MILKING THE INK… Out of Copic Markers – ScrawlrBox Unboxing & Challenge

MILKING THE INK… Out of Copic Markers – ScrawlrBox Unboxing & Challenge

It’s time for another unboxing and this time it is Scarlr box. And from what I’ve heard this is actually going to be a special and fun Scarlr box. So let’s see what we have got. It is definitely what I was afraid of. So, let’s go ahead and take everything out including the paper to reveal doo doo doo! If you are not unfamiliar with the art community here on YouTube- I’m struggling to get this out. You will know who this is. This is DrawingWiffWaffleseseses art! If you don’t know who it is. Here you go. Check her out. She makes wonderful art videos here on YouTube! But I’m sure you know who she is. And if you are not unfamiliar with both of our content You know why I’m a little scared. That reason is her favorite color happens to be purple. My least favorite color happens to be purple. So we have a lovely purple Scrawlr Box sticker. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. We have in an enamel pin. We have a Scrawlr Box enamel pin, which is so cool because I have an addiction to enamel pins and I will gladly add this to my collection. And thank goodness it’s not purple. 50 boxes, eh? Wow. So let’s quickly go through our list of supplies. First up. We have our Copic purple doodle pack. So this includes…. Two ciao double-sided markers, a glitter pen, and a .3mm copic multiliner! All in the lovely color of purple. Sarcasm. Oh wait, I forgot our candy, which is of course… purple. Moving on to non purple things, we have our Derwent white paint pen, a faber- castell Desson pencil and a Lyra kneaded eraser. I love kneaded erasers. I’ve never heard of this brand, so I’m excited to try it. And last last but not least we have the Canson, the wall, 220 GSM for our paper. There you go. Let’s get to sketching. Let’s get to doodling. Let’s get to trying new supplies! Let’s try to survive the color purple! Here we go! So I didn’t read up on why this paper was called ‘the wall’ But it says it was designed for graffiti artists illustrators and designers. The name comes from the fact that it behaves like a real wall. What? Okay. At the end it says ‘Can you break the wall?’ I’m sorry. Is that a challenge? Okay with all that said let’s go ahead and start swatching the supplies. I’m excited to see… I don’t really use markers a whole lot. So I’m always curious to give it another shot and continue working with them and seeing if I can’t, you know, like them. Also this is actually a pink color. This isn’t even purple. So… Lies! Ooh. And this is a very deep- What is this? It’s called “Wine.” I don’t like colors. Does that make any sense? I hate how much of a variety you can get with different colors like… These are both called purple, but one looks a little more blue than the other and then like what is going on down here? We’ve got some Pinks. Nice and opaque. Oooh! Is this going to my new white pen because I feel like I always struggle with finding a nice opaque white pen, but this is really nice. It is a paint pen, but it’s very fine. Faber- Castell makes the lightest pencils which is a little unfortunate for me because I actually really like a heavy pencil. Not surprisingly, it’s better with very light pencil marks. This kneaded eraser is very tough. It is kneadable, thankfully. But it’s very very hard. Though I do like it so far. Okay, so it is time for us to start to brainstorming some different ideas. I thought it would actually be really cute to…. I could follow the prompt but I thought it would be cute – maybe sketch Waffles and her doggy because everything is so purple and she loves purple. So I thought it might be cute if I did a Waffles drawing. Of her and her dog. Something I don’t think I do enough with my art is draw things for friends. FYI, this does not look like waffles at all. Oh my gosh. It’s kind of creepy, but that’s okay. One thing I like to do is make dogs look really stupid. So I am I have to go ham on this dog. Let’s be honest. Oh my let’s just turn this over and try some different ideas. Now one thing I do like about Waffles art is the floatiness of it all, so we could definitely… draw these to just sort of floating in space. So just like most artists, Waffles has a variety of styles she uses depending on the situation. She has one that she calls her jelly bean style, which is basically a very simple style and I guess it’s used in a more cutesy way. There’s no nose. It’s more simple more shapely and although my art is very simple and shapely to begin with, I also have a very similar style in which I want to draw things that are a little more simple. I’ve been dropping the nose on occasion when I want to do things that are silly and I use especially these weird the little line eyes that are very goofy. So I I think instead of simplifying the artistic style what I do is I make it look… How do I say this? Stupid and quicker to use and just very goofy in general. I just think it’s really fun to make art silly and… one way you do that is to make characters look really stupid. So… definitely something I like to do. But I think it’s really cute. When I say things are stupid I.. I find them enjoyable. If that makes any sense at all. Where does the dog’s neck end and the body start? Who knows. I think nailing down the dog is probably gonna be the hardest part. Just have to remember make it… make it stupid. Have fun with it. That’s my art motto. Actually, hold on. What we got here? Yeah, we got a stupid looking dog. That’s for sure. Okay. Maybe the dog… The dog is… jumping this way. Okay, so with that in mind I think I do want them to be overall more floaty. Okay, cool cute. Okay, let’s go with this. So just get our clean a piece of paper out. Okay, I should probably stop putting so much effort into detailing the head before I even have the whole body laid out ’cause I could completely donk up, um, the sizing or something. So I should probably chill. I’m just… I just love drawing big shapely hoodies. Every time I sketch it. it’s been so much fun. And I loved it. I don’t know why. They’re just so lumpy and fun… I should draw more hoodies. Alright, let’s draw that dumb dog. That wasn’t supposed to be insulting. I just… It’s silly to call things dumb…? I don’t know. Oh, look at his eyes. They’re on the side of his head. I love it. Definitely living for that. Cute! I think it actually turned out really nice. Now let’s try not to donk it up too much. Okay. I am terrified. Oh gosh. But here we go. I’m terrified because I’ve used alcohol markers a few times, but I feel like every time I use them I find out something that I’m doing wrong every time and I get really scared. But isn’t that just art in general. Not knowing what I’m doing and getting really scared. Now this really is a purple color I can get behind ’cause it’s just so dark