Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Oil Price Crash, Gold and Silver (Part 1 of 2)

Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Oil Price Crash, Gold and Silver (Part 1 of 2)

I’m here at the 8th annual Russian bankers conference and as my cameraman says in the belly of the beast and we’re on a break right now behind me is a press conference that they’re holding during the break and I’ll be going on right after this press conference but what’s really interesting is some of these bankers acknowledge that was a system where they get to create currency out of thin air it is basically a corrupt system a scam but you’d have to be crazy not to participate in it many of these people are not going to like what I have to say but I think most of them are going to listen their personal finances are at stake and that’s more important to them than what happens to their bank instability crisis I’m hearing these words repeated a lot at this meeting you’re having here the things that you’ve been seeing all of the details on the banking system the change in payments system the insurance these are details and they’re good things and they’re things that apply to your business but in the big picture of things they’re just short term noise the crisis that you have just been through is nothing but a speed bump on the way to the main event the storm that is coming is going to be bigger than anything that you have ever seen there’s a dollar crisis coming there’s a big deflation coming soon the money supply of the United States has begun to contract for the first time since the Great Depression this deflation will cause central banks around the world to try to inflate to help stimulate the economies this causes a giant wealth transfer one thing that I have found is that all markets around the world now trade in the same direction all economies go in the same direction and they all follow the United States wherever the United States goes so goes the rest of the world if you can see the future if you can see what’s going to happen in the future you can either make great gains or great losses because all economies are linked now because they all follow the direction of the United States this will be the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind I believe that the people that get prepared are going to see tremendous wealth come toward them well the people that do not are going to get wiped out in your handouts in your bags you got a DVD inside the DVD there’s a couple of banknotes there’s a $1 Zimbabwe note there’s a 100 trillion dollars in Bob way note that was printed less than a year later this one bought something when it was printed this one bought nothing in less than a year 100 trillion dollars everybody here has one of these this is what happens when a government is run off of pure deficit spending during a deflation tax revenues go down I’m going to show you information that oil prices are on their way down they’re going down a lot that means your government revenues are going to go way down this crisis will affect the entire world so what I’m going to do here is I’m going to go through this very quickly I’m also going to be telling you exactly what I think and some of you are going to like me and some of you are going to hate me but I’m not going to be polite I’m just going to tell you what I need to tell you because I believe that this is the most important information that you’re going to see in your lifetime basically I think that everything that you’re hearing here everything that you’ve listened to is a bunch of basil – basil three payment systems I don’t care your personal lives are at stake here anybody that doesn’t get anybody gets prepared is going to become super wealthy the ones that don’t get prepared in this room are going to become government employees when the government nationalizes the bank system you’re going to be working for the government you know the USA just had a crisis Russia just had a crisis the the world had a crisis because the banking system had a crisis what you’re going to see I’m going to go do this presentation I’m going to be blasting through it because I don’t have much time and I’m going to show you that this crisis isn’t over there’s a second leg to this crisis it’s coming it’s coming soon so I like I said I believe that this is the most important thing that you’re going to see at this event one of the most important things you’re going to learn in your lives a decade ago I started studying the economy very intensely I wrote the best-selling book on precious metals investing but it’s really a book on monetary history global economics and I predicted this crisis long ago I was giving lectures on the consequences of the real estate bubble back in 2004 and 2005 Ben Bernanke the chairman of the Federal Reserve said there wasn’t a real estate bubble in 2007 when it was about to burst this is an international run on precious metals right now it’s the greatest one of the greatest bull markets in history that has gotten started my book is now published in six languages it’ll be seven in another month or so the last go-around it was only 10% of the world’s population that could participate this time it’s everybody Russia’s monetary base sincere crisis of 98 there are 26 times more rubles paper rubles this is base money base money is the paper rubles paper dollars there’s 26 times more in existence than in 1998 did your population grow 26 times I don’t think so your population I’m told is shrinking this is where inflation comes from you guys are suffering big inflation that’s where it comes from prices in the United States we lie the the government lies about inflation statistics so does your government it’s no surprise they’re saying that prices are only up three times since 2001 the money Sapir money supply base money is up ten times in that same period of time banks create money by monetizing the private debts of businesses and individuals as the Federal Reserve I know that you guys don’t think that you’re creating money when you create loans but when those loans get deposited into another