Miraculous Ladybug #DIY Loom Charm Bead Bracelet Activity Craft Set

Miraculous Ladybug #DIY Loom Charm Bead Bracelet Activity Craft Set

hi everyone, welcome to Evie’s toy house today
we have a miraculous ladybug DIY kit this one is a little loom that allows
you to make necklaces and bracelets so let’s take a look at this this is a
really cool loom it has Marcos ladybug colors and also
ladybug in her best friend right on the front here and of course in order to
make our jury we have some charms and this set comes with a lot of fun charms
so let’s go ahead and open this up we have a set of stickers this is really
cute we have earned it and Anya and ladybug and cat noir and of course
ladybug and they’re in it back to back and also Adrian all this is really cute
and we have Tikki and Plagg oh this is so much fun let’s go ahead and pick your
you know we got some thread so this is a purple red and seems like they give us a
lot this of course is the instructions so these instructions comes with lots of
different languages hopefully there’s one in English there it is one in
English perfect and the basics back here got a pack of black and red beads
ladybugs colors and the charm of course the loom is here this is really cool I
think we still need to decorate it I start by setting the rule of so then
take these stickers and decorate our loom and there we have it our room is ready
this set also comes with four clasps for four different bracelets or necklaces
and also four of these pendants where you can put the stickers on it does come
with a lot more stickers so you just need to be selective on which sticker
you want to use or I can make it double sided so you can put a sticker on both
sides or if you have your own you can also make your own so over here let’s go
ahead and make a heart one and ladybug and marionette on the other
one here we go I’ve already done a few beats here as
you can see so the setup is really easy I’m doing a BB D string so I have three
strings here that is easily set up by putting the strings in the little
grooves here and then pressing it down with this piece of plastic and taking my
string with a needle we’re going to string my beads through and right now
we’re doing two beads and then we’ll then put this needle under all three
strings and once that’s done moves on to flying the beads up between the three
strings and bringing our needle back we’re going to go on over and on top and
back through this time that make sure we’re on top of the three strings here we go, now on to the next row so let’s keep on moving all right so here we have it we are done
I can take this off and not it at the end and there we have it our first
bracelet and has a little trinket here isn’t that cute
that was a lot of fun so this is a very easy to use loom it’s a very simple
design and I love that it comes with lots of beads and string and some extra
of these they’re all pendants so that you can make bracelets for your friends
too alright everyone so let me know down below in the comment section what you
think of this miraculous ladybug loom designer you guys like this video make
sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye


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