and deep and it’s not bright and obnoxious, which is really the purple I don’t like. Is those just really bright purples. I’m just gonna go ahead and fill these in. Because I feel like there’s not going to be a whole lot of dark to this illustration and I want to make sure that there is a balance of tones. Maybe I should color a few more things darker just to make sure there is enough darkness. Needs more darkness, you know? So far so good. I feel like I’ve gone so quiet now that all of the designing is done. I think this happens every time I start to do the inking bits. I just feel like I’ve said everything I need to say and I just concentrate on not messing up the lineart. As… As much as I can. And of course now that I’ve talked about how well it’s going I am ready to start making mistakes. So that’s going to be really sad. For some reason I really just want to make the hoodie super fluffy. So I’m going to add fluffiness to the hoodie just because I don’t want it to be super plain. Hopefully it looks more fluffy and less itchy and spiky like a cactus. Ooh! Drawing a dog means I get to draw a little furs. That’s also exciting. This drawing is all about little tiny hairy details apparently. It kind of looks like the dog is just has no back legs, but I guess that’s what happens when it’s behind something. So I actually think the line are turned out really well. I mean it is just line art. Line arts not that difficult. Okay, so I think I want to start off with the lightest color on her jacket. I’m scared to start because I’m scared. Oooh. I like this color. It’s kind of like a light grey purple. It’s not super vibrant. Just kind of just subtle. I like it. Not a bad purple. Okay, so I really didn’t plan out what colors I wanted to do for what so before I jump in and completely ruin it with the colors, I was thinking maybe I should do a mock-up of what colors I want to put where. Wow that pencil just got eaten up by the marker. Oh, no, my marker doesn’t go grass. So, let’s see… What do I want to do and where? So the shorts… probably this darker blue color. Maybe the shoes too. Wow the hair should probably- Let’s see. Actually… if I… Off-screen… Scribble… So I’m just gonna dip my brush into some nail polish remover because I don’t have alcohol and then we can get, depending on how much alcohol we put into the marker, we can make a lighter… lighter dark color. If that makes sense. Does that make sense? I hope so. Now,,, It looks like it’s separating. So maybe that’s not such a good idea. I know a technic Waffles uses a lot is to use a white color on the skin just to add a little bit of color but not necessarily color in the skin. I wish there was a way to milk copics like a venomous snake where you press their fangs against a glass and the venom just comes out. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and color her… um… Oh I’m so scared. Okay, will do her shoes the dark color. Oh, it’s so dark. It’s so dark though! I wonder if I’m going to have a hard time making a lighter color after all. Because it seems to separate it into a completely different color. This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to use nail polish remover to dilute an alcohol base material. I really should go out and buy some just to have a better time in the future. Until then… We struggle. I’m really scared to just jump into her hair because I feel like it’s going to be a bit of a disaster. So I’m kind of scared but here is just a very blushy face. Holy Heck. Oh no, Whoops. Let’s see if we can add some texture to the dog’s hair by slamming our brush into it. Oh, sorry for using a brush. I guess that’s an illegal move because they didn’t give it to us but… that’s… that’s okay. So I decided that adding the nail polish remover just wasn’t quite working. But the main thing I wanted to accomplish was getting a nice little hair gradient on the lighter parts. So I was able to do that. So I feel like mission accomplished on that. I think I’m just going to accept that I wasn’t able to get quite as light of a color for the hair as I wanted, but that’s okay just for the ease of not knowing what I’m doing, I am just going to make her hair a little darker than I wanted. Let’s see if I dare, Oh my gosh, use the darker color to shade her hair. Oh, gosh. I’m so scared because it’s so dark. It’s so so dark. The nice thing about copics is that they do layer really well. So you can actually get quite a variety of tones with just one marker, which is really nice. That’s something that you can’t really achieve with the cheaper options for Copic markers. Copics. They’re very expensive, but they do have a few things going for them. So I guess there’s that. I mean dang the same color I used for the hoodie, I also shaded the hoodie and it’s just so different. That’s amazing! They’re very similar in the way that I guess water color works so I can definitely appreciate that. Oh! I didn’t use the pink at all. Dare I fill in the back? Oh my gosh. Okay. Hold on. I’m going to see if I can’t do like a striped background. So here is just a straight edge for reference. I kind of regret it and kind of just want to fill in the whole space with a pink circle, but I will keep going to see how I feel about it when it’s done. And then maybe if I don’t like it I can fill it in. This is, you know, it’s not so bad. I thought it was looking kind of stupid- Oh, I just smeared it. Aww, You know, it’s not so bad. It’s a bummer that I smeared the edge. I’m also going to do some sparkles just to add a little something. ‘Cause it’s looking kind of plain. This is cute. Okay, so there’s one more tool that I haven’t used yet. I haven’t used our paint marker. I’m going to do something that I don’t normally do because it’s not something that I care for. But because Waffles does it I thought I would try it out myself. Something she does a lot in her artwork is that she uses a white outline around her characters to help them pop off the page a little bit. So because it’s something I never do, let’s just let’s just try it out and see what I think. And… There we go. All right. So I think definitely adding the white outline was the best choice especially having that really textured and busy background. So it does help the characters not, I guess, get lost in that. So I think the white outline was a good addition. Overall, I think this turned out really cute. Thank you so much to Scrawlrbox for sending me this box. I’ll have to forgive you guys for all of the purple. And if for some reason you haven’t seen DrawingWiffWaffles art channel, check her out. Link’s in the description. It was a lot of fun to create artwork for such a passionate and nice and kind supportive art friend here on YouTube. So shout out to Waffles for being a good friend. Okay, things are getting too corny. Stay golden! Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye!