bank that you’ve created you have created money and then they get redeposited with every time you mate right alone that loan is to going to somebody that’s going to buy something when that seller put deposits that currency in his account there’s now two bank balances that show money in them not just one and this is how where most of the money supply of an advanced country that has an advanced monetary system comes from so I’m going to whip through this very quickly it doesn’t really matter if you understand it or not but this is how currency is created and what I’ve found is that almost nobody really knows how currency is created in the United States the Treasury issues a bond which is nothing but an IO you and the primary dealers the the biggest banks come and show up at the treasury auctions and buy those bonds a few of those banks are now dead then the Federal Reserve through something called open market operations will show up and either drain liquidity from the system or add liquidity of the system and they will buy some of those bonds when they do they write a check from a checkbook that has nothing in it and currency springs into existence base money paper dollars then the next month those banks go back and show up at a treasury auction and buy more bonds so what ends up happening is you have this buildup of bonds at the Treasury and base money bonds at the Federal Reserve and base money at the Treasury and then the government will do some deficit spending and the government employs the soldiers the government contractors will deposit that in the commercial banks your banks now you the fraction the miracle of fractional reserve lending comes into play you create a loan by taking a portion of that depositors currency I’m going to use a 10% reserve ratio as an example here because it’s easy math so somebody deposits 100 rubles you borrow 90 of that out of their account you alone loan it to somebody and that person buys something a house or a car or whatever the seller then deposits that into his bank account and so now there are 190 rubles in existence then that Bank takes 90 percent of that deposit and loans them out and now there are 200 271 rubles in existence and this process repeats and repeats and under a 10% reserve ratio it’s possible you wouldn’t do this because you wouldn’t push your balance sheets right to the edge because you could get shut down but if you go right out to the reserve ratio and the reserve ratio is 10% $100 100 rubles can create a thousand by you guys so that’s it that’s the see supply it’s a couple of bucks that was whipped up in this scam here I call it where they swap IOU to bond as an IOU loan me a trillion bucks I promise to pay it back two trillion in 30 years a check is an IOU here’s my check you can go to the bank and pick up cash so they swap I out use currency springs into existence you guys get to magnify it you guys get to get rich off of this system so it’s really a good system for you this system does transfer wealth from the population to the government and the banking system continually so it’s the the whole currency system is a couple of bucks whipped up by that system and then a bunch of numbers that you guys type into your computers when you create loans it’s just credits and debits on the books in the United States we pay a lot of income tax I know that you guys don’t hear most of your government income comes from oil I’m going to show you that oil is going to crash prices are going to go down you’re going to have a really severe crisis here the crisis is going to start in the United States though but anyway in the United States we have to work for some of that currency supply so that we can save it up so that we can pay tax we pay that to the tax collector called the Internal Revenue Service the Internal Revenue Service then turns it over to the Treasury so the Treasury can pay the principal plus the interest on that bond that was purchased with a check from nothing so all of this the value of the currency comes from all the labor and ideas and talent of the people right here this is what actually gives it value and because there was a interest due on that bond and there is interest due on every single one of these loans there is always more debt than there is currency to pay the debt in the United States we have about 14 trillion dollars but we have sixty trillion dollars to of debt to pay with that 14 it’s impossible this system cannot go on forever it’s eventually finite eventually interest will start out stripping the amount that you’re borrowing into existence every month and the thing just goes into hyper-inflation eventually so because there’s interest due on this bond and it’s paid out of taxes every paper dollar every paper ruble in existence is a promise to tax us until the day we die at least in the United States you don’t pay a lot of income tax here but in the United States every dollar in existence is a promise to tax us until the day we die because it’s borrowed into existence and it’s all promised back the entire currency supply is owed back plus interest so the u.s. monetary base it took 200 years to go from zero dollars to eight hundred and twenty five billion dollars in existence then along came the financial crisis of 2008 and Ben Bernanke wrote a bunch of checks to bail out the banks and when he did base money was created we created more currency in just 18 months than the last 200 years do you think that’s a good thing I don’t but that’s the base money that’s the portion of the currency supply that the government creates and the central bank that only accounted for seven percent of the currency supply before the crisis now it accounts for about 15 this is the portion of the currency supply that you guys create at least in the United States that the banks create it’s called the rest of em three is is base money Plus this now something is happening here that is ringing alarm bells and it’s saying that there’s a crisis coming if we deduct base money from the m3 what you see is that there’s a collapse of the currency supply this has not happened since the Great Depression


