Mine Tales – SHE’S GOING TO EAT US! | Funneh & Gold (Minecraft FairyTale Roleplay) – Hansel & Gretel

Mine Tales – SHE’S GOING TO EAT US! | Funneh & Gold (Minecraft FairyTale Roleplay) – Hansel & Gretel

In the great forest there dwells a rich farmer with his wife and his two daughters. One was named Funneh and the other was Gold. When the great drought fell upon the land he can no longer grow any of his wheat his cows died from starvation. And his chickens stopped producing eggs. Later that night right before bed the husband groaned to his wife What has become of us? How can we feed our children if we can’t even feed ourselves? My farm is ruined, my crops are dead. I don’t know what to do. I’ll tell you what? Husband we must take our daughters to the forest where it’s the thickest we give them each one piece of bread and then we will Leave them. We shall be rid of them I could never do that your first wife was we can ill is that what you want to happen to your daughters? *Has they talk Funneh and Gold heard but they just heard a little* We must do what’s best for them The very next morning the stepmother brought the girls out to the forest She told them not to come home until they’ve caught at least three fish She gave them each a piece of bread and disappeared into the Dark woods Funneh you don’t think she ditched us right no, she wouldn’t ditch us that’s so that’d be a jerk move Oh my God Gold she totally ditched us! Where do we go now? I don’t know but for the past 12 hours There’s literally no fish in this pond. Do you think she tricked us? I don’t know, but I’m really hungry and I’m gonna eat this one brad that she gave us. I know I didn’t want me to I’m still starving Funneh. I’m still hungry Like we we didn’t we can’t even fish anything out of this looks like it. Yeah, there’s no fish Deep now that it’s not what wait always moment to it smells like someone’s baking something delicious What’s coming? This way? Let’s follow away You don’t think she ditched us write gold that be a jerk move I don’t think so I think she she’ll be back to pick us up okay, oh, I smell it I smell look at gingerbread mmm, and Schloss Ting I Looka what’s made out of honey? Is it actually a set taste it? Mmm. It’s sweet uh-oh I try oh It is sweet yo mia, who I could eat the hug look, there’s more up here or whoa Wait, what’s that? I think it? Oh, it’s not a giant gingerbread house. Yeah it is life-size oh Whoa that’s so cool. I never seen something like the house. I made out of gingerbread and chocolate and the joke Hold why are you keep licking everything? Didn’t try it. It’s candy cane. Are you sure yeah Charlie hurry? Yeah, what? Oh, it’s peppermint on me Look this door. I bet it tastes like strawberries try it Gold you keep licking her yummy. Uh-oh oh, it’s oh It looks like nobody lives here Wow, it’s a gumball machine, and there’s like sweets lying around wow hello Hello is anyone here. Hello Can this be our home it would be my dream home to live here forever. It’s peppermint and ice cream stairs. Oh It’s this house is amazing. Oh Wow, this place is sweet goals get it this place is sweet. Yeah, it’s so sweet. I wonder if anyone lives here whoa What do we have here? mmm, nice leaking perfect for [pumpkins] What? I’m here Ii oh Okay, oh Wow, you guys Kanka Hmm. What’s mainly? Oh man that was delicious? Hey [golda] shut it your new mother She could uh she’s so friendly our mom is still mean I know she left us. I really think she did liebe Yeah, she left us out here to die. Yeah to starve yeah, and she’s feeding us What a nicely it’s so good. Have you listened keep frank tweets? Thank you, you thank you slowly. Oh, it’s so good. I thought yes Ma’am thank you, so much to all she’s making us so much food. That’s a little more ganga. Oh, it’s so good Johnny oh Thank you mmM, cookie yama. Oh I’m full Me too. I’m stuffed. Oh see I’m stuffed full of sweets, and it feels. Good me, too. I love it I love the feeling it’s delicious Thank you so much. Thank you so much, man. We couldn’t thank you enough you kids muskegon heights Fine we are tired. Oh, we are tired She said follow her you can rest here. I’ll see you cuties in the morning. Oh Wow, thank you so much like me. I’m gonna sleepy today tonight Okay, go let’s go to she’s so nice. Look stop. She she gave us a place to stay so the [creepers] [know] [me] yet. I Wow, she’s amazing. Ok let’s go sleep girls. Good night funny Yes, this one will be perfectly good for my oatmeal cookie recipe Hmm Oh ok finally a weight, and you go fetch me some water please Ok, what are you oh gold and glare still sleeping? Ok I’ll go go fetch you some water To the pond oh this lady is so sweet. I never met someone She is such a sweetheart. I’m only everyone was like this. I’m gonna go down to [the] pond get some water I’ll bring it back to her She’s such a sweetheart I’ll head back to her nice gingerbread house Let me go upstairs. Hey, what you go? Hello, oh I think they’re in the basement and go down here Down I go What’s happening? Honey? Are you guys your friend really like swimming funny. Do you want to take kids it too? It’s delicious What are you doing? It’s so warm funny come on Jonah Gonna water It’s so warm and cozy in here It is yeah. Yeah, it is. It looks like so much fun here. Yeah, I have your bucket of water. Oh, thank you. [oh] Do you mind um can I speak with gold privately first? Okay, I’ll be upstairs Okay, thank you gold what what’s the Come inna. It’s no Lima cool this looks like a colorant. Huh, what it looks like a cold rena What do you mean she said cook jump in the hot tub and she was Gonna fade me? I don’t know I found it a bit weird cuz when I woke up in the morning shoe sprinkling salt and pepper on you um Ideally you’re trying to eat. You gold wait. No. She’s trying to eat us oh How do we do what did you know? Lamanna girls, oh yeah. Well I know only got one. I’m full you know I’m not hook as a lefort. I did not hide anything anymore. Oh Uh, I think we’ll be leaving [soon]. Why me so soon. I haven’t even eaten dinner yet. Oh We have to get out of sight Let’s get out of here gold Run Gold run run run. I’m trying. Let’s go. I’m getting out of here. She’s trying to eat us up. We should have no goal She’s like feeding us overnight. I painful. I think we lost her I don’t care Gold we have to find your way back home. We have to get out of the witch No, we don’t want your candy get away No, gold did we lose her gold? I don’t I think So o Gold she’s still chasing us. Okay. We have to get out of here Funny save me Yeah, I Could barely want to eat so much so so tired now holda ate so much candy I can where are you I can barely breathe them climbing gold come on? Go come on. Let’s go gold run run. He’s I’m ready. He’s climbing she’s climbing Hey What did you have dinner? What do I do? Oh funny? We gotta have to push her okay? Okay? Climb over here? We got rid of her. Oh my God. We’re safe now. She was trying to eat us wheat that’s the only way to do Okay, go let’s go. Let’s get let’s get him on let’s get really far. Let’s get out of here years later after the great drought funny and Gold built a small farm near the outskirts of Kabul Ville And it was surprisingly successful their father on the other hand lost his great fortune to a step wife funny and gold lived happily ever after the end


  1. Yassss 4.6 million subs!!!!
    I dont know why I’m so excited but I mean I am because like Funneh and the Krew can have a chance of getting 5 million!!!

  2. while re-watching this, i heard funneh scream so loud, when she shuts the door at her face, and the witch(Lunar) was laughing.


  3. When the girls were running away lunar was laughing while speaking and u could hear it through the voice changer

  4. lol funneh sounds so funneh 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂👻🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

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