a lot of angry people.   This is different than stocks and bonds… the price will continue to go up and people not in the 'know' will still think their paper is worth something…. until they try to cash it in.   I wouldn't want to be that person….

  31. Chill out people! It's just an opinion. Nothing more. Why all the beef?? Maybe he's right maybe not. I believe he's right but thats just me. 🙂

  32. What does it matter how low the price goes if there won't be any physical available to buy? The price of Silver is pretty ok at the moment but hasn't there already been issues with availability? Just because the price is low doesn't mean the average punter will be able to gets his hands on any!
    Maloney has been talking about deflation preceding inflation for at least the 4 years or so that i've been watching his vids, as well as getting the metals into as many peoples hands as possible before there won't be any available that people can afford. The potential to miss out on buying because you are waiting for the lowest price is pure poverty thinking in my opinion. If metals prices go thru the roof will anyone really worry how much they paid when Gold was cheap at $1700?

  33. I'm so tired of people not doing their homework before making a video. Do your damn homework before calling someone out. It amazes me.

  34. Im flabbergasted anyone actually listens to MM.   It kind of confirms youtubers have no idea what is going on in the PM markets, which is fine, because nobody does.

  35. What a stupid video. If you have any sense you will know that gold and silver are a hedge against currency or economic collapse and what happens until that time is up to the market manipulators. Without futures to control the market the price would be much higher and would contribute to the dollars demise already but we do have paper gold futures and so they can just about keep the price down. As Paul Craig Roberts says the only reasons for gold to come down in price is either weakening demand of which this is not true OR over supply which again is not true, in fact the opposite. So work that one out!

  36. Years ago I heard to wait until it dips to $1000 but you may not find a seller. Also I think there is some tax advantage for the reselling of US bullion over bars.

  37. Maloney did say early on that commodities would fall in the wake of a deflationary dip before real inflation sets in. Of course he wouldnt mention that at this time the world still sees silver especially as a commodity not an investment. That wouldn't be good business. No matter what you think the fundamentals don't lie, after this long correction REAL assets are going up so why not look at this as a chance to keep stacking and prepare well for an exit strategy… Great Vid keep up the good work keep em honest….

  38. Here is a novel concept – buy a set amount at periodic times – buy more when the price is low, less as it increases and pick and exit price and be patient.

  39. Quite Complaining..!!!   Buy and get ready… No one knows for sure when… but we all see the signs of an Economic fall coming… it's mathematical…! 
    #1– Safest place is in Christ…!!!!    2nd to that Food & Water…. 3rd.Some of those worthless Fiat Currency paper dollars transferred into Silver or Gold…  4th… find somewhere outside of the population…  but leave the guy alone, quite complaining..!!!

  40. Hind sight is always 20/20…  no one know the future.  There will be a crash, it is 100% mathematically certain.  No one knows the day or the hour, but it is inevitable.  So, not to blindly follow anyone, but as the old saying goes:

    "A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush".

    If you don't hold it, you don't own it!

  41. What should be on focus is that in the endgame Silver will rise when the fraud, manipulation and abuse of Precious Metals prices comes to an end.

    "Who cares what anyone says about the price of PM's.  Common sense and history prove it's undervalued and the only legit money.  Usury and fractional reserve banking are for the sheeple and slaves." – JOHN WILFONG

    Exactly. Predictions will almost always fall flat when the price fixing is done by an insider elitist band of crooks with billions of spare change that no financial analyst that we know of will have the access to.

  42. You're assuming that timing can be determined. It is better to purchase and stand some downside than to wait for the price to rise and find that you cannot easily source precious metals.

  43. This video does not sound like an informative video, this is a video response to a rival of some sort.  This video should be taken with a very little grain of salt.  Believe what you want, but there are a lot of videos out here that are misinformation.  I believe that this is one of them.

    Illumanati Silver, I don't know who you are, I don't believe you have anything to do with the powers that be, I believe that you are being paid by someone to put out a few videos to discourage people from buying assets that really have true value like silver and gold.

    Please take what I have to say with a grain of salt, I'm not trying to convince anyone to take a certain course of action.

    But, I'm going to continue to buy silver and gold.

  44. Wow..Illuminati Silver, interesting criticism of Mike Maloney.

    He did say deflation before inflation over a year ago:

    So I can't say I'm flabbergasted at $1000/oz. gold as you are..

    I suppose its all in how an individual chooses to interpret the 'information' out there on precious metals (and there is a tonne of it).

    I am relatively new to the discipline myself…but one thing that is clear to me is that gold/silver will PRESERVE my wealth and the best way to position myself is to buy regularly using the cost average model on a strict budget – I sincerely believe this will enhance my financial security (or at worst my future generation's security). 

    I think if everyone could get in their heads that precious metals is not an INVESTMENT but rather a tool to PRESERVE their wealth there would be a lot less sensationalizing of the daily dips and bumps in the spot price – I believe when the time is right it will happen but in the meantime life goes on.

    PM dealers need to sell their metal and people hearing the true story of money for the first time are prone to overreact (as did I) – its just a matter of managing the overreaction and taking responsibility for all our own actions without pointing fingers.
    In closing, I do believe your videos are doing much to set practical expectations for where the market is headed and I am an interested subscriber, but I cringe a bit when I see critical videos like this get posted and run through the confused and irrational slew of counter productive comments that follow.

  45. why would you be flabbergasted when you should know that the bankers can put the price of gold and silver anywhere they want it with their market rigging software.