  1. Wow, how wrong can you be? Oil prices down? Deflation? What would make him think we were in for deflation back when this was taped, when the Fed can print a zillion dollars in a matters of seconds. And is doing just that. Also, saying Shit in public in mixed company like that looks tacky.

  2. Unless I'm mistaken, when he does the 100 dollars to 190 what is happening is that the banker calculates 90 percent of the deposit ($100) and creates it out of thin air. So 100 initial deposit + newly created out of nowhere 90 equals 190.

  3. @colinjockgraham Yea, I had a problem with that one myself. Same with housing, it makes no sense that it keeps dropping while everything else goes up yet it does. We seem to entering into a situation unlike any before. Some things inflate, while others are going to crash. I personally do not believe gold will keep going up even with inflation. I think the elite will stop that somehow. But I keep going back and forth on that.

  4. @TheTimeLords11 < I wish more than anything that Mr. Maloney was right on $10 Oil… But it is clear to me that Brent Crude is only poised to maintain or go up… Open your eyes to what is going on in Africa and the Mid-East… HINT… "China" is what is going on… Perhaps you might want to focus on the Fundamentals and stay clear of the Technicians on this one… Just Saying…

  5. @ScriptWorker Hya, dont feel bad, mate. Me too. But, like you, i feel a whole lot better now that i know. I think Mr Maloney is a good man, even if he's wrong about some things, or even if he's right about everything. Doesnt matter, i think something bad is coming, and he cares to tell people. Good people, bad people, he tells everyone. "Blessed is he who shepherds the weak through the darkness. He is the finder of lost children and his brothers keeper. Point? Dont feel bad. Me too

  6. The fact is folks, Mike Maloney, backs up all of his statements with actual hard evidence. All of his statements are accurate and if you question something he says, simply look at the evidence that he's provided – it's all there. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." History is repeating itself all over again. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to miss this opportunity. Times like these are how family dynasties are created. God help the rest of you.

  7. @09Chance I agree, but ppl in the real world just dont get it……………….. its strange they dont get it…. but yep its good to buy silver ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Mike Maloney really has balls to say what he really believes in a not so friendly environment. He cares about getting as much gold and especially silver into the hands of people while there is still time.

  9. You're not wrong there if Mike's prophecy comes good you can't point it back here. In the meantime I'd check out his book part of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series as I hear it's a great read.

  10. Have the book already. Starts out a little basic and then gets into the monetary history of the world which is where it really gets good

  11. Can't wait for $10 oil! Gas is a major part of my expenses believe it or not, I lived out of my office while working on my PhD, didn't have any fancy activities. High gas prices are HELL for me.

  12. Mike certainly has a great insight, and he's right, economic disaster is just around the corner.But what he doesn't get right is $10 OIL, not even close. He doesn't take account of the other crisis going on namely- PEAK OIL. Chris Martenson sees what Mike Maloney sees coming, but also sees the energy crisis which will distort / pull the macro economy into another place!

  13. Uh…hello people. He obviously got this call WAY WRONG…..oil never got near 10 bucks….nor will it. I just hope he's right about silver.

  14. Thanks for the tip on Chris Martenson. Looks good. I like Mike a lot, but I agree he misses the boat by ignoring energy.

  15. why would we be buying PM's if there is going to be a HUGE deflation? That means all commodities are going much, much lower.

  16. bitcoin is still a non intrinsic value based monetary system, while it may work it's still too prone to corruption, and people forget all too easily, you may not forget but your children and their children certainly can and most likely will. We need true money, gold and silver to save ourselves. Mikes plan is analogues to a life raft, others like Chris Duane/ SilverShield have more detailed ways out that are like an island, either way they're all good, but we have to prepare for our kids too…

  17. I do not agree with your statement because:The intrinsic value of Bitcoin is higher than that of gold. Better divisibility, security, more scarce than gold or silver, better transport, not counterfeitable. It is something like gold but in modern version.

  18. Bro, gold and silver are God's money, bit coin is still man made money. Intrinsic value is in the money. Modern economics can make sense of your POV but modern economics has also failed. it's back to basics. Bitcoin still isn't as acceptable as G&S in a crash, Zimbabweans sure won't know what it is. Modern money other than bit coins fulfills all the functions u list, with the exception of scarcity,well. But the problem is that it can still be abused and an electronic meltdown can spell disaster.

  19. I don't want to sink your boat, but I see holes in it's hull that I can't ignore. I just can't trust another artificial system and so can't many others.There are better ways to do it. Like digitalized gold vaults that transfer REAL gold and silver into peoples vaults on demand on moment of purchase. It's like a debit card system for G&S. James turk and a few others are working on systems such as these. Honest convenient and ultimately less corruptible. Try joining these guys instead. I am …..

