Minecraft Creator – Markus Persson – is “unhappy and bored”

Today is Tuesday 1st September 2015 and we
are going to take a brief departure from our normal discussions and just cover a pretty
superficial story highlighted on Sky News Today – really just as light relief.
Yes 36 Year old Billionaire Markus Persson the creator of that amazing online game, Minecraft
– which has taken the world by storm – is unhappy.
Minecraft which has been downloaded more than 100 million times on PC’s alone since its
launch in 2009, was sold to Microsoft by the Swedish Owner for $2.5 bn last year.
Apparently Persson has tweeted “The problem with getting everything is you run out of
reasons to keep trying, and human interaction becomes impossible due to imbalance”.
In Another tweet he states “never felt more isolated” than when he was partying with
friends and famous people in Ibiza. Sitting in his $70 million Beverly Hills Mansion
which overlooks Los Angeles and Malibu Beach, he complains about ‘waiting for his friends
to finish work’, and admitted that he sits around “watching my reflection in the mirror”.
His marital relationship ended in 2012 and he happens to be a member of Sweden’s Mensa
Organisation and he makes electronic music for a hobby.
So let’s get this straight, a 36 year old genius, now single guy, worth over $2.5 bn
with a $70 million Mansion in Beverley Hills and a musician by hobby is unhappy and bored.
So fellow silver enthusiasts, if you think you’ve got it tough – just be pleased
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