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    *also she says she hates how much tone you can get with colors but then says copics are good for variety in one pen and uses water for more variety
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  5. When kasey open the box, i saw purple. And because she said its a special box, i immediately know who the owner of the purple illustration.

  6. Kasey: and just concentrate on not messing up the line art. Also Kasey: I am ready to start making mistakes,(lineart) so thats going to be really sad Kasey again: Line art is not THAT difficult 😀 Me: LOL I think line art is a deceptively cruel foe. Its where some of my best sketches have gone terribly wrong. I'm not blessed with patience.

  7. It's so weird to me that people hate colours lol I don't hate any colour.
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  8. How to milk a Copic: Pull out the chisel nib, duct tape a container of some sort over the opening, duct tape a string to the other end, and whip it around as fast as you can. Best do the spinning outdoors just incase the ink goes flying. I've used the finger off a rubber glove as the receptacle. You can buy small glass bottles on ebay for cheap, which are good for storing ink. Also buy pipettes.

    But if you only want the ink (as opposed to emptying out the marker to refill it with a different shade), just buy a set of CMYK inks along with a bottle of Everclear or other pure alcohol, and you can mix any color you want just like an inkjet printer. in Copic refills, the most pure colors are B06 (peacock blue), RV09 (fuchsia), Y08 (acid yellow), and 100 (black). If pure ethanol isn't available in your area (or if you have any inclination to drink it if you have it), isopropyl works too, it just smells worse. But make sure you get 90% or higher, not the 70% rubbing alcohol. Denatured alcohol would also work fine, but most contain stuff that's too toxic for my taste, so check the label before buying.

    Buying fully concentrated colors is also much cheaper than buying pastel color refills, because for example to mix a near-perfect match to B01 it only takes 3 drops B06, 1/20 of a drop of Y08 (mix 1 drop Y08 with 20 drops alcohol and then put one drop of the result into your blue), and 55 drops alcohol. So you get about 18 times more mileage out of the ink than you would buying a B01 refill.

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