  20. I am joining people with the likes of James and Mike or even Chris Duane. We're struggling, but we're doing wonders with our efforts. Just some sincere advice… Cheers from M'sia ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. To argue with you is pretty easy. Modern economics do not like bitcoins. Modern economics created a scientic economy that counts with rational beings only. Austrian economics find the some values in bitcoins as in gold but bitcoins has some advantages and a bit of disadvantages as I stated before. Intrinsic value is in human minds, it can be seriously called Godยดs money. It was proven impossible to find the right creator of bitcoin. Usability of bitcoin is making a great progress.Check it!

  22. And I should say that I had invested also into a gold and silver. It is definitely best investment. The history that lies behind is far more greater than bitcoin history. But the time is flowing… ๐Ÿ™‚ We have internet and internet currency is what had been another step of modern revolution, like e-mail. So count just only with relevant informations please.

  23. Money is just an idea, including Gold and Silver, yes, intrinsic value is in the minds, but Gold&Silver have fulfilled that role for 5 millennia, bitcoin less than what? 10? It doesn't have the track record to back, and is still not generally acceptable and I assume still relies on electronic transactions. You could give it all the characteristics of Gold but you forget, gold is still has intrinsic value and eight, money requires weight as well, that's it's value…

  24. We must adapt to modern technology yes, but some things never change and money = weight, and the money that has some of the most value per small unit of weight is Gold and silver, undoubtedly there are more valuable things but Mike's right, RObert Kiyosaki's right, Chris Duane's right, Max Keiser may be right et c, Gold and Silver are the money of the future and that's the truth

  25. I just read an email from weath wire about west texas oil finding huge amounts of oil in Texas and the future there will be a switch over to natural gas

  26. If a barrel of oil goes down to $10, gold will go down to $220/oz, and silver will go down to $4.00/oz. Mr. Maloney is telling people to buy silver and gold. He is such a hypocrite.

  27. I do buy precious metals, but I don't hold onto it like Mr. Maloney preaches. I do buy it when it drops sharply, and I do sell it when it goes up. There is a reason why Mr. Baloney makes outrageous claims on silver, he wants to pump it up and dump it. He bought a lot of it, and he is doing it to make money.

  28. I do not understand Mike saying at 12:30 that we have 60 trillion dollar of debt! The total credit aggregate in 2010 as far as I remember was around 53 trillion. From where did Mike get the additional 7 trillion???

  29. I watched this video clip because I had gotten honestly concerned about the economy and had no idea what direction to go. Dough does not mean anything any longer. And So I decided to conduct some research and discovered Goldiverse. Now i'm so fortuitous, I can easily change my money from cash to many different currencies, to any precious metal the moment I like. The state can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Bing it Goldiverse.

  30. If oil went down to $10/barrel, the dollar would be very strong. A gallon of gasoline would be about$0.46. Real estate would be back to the late 1970s and 1980s levels. If you have dollars, you would be in good shape.

  31. In real life, there are only two ways that oil goes down to $10. The first is if the wheels fall totally off the world's economy and we are back to hitting dinner over the head with a stick. The second is if we replace oil as an energy source with something so low cost that the energy in oil works out to be well under $10 per barrel. Personally, I think getting struck by lightning while winning the lottery is a lot more likely.

  32. Gas supplies are rising but, so is demand. The price per barrel may drop but it isn't going to go down to $10. It is extremely unlikely to go below $50. Right now we have a world wide recession and an increasing supply of gas. As the worlds economies grow, the energy demand will grow with them. It is simple supply and demand that will determine the price.

  33. Supply, demand & politics. I dont know how you can predict that demand will be more than supply. The new fracking in the US was a surprise. Discoveries of new resources, tech, & business methods, etc. can't be predicted. Will a new Rockeller dramatically lower the price of oil? Man has free will. And, least of all predictions, politics. Will govt increase, maintain or decrease intervention in markets. If you know, become a commodities trader but thats perhaps the least predictable market.

  34. I can predict at the kind of levels being discussed very easily. It isn't rocket science. The energy market is very large and growing. New energy discoveries are not going to drop the price by a factor of about 10 for two simple reasons. Any new supply needs investment to bring to the market. Even if it is free, the demand for energy is finite and hence the market becomes inelastic again at very low prices. The conclusion is thus obvious.

  35. Is there any rationally systematic link among the parts of your view? Is there a logical link between your claim that energy prices wont dramatically drop and your unstated, allegedly obvious conclusion. Do you recognize that economics is based on man's innovative mind and that the last three centuries of capitalist innovation were not even imagined by prior eras? Did IBM predict Microsoft? Did US car firms predict the big increase in foreign cars in the US?

  36. Yes, my view is completely rational and based on logic. That you now adopt this insulting tone really makes it not worth my bother to continue this conversation. I suggest you go learn just a little basic economics and be a little more polite in the future.

