Million Dollar Listing NY: Ryan Serhant And Emilia Have Officially Moved To Brooklyn! | Bravo

Million Dollar Listing NY: Ryan Serhant And Emilia Have Officially Moved To Brooklyn! | Bravo

♪ ♪ – Muffin?
– Mm-hmm. – There’s this awesome
coffee place right down on the corner, and I got us
a blueberry muffin. – [sighs] – Isn’t this crazy? I was just, like,
such a Brooklyn guy. – Do you like it? – I think so.
It’s pretty nuts. – Are you warming up to it?
– This is so much house. I–this is crazy.
It’s crazy. I just bought a townhouse
in Brooklyn. I love it.
I mean, the house is perfect. We can move in as is,
but I’m gonna renovate it. Maybe extend some of
the outdoor space in the back, make a gym downstairs. And I wanna, like, redo
the floors and some things. You know,
just make it our own. [soft music] What is it? – Open it. ♪ ♪ [claps] – Oh, my. – Your first book. – Do I look okay though? Like, seriously,
is there something on my coat? – There’s nothing on your coat.
– Are you sure? It’s so shiny. – [laughs softly] – It’s been a crazy year,
you know? From losing
the biggest project of my life then getting the biggest
project of my life back. I’ve lost more deals this year
than I ever lost ever before, and I still sold more. – We have our own
New York City stoop. – So you gonna
put all your, like– your decorations over here? – Yeah, I’ll have all
my Christmas stuff and lights. And then I’ll have,
like, little kids running up and down
the stairs… – You think so?
– And I’ll wait for them to come from school. – If we have babies. – We are.
– How do you know? – ‘Cause we are. We’re gonna have lots of ’em. – So when do you think
you wanna start the IVF? – Soon.
As soon as we can. I’m kind of
optimistic about it. – Really?
– Yes. – I mean,
the future’s always been big, but the future now is
bigger than ever before, because the future now
isn’t just me. Can we call the first one
Socrates? ‘Cause Socrates Serhant
sounds awesome. – He also sound like
a really old man. – That’s okay though.
Little babies who sound and look like old men
is the thing now. – I’ll think about that one. Are you trying to scare me
away from doing this? – No. No. The future now is us
and my family on our stoop in Brooklyn.


  1. I love these two so perfect for each other beautiful home to begin making babies and creating forever memories congratulations to them both

  2. Stupid fat cat show – it's ridiculous. Normal people watch this crap and they feel like dog shit – that's what this world is about now days – everyone wanting and wishing to be dog rich

  3. Serhant is awesome! Hope his show returns for another season. Good for him he deserves it all. Keep up the hard work and stay positive!😀👍🙏

  4. IVF is the result of agenda 21 and also too many years of feeding yourself birth control.
    A young couple should have zero problem getting pregnant and seeing this over and over again, should not make us accept this as the norm, rather we need to feed ourselves with cell regenerating foods and stop over vaccinating and medicating ourselves.
    That said, I love this couple and wish them every happiness and lots of beautiful children!

  5. I thought she was going to surprise him with a positive pregnancy test NOT a book in a box. The scene was too dramatic, what a let down. 👎👎👎👎

  6. That book is the easiest and most convenient way Emilia can think of to get rid of "what to gift confusion"… lol.. Ryan can't even say.. Seriously???? Great book though

  7. love ryan louise n frederick, the best ny millionaire listers… along with the altman twins n other josh, young old guy with slippers👌💕💓💖😏💯

  8. I love their love….They are an amazing couple….I could watch rem for hours……When she finally pops up pregnant…Im gonna celebrate for them…
    I wish them both lots of love..patience and whatever they need to help make those babies….

  9. I look at your program. (I love Fredrik because he is from Sweden like me.SCANDINAVIAN is the Ultimate!!! 😁😉
    So Rayan. Because of your wonderful wife, you are number 2. Emilia is beautiful! Européer, she's fantastisk!

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