  46. What many including MM have said is that PM may drop in price, but there may not be any available at that time so buy now.

  47. I get so tired of constantly telling people I expect silver to got to 5.00 or less.I have to remind people its paper silver and paper gold it can go to zero at anytime but if it does you wont be able to get physical.I have been ordering silver from the same supplier for years and the delays each year is getting more and more.Used to be small orders can arrive in less than 1 month and about a year later it was 2 months with a letter telling me I can wait or take the cash back and my very last order it took 3 months for the small minimum order and that was about 1 year ago and Im trying to sell my house to buy more and I will report on it when I can.No I don't trust anyone or cash either.Selling to buy it back is risky but can make you some profits if you don't mind the risks.By the way Ive done great buying Chinese artifacts and the art markets are not manipulated by governments and so have been record high year after year.Do a search on it.Yes I got a few YouTube videos for a bit more info this if your interested. They are crude and I miss info too that Ill have to add later.

  48. Why ask people to purchase gold at $1400 ,$1500 if he new the the prices were to go down…. I agree he is a scammer .

  49. This is the guy that said an ASE monster box for a "median" home. Good luck with that. Here is some real humor


  50. I have been a commodities investor since 1996. I have never seen central banking intervention to this degree in my lifetime. Since 1996, I take what gold and silver snake oil salesman say lightly because they have an agenda. If they believed what they were saying and actually knew about economics they would have explained that the US and global economies will be going threw deflation for a period of time while central banks use the only tool they have to stave it off; more monetary stimulus and beyond. Prior to that, dollars will be difficult to get as all prices fall. At some point during the next round of stimulus hyperinflation should ensue from central banking intervention. No one can predict with any level of certainty how low gold and silver will will go, but the physical markets are clear, when the price falls there are no shortage of buyers of physical metals. Do not pay more that a 10 percent premium on any PM purchase. Dollar-cost-average into PM's bars as close to spot.

  51. Illuminati Silver You don't believe you are taken seriously do you? …. What exactly is your point other than to criticize MM? We acknowledge that your comments ARE ONLY your personal opinions. Referencing Banking association does not carry much, if any, credibility… indicative of how out of touch you and the rest of your "WE" are. Alas , you were my days amusement ….

  52. When you believe in an certain type of investment class it is foolish to try and "time" the market. The principles of dollar cost averaging should be applied. I believe if he was a true "pumper" he would have never admitted to predicting gold would go lower. Any body who makes this prediction could be wrong. So why not continue buying when you can, as often as you can. IF gold falls to $1000 or sub $1000 it might only stay there for a few seconds or hours, very difficult and unrealistic to time a "perfect" buy. I also think Mike Maloney has a far greater concern for the direction of the U.S. Economy and the well being of its citizens. The impression I get is that he believes in gold as a store of wealth for the long term.

  53. One of those manipulation machine hard at work. Spreading doubt and fear.

    Its alright…hang on to your gold.
    If gold dip even below 1000, buy… if you got some spare cash.

    Cash will soon be trash.
    Matter of time.

  54. Sorry…but Malone has been saying all along that gold and silver would dip drastically before going with the hyperinflation… that's been a key aspect of his message.He also said however, that premiums would go up as the prices dropped during the dip so that you would not be able to buy a the lows…but at the low + the premium, as was the case with silver eagles a while back.He and others have been saying for a long time now, buy at whatever price you can until you have sufficient back up… because the price will eventually skyrocket as fiat drops to zero.You have made a lot of needless drama and accusations out of your misunderstanding here.

  55. mike educates everyone through his hidden secrets videos. myself havent bought over 15 dollar spot. so i dont see any big downside but tremendous upside.

  56. IS, gold and silver demand from American are puny compared to the rest of the world. In other currency, gold and silver did quite well in last 2 years.

  57. so whats the follow up, because its 01/30/16 and it seems we hit the bottom at pretty close to what Maloney predicted – gold hit roughly 1050 and silver hit 13.80 roughly, so he really was not far wrong.

  58. Mike Maloney does in fact state on a number of occasions that the prices of silver and gold will probably dip before they rise. He says that if you wait for the prices to bottom, then you may not be able to get in on the action when they do rise – i.e. you'll miss the boat. Seems to make sense to me…

  59. That idea of sell now and buy back later, bad idea. Buy hold , Buy more, regardless of price. One day this system will fail just a matter of time. To say when is just a really bad idea. I will never sale Silver, it will become a currency when there is no fiat dollars, then I'll be ready with purchasing with silver at that point in time!

  60. Mike Maloney is allowed to change his view as the facts unfold – as are we all. He did not say 'hang on, hang on, hang on…' because he believes in being rather being a stacker years before the crisis hits, rather than scrambling the day after – rather like an insurance policy or crisis hedge….plus, people do not buy bottoms, so the one lucky person who gets in at that price is a rarity, if not almost unique

  61. Hello again, IS! My opinion regarding gold might be a bit mixed. I have to wonder what affect the new gold-backed Chinese currency just added to IMF basket might have. Any opinion on this? Does anyone think this will make a difference? Much thanks to All!

  62. At least silver is now 27.1.2017 at 17$ and gold around 1200$ So all buyers were right until now if they bought in Dec.2015.
    A gold price of 5000 or more and a silver price over 100€ would express that the dollar is near its papery end.

  63. People it's importan know if the dollar collapses which it is likely to legally the only new currency can be based on silver and gold on a restart up. This will without a doubt sky rocket the prices of silver and gold

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