  37. Its fine Kris they and u may ridicule him which in a way shows he is correct. Bankers have perfected there game. They run there shell game on masses inflate economy then deflate by pulling all the currency back after it becomes worthless.When worthwhile hard assets go up like real estate they force most to sell off by destroying economy and they wind up with the bulk of the assets. Then they simply reset the system with a new currency or agreement to wipe out debts that could never be paid.

  38. A clown? Maybe a spokes person for metals but a clown is non nonsense. I rather like having real estate and precious metals in my portfolio and they return just fine with no bankers involved my debt free assets seem to do better then the stock market why? Because there are no ceo's or market forces from banks messing with my asset class I personally can physically touch. they can drive down my real estate 30% in value but guess what Chris? I still get my rents and with no debt its pretty nice!

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  40. global deflation…..private credit debt $60 trillion………. we have to deflate… long dollar..you wanna buy dollar… sell gold…. hyperdeflation…. you wanna buy realestate 2015–2017.. stock market crash.. rothschild the elitist own the gold, keep the dollar world currency&military. buy dollar

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  43. How can you blame them when they have been brainwashed since the time when they were born in the mid 70s up to the late 90s w/c they in turn teaches the next generation the brainwashing information inside their brainwashed minds? We know better, we warned them, but their brainwashing is too ingrained in their brains like a tumor that we can only pity them & hope they see the light of day. Keep on informing them whether they're listening or not so that you'll not be blame for uniforming them!

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  45. Thank you for commenting and mike Maloney is a great salesman and speaks very professional and has a lot of great points but if you don't do your research on what he saying you will be off track on the truth. 2 prime examples he always says the Gold to Silver radio average is between 12-1 to 16-1 but that when it was used as money. I did a video on the truth about Gold to Silver radio and in the last 100 plus years the radio is 43-1 since we went off the Gold standard the radio went up to 53-1 and from the 1990 to today the average radio is even higher at 66-1, so as time goes by Silver is losing value. Second Silver is nowhere even close to being a rare metal on earth and will be here for many centuries to come. They are producing 800 million oz's of silver a year! As for a new dollar value. If it's not backed by Gold it will still have the same problem as this one. Can't have a fiat currency where a country can just print money when ever it wishes!

  46. Nov 2014 – oil price down to below $80. As the result Russian rubles lost its value due to less oil revenue. Just like what Mike Maloney have predicted.

  47. Lol how old is this video??? Mike was telling the Russians years ago that the cost of oil will be going down. And it's because the Russians choose to not use the US dollar. So now the US is lowering gas prices to spank the Russians. He was right….he was way ahead of his time….God help us all.

  48. I didn't believe this when I first video 4 yrs ago, but now it looks like Mike got it right again! Not sure about $10 oil but I think it'll get close to it to $30ish/barrel

  49. How do bankers not know that they are creating money when they issue bank reserves to replace currency that is loaned out to someone else? That is a work of sheer evil genius to have people looting the economy, creating a greater and greater wealth divide between the haves and have-nots without even realizing that what they are doing is causing that.

  50. Ive only been studying economics intensely for the last 5 years and have only given one major conference in it at the european parliament but i hope to someday be a good of as speaker like Mr. Maloney. Good, clear ( not to mention bold) poised speaker.

  51. That's one gutty's talk!, but I wonder if Russia or China will follow the US, they seem to have been moving away from our system and preparing for sometime now. That's probably why Mike was invited, they want the truth.


  53. I guess I am really confused because deflation is BAD for gold/silver, is it not? Listening to Harry Dent talk about deflation, gold and silver don't look like good investments. Listening to Mike Maloney talk about deflation- it seems like gold/silver is the only place to be. Can anyone help clear this up for me? Thanks!

  54. It's about 6 yrs from now that he uploaded this vid but its still predictably that he knows economic will be reset soon or lately….he's awesome he's just not more likely an analyst he's something more than that.

  55. I had a discussion with an older gentleman, now retired, that has worked in one of the biggest banks in Sweden for decades. He got real annoyed and didn't know about fractional banking. He didn't understand ! And has been working in a bank for 40 years. I guess he thought i was a CONSPIRACY THEORIST

  56. Mike Meloney, Jim Richards and Peter Schiff – Honest analyst, say it how it is!
    And both Jim and Pete have also appeared in Mike's Hidden Secrets Of Money Video : )

  57. Mike how u loving the 14.55 an ounce silver prices? (05 23 19) I love it I'm buying silver like it cures cancer how low can it go!!!!! Love the videos Mike u changed the way I view the monetary system currency vs money! And I loved it when u gave it to them bankers!!!!!

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